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Cheap At The Price: Cost Of Acquiring New App Users Creeps Upward
The cost of acquiring a loyal app user has been creeping up over the last three months. Still, the mantra around mobile investment lately has been "cheap." Publishers may not want to support that sentiment for very long.» 0 Comments
Placed Analytics Finds Mobile Often Really Means 'Mobile'
About a third of mobile apps measured by location analytics firm Placed actually were being used while the owner was in motion. Get used to it. The meaning of "context" is not going to get any simpler.» 0 Comments
The Five Dirty Words Apple Geniuses Can Never Say At The Bar
From language to tone to responses to your body language, the Apple Genius Bar interaction with customers is supposed to be carefully managed. Somewhere in the ether, Steve is smiling at the sheer control freakery of it all.» 5 Comments
Mobile In, Mobile Out: 'WSJ' Reporters Vlog From The Field
"WSJ" and Tout are giving over 2000 reporters the ability to capture and post video clips from the field. WorldStream is offering a video feed of edited but relatively raw video from the field sometimes minutes after it occurs.» 0 Comments
Sapient And Census Bureau Put American Economy In Your Pocket
Leading economic indicators now get an app of their own. For wonks and marketers, Sapient and the Census Bureau have partnered on an app that offers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of critical market data.» 0 Comments
Facebook Goes Native In New Upgrade, No Longer Tortures Users
While still not a lot of fun, Facebook for smartphones and tablets became more tolerable this week. But they remind us that the new bar of design on touchscreens should not be "ease" but '"joy of use."» 0 Comments
Hipper Than Instant: Hipstamatic's Intriguing Marketing Opp
Hipstamatic has gotten a deserved cult following for its deeper brand of nostalgic photo editing on iOS. But the app is also exploring a great model for integrating brands into what users already like to do.» 0 Comments
Tablet Market Doubles By 2016, Leaves Microsoft Behind?
By 2016 there should be 250 million tablets shipping, says Generator Research. The problem for Microsoft may be that too few of them will carry the Windows OS.» 0 Comments
Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go And Sony? Huh?
Call it an interesting outlier, but Sony's Crackle has an interesting play to make despite itself -- a free, on-demand video service with semi-premium content.» 1 Comments
Mobile RTB Provider Sees 300% More Bids Per Ad In Q2
Mobile ad exchange MoPub reports considerably strong activity across its RTB marketplace in the last quarter. Echoing other reports, it finds that iPad ad units are performing especially well.» 0 Comments
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