Wednesday, January 18, 2017
  • Digital Engagement Index

    DiGorno's "Rise to the Occasion" Pizza Anthem tracked over 1 million new views on YouTube this week. Thanks to continued popularity of the anthem, which features multiple artists, DiGorno landed on the leaderboard. ...Read the whole story

  • Ram Trucks Launches Brand Campaign

    "'Long Live' is not about us, it is about our customers," Ram's Jeff Summers tells "Marketing Daily." "It is meant to demonstrate the values of our truck owners in a way that no other brand does." ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Joins Station F As Launch Partner

    Based in Paris, Station F is shaping up to be the world's biggest startup campus. Although the massive physical space remains under construction, it should eventually accommodate some 3,000 entrepreneurs. Facebook is one of four launch partners. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Is Facebook Losing Interest In Live Video?Re/code

      Facebook is de-emphasizing live video in its ongoing discussions with partner publishers, Recode reports. “Instead, Facebook is pushing publishers to create longer, premium video content as part of a larger effort led by Facebook exec Ricky Van Veen,” it writes. “The hope is to get more high-quality video onto the platform and into your News Feed -- the kind of stuff, presumably, you might find on Netflix.” ...Read the whole story

    • Snap Founders Angle For Majority Control, Post IPOWall Street Journal

      Post IPO, Snap’s founders plan to retain management control of the company, The Wall Street Journal reports. Regarding Snap co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, The Journal writes: “The men are going further than tech firms typically do: Investors won’t get any voting power with shares purchased in Snap’s initial public offering.” Under the proposed arrangement, “The two are expected to hold more than 70% of the voting power despite owning roughly 45% of the stock.” ...Read the whole story

    Lessons Learned From The Earliest Of Early Adopters, Our Kids

    So much of today's conversations center on connectivity. How connected are we? Is it too much for our lives and the lives of our kids? All this chatter about connectivity has me wondering just what it ...More

    • Facebook Steers Publishers To Long-Form Video

      The timing of the push for longer video content is significant, as Facebook is also poised to introduce new mid-roll video ad products, which may be more suitable for long-form videos. ...More