Friday, June 24, 2016
#NoBillNoBreak: Social Media Propels Debate On Gun Legislation

Following the Orlando massacre, Democrats in the United States Congress erupted in anger over inaction on gun legislation. With a debate in the Senate morphing into a filibuster led by Sen. Chris Murphy, the subsequent sit-in ...More

  • Snapchat And The Prisoner's Dilemma Of Programmatic

    In the classic "Prisoner's Dilemma" game theory, two crime suspects are questioned by police in different rooms, and must make simultaneous decisions to "defect" by implicating their partner in the crime, or "cooperate" by keeping silent, ...More

  • I Now Pronounce You, Email And Social

    Long gone are the days of concern that social media would be the ultimate demise of email. Not only has the emergence of newer social media platforms given people more ways to communicate, but it has ...More