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Mike Bloxham

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  • Beyond Aereo - Comcast And The Cloud? in MediaDailyNews on 04/24/2014

    At its heart, the Aereo case is about the ability of those that benefit from the status quo to protect their business models and preserve the orthodoxy in the face of potentially disruptive innovation that could negatively impact their revenues and their place in the industry hierarchy.

  • The Trouble With C7 in MediaDailyNews on 04/10/2014

    The consensus seems to be that this year's upfronts will see an increase in the number of deals struck on the basis of C7 viewing data (live plus seven days of time-shifted viewing). All of that is pretty much in line with what has started to quietly occur in the ordinary run of things.

  • How The Second Screen Will Come Of Age (Part 2) in MediaDailyNews on 03/27/2014

    For Apple, partnering with the cable providers represents a shortcut to a massive leap in scale over anything that even they could achieve organically. Instead of building an installed user base, they become an integral part of the existing one. For the cable providers, it means the banishment of the set top box.

  • How The Second Screen Will Finally Come Of Age in MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2014

    Most have heard something about the various electronic wallets that are intended to change the ways we transact and - more recently - about Apple's iBeacon, the indoor positioning and messaging system. Almost all of the discussion around the application of these technologies has focused on retail environments, but they also have massive implications for the world of TV - both programming and advertising.

  • Mobile Isn't Just For Advertising in MediaDailyNews on 03/13/2014

    The mobile phone is our daily command and control center for the hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute flow of our daily lives. The difference is, its pervasiveness in terms of both utility and presence is that much greater. We use it for everything - including an increasing amount of video consumption.

  • What Are You Streaming? in MediaDailyNews on 02/27/2014

    Today, the DVR is stronger than ever - a continually growing presence in our lives that is relied upon more than ever as a means of devouring our favorite programs. What has changed is the sheer volume and variety of content available.

  • 'Tonight' Is Fallon's Chance To Bridge Generation Gaps in MediaDailyNews on 02/20/2014

    Sitting as Jimmy Fallon does on the cusp of the GenX/millennial generations (he's a few years too old to technically qualify as a millennial), he's attuned to the mind-sets of both. Plus, with boomer parents, he's been attuned to those sensibilities from day one. In generational terms, he's potentially a perfect candidate for the job.

  • Beyond The Demo in MediaDailyNews on 02/13/2014

    As it turns out, 2014 is a pretty significant year in the world of generational studies. It also has implications for the media world. This is the year that each of the generational cohorts completely ages out of one demo and into another.

  • The Golden Age Of Appointment Viewing in MediaDailyNews on 02/05/2014

    The term The New Golden Age of Television has been revived. And what seems to be a revitalized medium is looking more vibrant than it has in several years.

  • Rules, Trends And Avoiding Shiny Objects in MediaDailyNews on 01/30/2014

    The mass market does not use technology for what it can do. It's used for what they can do with it and this is an important difference.

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  • Star-Spangled Speaking: Sarah Palin, Unplugged by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 01/21/2016)

    If General Casting was watching her next appearance will be in a Vince Vaughn movie where she'll play / be the drunken Aunt that no-one wanted to invite to her neice's wedding - but they didn't have the courage or judgement not to.  Everyone is praying she will stay silent.  But of course she won't.  She'll stand uninvited to give what she thinks is a moving, funny and eloquent speech that confuses and embarrasses all before she eventually slumps back into her chair, later to be found pressed up against an inebriated and unwitting groomsman who is learning the true meaning of fear.  Typecast maybe - but by God she'd be believable!  (And let's face it we've seen Palin the politician, the pundit and the reality star - surely actress can't be far off)

  • Is LA The New Center Of The Ad World? by Larissa Faw (MAD on 10/01/2015)

    I think this "panel discussion" is what's called Native Advertising - though sadly of the kind that is not openly identified for what it truly is.  What else could one call a session that is wholly populated by LA-based creative folk and the Economic Development Officer from the LA Mayor's Office? Where was the counterpoint?  The overall point may be a valid one, but some effort at a balanced discussion may have served the audience and the obvious promotional objective rather better.And for reference, I have no stake in the creative space.

  • $250M Deal For 'Top Gear' Team Should Drive Amazon Success by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere on 08/05/2015)

    I'd agree with everything in this piece with the exception of the last sentence.  If Roy Price believes that a fat pay day (shared with others) is sufficient to change Clarkson's modus operandii, then I suspect he hasn't taken the time to get to know his new asset.  Either that or he doesn't really care and sees it all as good potential marketing.  And no matter how polarizing Clarkson may be, he definitely attracts attention and has a following because of it.  In many ways he's the Donald Trump of the Top Gear team.

  • The Social Media Insider Says Goodbye by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 01/09/2015)

    All the best Cathy - and thanks for the insight and stimulating prose over the years! Please stay in touch.

  • Time Out On Time Spent: Digital's Delta Is More Like Two Times TV's by Joe Mandese (TV Watch on 07/02/2014)

    The whole notion of media budgets being allocated across media on the basis of the measure of time spent with each of them is spurious at best. But constant repetition of a delusional mantra like this tends to work for politicians so I guess we should expect the same for media analysts. Like Gian this has long been a pet peeve of mine, as per this rant from Mediapost in January 2012

  • Brands Apply Super Bowl Know-How To Mother's Day by Mallory Russell (Video Insider on 05/15/2014)

    Thanks for this Mallory - great piece with some really interesting data-led insights. I'd perceived an increase in Mother's Day-related marketing but would never have guessed it was so marked. One has to ponder the extent to which P&G's campaign based around the London 2012 Olympics ("Proud Sponsor of Moms") and its apparent success influenced other brands to up their commitment to this kind of Mom-centric messaging.

  • The Trouble With C7 by Mike Bloxham (MediaDailyNews on 04/10/2014)

    Rob - As we move toward dynamic ad insertion within the on demand space meaning that a movie out this weekend can be advertised in a show viewed tonight but first aired three months ago, then yes I suspect we will go down that path. The real issue is the monetization of viewing whenever a program is broadcast. Right now we have a long way to go - and further on some platforms than others - but I think it is inevitable that it will happen. But C365 sounds like an old Citroen from a bygone age so I expect we'll come up with something else by then.

  • How The Second Screen Will Finally Come Of Age by Mike Bloxham (MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2014)

    Chris - I don't believe we'll see phones talking to phone in the normal course of events, but the technology is device-neutral (at least within the Apple universe). I believe Apple is already using iPads in-store in this way, but haven't experienced it myself. Of course, while this article is about TV, we shouldn't overlook the fact there is likely to be real opportunity at scale before TV in the place-based arena.

  • How The Second Screen Will Finally Come Of Age by Mike Bloxham (MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2014)

    Hi Chris - The basic point of the phones and other devices already being iBeacon-compatible is that it provides a seamless and ready installed consumer-side user base. While iBeacon is mostly oriented toward retail experiences right now (something like 250 stores have been equipped as a kind of proof of concept), when AppleTV features the iBeacon functionality we'll see advertisers and broadcasters able to message consumers via downloaded apps in the same way retailers are starting to do now. All this is a way off and will require a sufficiently large installed user base, but that's not beyond imagining. We may also see the capability in non-Apple devices as iBeacon is already compatible with Android. As for the negative side effects, think about how unlimited and heavy-handed use of this technology would irritate you if all you were trying to do was relax and watch TV and you felt bombarded by unwanted and irrelevant sales messages. It will be contingent upon media owners to safeguard the viewer experience - and therefore their audience base - and for marketers to enhance customer experience and goodwill rather than erode it.

  • 'Enabler' Wakshlag Steps Down As Turner Research Chief by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2014)

    Jack remains one of the true giants of the media research world. Not only a gifted and insightful researcher but a pragmatic but far-sighted business leader. He's also blessed with a big heart. Like many, many others, I consider myself privileged to have collaborated with him. I hope to do so again. All the best for everything Big Man!

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