Friday, April 17, 2015
  • Evoniuk Named CTO For Evite

    With an eye on mobile, Evite has named Perry Evoniuk as its new chief technology officer. On an annual basis, Evite helps users plan some 6 million parties and other gatherings, according to internal estimates. ...Read the whole story

  • ScribbleLive Buys Appinions, Gains Influence Analytics Program

    To up its social analytics game, ScribbleLive has agreed to buy Appinions Inc. ScribbleLive is getting an influence analytics marketing platform, built on natural language processing and social network analysis technology. The acquisition will help brand clients view the Web through the lens of people's opinions. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Engagement Index

    AutoZone's latest commercials sparked an impressive 7,457% increase in digital engagement. This marked the brand's first ever appearance on the leaderboard. ...Read the whole story

  • Panasonic Brings Far-Flung Families Together With 'HomeTeam'

    "It's the next best thing to being there in person," Steve Safier, president of health & wellness solutions for Panasonic Corporation of North America, tells "Marketing Daily." "Phone calls and ordinary video chats can leave grandparents searching for something to talk about." ...Read the whole story

  • Condiments Fight: Heinz And French's Facing Off

    Heinz's yellow mustard initiative is one of the top "big bets" in product innovation that the company laid out to investors last month when it announced its deal to acquire Kraft Foods, points out Bloomberg News. ...Read the whole story

  • Periscope Trumps Arch-Rival Meerkat In Tweets

    Despite their catchy names and early hype, most consumers couldn't name a single live-video app. Yet, among early adopters, Periscope appears to be taking an early lead on arch-rival Meerkat. Periscope was experiencing more than 10 times the activity of Meerkat, based on tweets. Periscope owes its success to Twitter, which recently acquired the app. ...Read the whole story

  • Tumblr Debuts Sponsored Day Ad Units

    With Nike in tow, Tumblr is rolling out what appears to be its fanciest ad unit yet. Video-based and full screen-sized, the "Sponsored Day" units give brands the power to take over users' dashboards for a full 24 hours -- from midnight to midnight. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Engagement Index

    Red Bull gained a 73% increase in digital engagement, assisted by the release of their 2015 "World of Red Bull" commercial. ...Read the whole story

Snaps Helps Brands Tap Into Emojis

What started as a simple smile or wink in chat rooms years ago has now become an art form, opening an entire universe of emotional expression, humor, and just plain weirdness. I'm speaking of course of ...More

  • Influencer Marketing Trends

    In today's hyper-connected world, social circles have expanded into networks whose communities and influence span the globe, online and off. Word travels especially fast for Millennials, who on average spend more than three hours a day ...More

  • The Next Ad Blocker: Social Media

    A new global survey from Nielsen reveals that 33% of American TV viewers said they engage with social media while watching, and 62% of North Americans browse the Internet while watching video programming. None of this ...More