Results for June 2012

Google Chrome Hits iOS: Let The Cloud Skirmishes Begin
Google Chrome on iOS is not a Safari killer, but its conveniences for users of the browser on other platforms are immediately obvious. It underscores how important the cloud is about to become in the mobile OS battle.» 0 Comments
Hands On: Google Launches Magazines Into A Newsstand Cloud
Google takes aim at the magazine industry's love affair with the iPad with its own Google Play Magazines section. Our first impression is a tad puzzled.» 0 Comments
D-lish: Digital Drives 6% of Dining Decisions
Online marketing influences an increasing share of restaurant visits, and no doubt the smartphone revolution will accelerate the trend.» 0 Comments
Moments, Moods and Modes: 'Tablet' Is Not 'Mobile'
We like to say that tablets are not mobile devices. But facing up to this simple truism should lead to smarter, more efficient targeting of consumers when they are in different modes of use.» 1 Comments
Flipboard Finally Arrives On Android Phones, But Snubs Tablet Format
Flipboard launched the smartphone version of its app into Google Play late last week. But even this mainstay of the iPad world didn't see any reason to bring in its tablet iteration as well.» 0 Comments
Tylted's HTML5 Game Hit Suggests A Future Outside Of Apps
HTML5 games have a ways to go before challenging app platforms for depth and flexibility. But Tylted claims 1 million unique players for its month-old game, suggesting that serious scale is possible here.» 1 Comments
Once More To The Breach: Windows Phone 8 Emerges
Can Microsoft finally get some traction with its Windows Phone 8, just revealed by the company this week? My sense is that there is a soft underbelly to the smartphone OS market that gives them a shot.» 0 Comments
Cannes Mobile Lion: I'd Like To Teach The World To Do, Not Say
The grand prize winner for mobile campaigns at Cannes is an interesting example of the ways in which mobile activates people, not just brands.» 0 Comments
Lean Back And Buy: iPad Dominates Affiliate M-Commerce
M-commerce across a large, UK-based affiliate network has grown massively in the last year. The untethered buy button, especially on tablets, is the emerging story of 2012.» 0 Comments
Google Showcases Classic Ads Re-Imagined For Mobile
In tandem with events in Cannes this week, Google unveils the results of its Project Re: Brief, which tasked creative teams with re-imagining for digital and mobile platforms four iconic ad campaigns of the 60s and 70s.» 1 Comments
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