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  • Programmatic TV: More 'In Their Own Words' in Audience Buying Insider on 07/28/2015

    Last week investigative journalist Charlene Weisler and I allowed some of the prominent programmatic TV players to speak for themselves rather than through our vivisection of their value proposition. We started with data-ists Rentrak and Oracle Data Management Platform. This week we'll continue with platforms TubeMogul and Videa.

  • TV Will Be Bigger Than Ever: Q&A With WideOrbit's Eric Mathewson  in MediaDailyNews on 07/24/2015

    Eric Mathewson, CEO of WideOrbit, started his career in another numbers-intensive industry: equity derivatives at Kidder Peabody, where he focused on hedging transactions for venture capitalists and founders of Silicon Valley technology companies. During that time he says he gained "a strong appreciation for the importance of systems and databases for enabling consistent profits in exchange-based transactions." Mathewson has some very clear ideas about media transactions, and his company WideOrbit is becoming the de facto go-to system for processing media transactions. I asked him the following questions.

  • Programmatic TV: In Their Own Words in Audience Buying Insider on 07/24/2015

    Charlene Weisler and I thought it would be an interesting proposition for this week's Audience Buying Insider to allow some of the prominent programmatic TV players to speak for themselves rather than through our vivisection of their value propositions.

  • Prepare For Programmatic Imperialism: Q&A With ChoiceStream's Eric Bosco in MediaDailyNews on 07/14/2015

    ChoiceStream CEO Eric Bosco believes that the media industry will soon be entirely programmatic. "We are definitely headed toward programmatically traded media in other channels like TV, print and outdoor," he says. Here are more of Bosco's answers:

  • TV is Not Dead, But It Is Evolving: A Look at On-Demand  in MediaDailyNews on 06/29/2015

    Fighting market change is futile. The consumer is in charge, and it's up to the industry to evolve. That's according to the recent Multichannel News/B&C On-Demand Summit, which looked at the state of the television industry through the lens of on-demand. As Louis Hillelson, vice president/group publisher, Broadcasting and Cable/ Multichannel News, noted, "Accessing on-demand, anywhere, on any device is what the consumer demands."

  • Measurement Mandate At Upcoming ARF Event in MediaDailyNews on 06/11/2015

    Next week (June 14-16) is the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement conference: a must-attend event for our industry's researchers. After declaring the Measurement Mandate last year, ARF's President and CEO Gayle Fuguitt has chosen "Translating Talk Into Action" as this year's conference theme, stating the need for an actionable leadership mandate where insights and analytics leaders will need to reinvent themselves in order to be relevant.

  • Q&A With Magid's Mike Bloxham in MediaDailyNews on 06/01/2015

    Mike Bloxham might be best known in research circles for his work at Ball State University, where his ethnographic study set the pace for ascertaining consumer device usage and adoption. Now, as senior vice president for Frank N. Magid Associates, Bloxham is working on a range of studies that incorporate both qualitative and quantitative applications across all video delivery platform initiatives.

  • The Outfront: Looking At The Upfront Now And In Future  in MediaDailyNews on 05/20/2015

    The upfront is just getting started and already there are prognosticators reporting that the decline in revenue will continue from last year. Agency execs at MediaPost's recent Outfront presentation discussed this year's upfront and what lies ahead -- from programmatic to the possibility of going "directly to content creators."

  • The Big Media Shift: Q&A With eZanga's Richard Kahn in MediaDailyNews on 05/14/2015

    Richard Kahn, CEO of eZanga, "always had a keen interest in software development. I was even featured in a computer software magazine at the age of twelve." He kept up his early interest, launching his company as a search engine and digital marketing company that helps convert traffic to clients based on standard analytics.

  • Yes, Creative and Data Can Be Friends in Metrics Insider on 05/13/2015

    Something strange happened at both the recent PeopleFront, as well as the PSFK conference. At the PeopleFront, focused on data-driven solutions, there was a discussion of the importance of the creative. PSFK, based on the importance of creative ideas, devoted the afternoon to big data, artificial intelligence, IBM's Watson, cognitive computing and analytical insights.

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  • Prepare For Programmatic Imperialism: Q&A With ChoiceStream's Eric Bosco by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 07/14/2015)

    Ed continues - Regarding a whole new set of advertisers, yes –  we might expect that direct response advertisers could consume more TV air-time using interactive TV. However, I expect that programmatic TV will evolve similar to the way that programmatic video already has – that is, mostly for branding.  Branding and direct response are two different marketing tactics and most advertisers use both.  What I expect will bring new advertisers to TV will be the 1:1 nature of RTB programmatic. I agree with you that TV advertising will be increasingly attractive to brands with more targeted audiences.   On the point of too many GRPs being exposed to ads they’re not interested: 1) GRP will become irrelevant, and 2) 50% is way too high. GRP is a metric that will not survive the transition to programmatic.  It’s only useful in measuring the portion of broadly defined audiences that are reached by an ad through limited channels.  In the world of programmatic, viewers are selected one at a time. Campaigns are very specifically targeted by audience attributes as well as by content and situation.  With these selective impressions, GRP becomes meaningless.  If we use response rate as a proxy for the number of people who are interested in an ad, let’s call it the relevancy rate, then the prevailing relevancy rate is in the low single digits.  The real interesting point is that, compared to other advertising techniques, programmatic improves the relevancy rate quite a bit, often doubling or more.  To me, that is a worthwhile improvement.   Thanks, Ed, for the conversation! It was great to give into more depth on what we at ChoiceStream feel is a fun topic.  

  • Prepare For Programmatic Imperialism: Q&A With ChoiceStream's Eric Bosco by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 07/14/2015)

    Hi Ed, Eric has responded and asked me to post for him: Hi Ed, thank you for reading and we appreciate your thoughtful questions. I’d like to address some of the points that you raised. To your question about volume: right now, we see a certain number of ads, and some percentage of them consists of house ads, the ones that advertise another show on the same network that will come on later.  As volume increases, these unpaid slots will be consumed. This eventually leads to increased competition for existing slots, and two things happen.  Prices rise – that is, recover from the dip – and improved economics lead to generation and broadcast of more content (with the same number of commercial slots in it.)  Of course, more content means more fragmentation of the viewing audience so advertisers will rely more on programmatic buying platforms to find their audiences.  It’s inevitable.  

  • Prepare For Programmatic Imperialism: Q&A With ChoiceStream's Eric Bosco by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 07/14/2015)

    Good question. I will forward to Eric for comment.

  • TV is Not Dead, But It Is Evolving: A Look at On-Demand by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 06/29/2015)

    Bill was talking about prime VOD viewing which has ads. It may be, according to his data, that there is a growing trend towards viewing prime programs on VOD beyond the three day window. I am thinking that some of this might be attributed to binge viewing but I have not seen the data.

  • TV is Not Dead, But It Is Evolving: A Look at On-Demand by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 06/29/2015)

    I think Bill was referring to the impact of on demand viewing via DVRs and VOD where consumers are deciding when they want to watch. Some data indicate that it can take place beyond three days. So the trend is viewing on demand which would impact the importance of C3 in the longer term... and maybe currently among a certain viewer cohort.

  • Research Redux: Helping Marketers Drive Growth by Gayle Fuguitt (MediaDailyNews on 05/28/2015)

    Hi Gayle, Great article and great advice. I would like to add one more - You are the master of your own career so if your current company doesn't "get" what you are doing, seek a company that values your efforts. There are more today compnies today that are embracing research than there were a few years ago.

  • Breaking Out Of Legacy Measurement: Q&A With Marketo's Ellen Weinstein by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 04/20/2015)

    Hi Ed,Thank you for a great comment. I think the net/net metric in posting a buy is strictly via the guaranteed proxy breaks of age and gender. The negotiation in planning might include engagement indices, segmentations or targets or other more qualitiative data. So an older skewing network that delivers A50+, for example, may get on the buy by negotiating on discretionary income for purchasing and may even apply a metric to that effect against performance, but at the end of the contract they will still need to deliver A25-54 (not A50+ - few buys are guaranteed on that demo!) for example.

  • What's Holding Back TV Programmatic? Q&A With eMediaTRADE's Pete Moran by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 04/07/2015)

    To me it means that attention will be focused on it and some solutions to buying TV programmatic will start to make inroads. But I could be wrong....

  • Research Is The Industry's One-Armed Paper-Hanger by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 03/23/2015)

    Hi Nick, Thank you for your comment and you are right - research quality is paramount. On the video posted on my blog (, Dr Tom Evans said just that - he would concentrate on quality in research. I would love to interview you on this subject, Nick.

  • Research Is The Industry's One-Armed Paper-Hanger by Charlene Weisler (MediaDailyNews on 03/23/2015)

    Hi Ed, Good point. And too, trying to figure out which data actually drives a call-to-action. Even if we are already sitting on some or all of this great data, it is still very silo'd. We don't know if a certain combination will help to predict performance better than an individual dataset.

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