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Max Kalehoff

Member since May 2004Contact Max

Student in marketing and innovation. SVP marketing at SocialCode.

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  • Doing Fewer Things Well in Online Spin on 03/25/2014

    I noted recently how we all maintain several identities across many online venues. One important one for me has been my persona in this column -- for most of eight years. But part of managing different versions of yourself on the Web is hard. Actively managing them sometimes means pruning them. That includes venues where you've contributed and received immense value for a long time. Well, that's what I'm doing now.

  • How Many Online Identities Do Your Consumers Have? in Online Spin on 03/18/2014

    I've accumulated perhaps dozens of identities across various social platforms over the years. I use the same handle -- maxkalehoff -- on all of them, though the persona I present is nuanced across each platform and norm. Here are my major ones and their purpose:

  • SXSWi Postmortem in Online Spin on 03/11/2014

    As I write this column, I'm wrapping up an immersive five days at SXSWi 2014. Following are some observations from the Austin-based event that keeps growing and everyone seems to be talking about:

  • Amtrak Should Expand Its Writers' Residency Program To Business Professionals in Online Spin on 03/04/2014

    My work these days takes me from New York to Washington, D.C. every month. I always take Amtrak's Acela high-speed train because it is a little more civilized, faster and has better WiFi. My New York-D.C. train trip has become my most cherished time for thinking and writing. I wish Amtrak would offer trips to nowhere!

  • Yes, We're Still Solving The Same Fundamental Problems in Online Spin on 02/25/2014

    I once had a conversation with the head of engineering of a large, successful software company. I asked her how -- as her career evolved from tactical to senior managerial -- she maintained technical prowess along with respect from advanced technical teams. While being a front-line developer wasn't her calling, she said her ongoing effectiveness in leading teams and solving complex engineering issues came from the quality of her early training and technical foundation.

  • How Can I Be Helpful To You? in Online Spin on 02/18/2014

    "How can I be helpful to you? Let me know now or in the future." I always try to end conversations that way. It's not just a saying, it's a state of mind.

  • Why Were The Super Bowl's Second-Half Ratings So High? in Online Spin on 02/11/2014

    According to Nielsen, some "drop off" in ad memorability is expected between the first and second halves of a Super Bowl game (10% average from 2009-2013). However, this year's Super Bowl XLVIII blowout countered that trend, with ad performance down only 7% during the game's Seahawks-Destroy-Broncos second half. Nielsen also reported that only 5% of the audience tuned out for the final half-hour of the game. I don't believe this was a random event, or caused by Mother Nature. My theory is that tv ad execution, combined with early social promotion, was partly responsible, and this phenomenon will continue in the future.

  • Online Views Of Super Bowl Ads Reaching Critical Mass  in Online Spin on 02/04/2014

    Super Bowl XXXIV, played on January 30, 2000, was often referred to as the Dot-Com Bowl, with over a dozen Internet companies advertising in the big game.While most of these high-flying pioneers are gone, they accelerated an important trend in the advertising business: sophisticated integration between the Internet and conventional television.

  • Grand Inspiration in Online Spin on 01/28/2014

    A few of my friends from New Jersey and Pennsylvania were lamenting sarcastically how New York City's Pennsylvania Station, once among the world's most majestic railroad stations, had become the Seventh Circle of Hell. The New York Times' Julie Bosman named the razing of the original station and construction of the new one as one of the city's greatest architectural disasters. Even on a hygienic level, the station is desperate for a rehab. Meanwhile, I love my weekday commute through Grand Central Terminal, 10 blocks away from Penn Station. In fact, Grand Central Station inspires me tremendously. It really gets me fired up and motivated to seize the day.

  • Nine Best Practices To Mobilize Colleagues To Accomplish Big Goals in Online Spin on 01/21/2014

    All companies require cross-functional collaboration to succeed. Even if you're the chief, you need to win the hearts and minds of colleagues to accomplish big things. When it comes to accomplishing big goals that require engaging disparate teams (or entire companies), a few best practices can make a world of difference. The following have worked for me:

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