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Charlene Weisler

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  • The Global TV Market: Q&A With Adstream's Gerry Sutton in MediaDailyNews on 01/11/2017

    Gerry Sutton, CEO of Adstream, describes himself as "a software guy at heart" who worked in Australia and the United States in technology, digital, motion pictures and television. His current company, Adstream, addresses the creative content challenges of multiple screens and cross-platform.

  • Programmatic TV Is 'Overpriced': Q&A With Huddled Masses' Cantu in Real-Time Daily on 12/27/2016

    Charles Cantu founded Huddled Masses four years ago, "as a boutique trading desk, with a vision to bring programmatic technology to advertisers and agencies who didn't have the expertise, resources or time to invest in getting up to speed on their own."

  • Spanning All Media: Q&A With Entercom's Ruth Gaviria in MediaDailyNews on 12/14/2016

    Ruth Gaviria, CMO of Entercom, intended to pursue a career in medicine after earning a degree in genetics. But, as she explained, "I became incredibly curious and interested in people and how they think, behave and socialize, which eventually led me to a career in marketing."

  • Accelerating Attribution  in MediaDailyNews on 11/29/2016

    Accurate attribution would enable a marketer to get the correctly measured sequencing of consumer-initiated events that influenced that consumer's behavior. It is not an easy task. CIMM is hosting the Attribution Accelerator Conference, to be held today, presented by Sequent Partners, Time Inc., Viant, and GreenBook. Questions to be addressed include: Where is attribution research today? How can we spur development to ensure existing models can keep up with demand as attribution moves beyond digital?

  • Secrets Of Programming Success Revealed: Q&A With Producer Mark Cronin in MediaDailyNews on 11/28/2016

    Veteran TV producer Mark Cronin had an unusual background for entertainment. "I went to school for chemical engineering. I hated that career, though, and got myself out by harassing the 'Howard Stern' TV show until they hired me in the early '90s," he explained. From there he became a showrunner for MTV's 'Singled Out," before launching his own production company, Mindless Entertainment, for game and talk shows - and eventually the reality show, "The Surreal Life." "

  • The Cross-Screen Measurement Experience: Q&A With VideoAmp's Ross McCray in MediaDailyNews on 11/16/2016

    Ross McCray, co-founder and CEO, VideoAmp, studied math and astrophysics at UCLA before he dropped out and moved to media technology. As an early technologist in the YouTube space, he supported viral video before starting VideoAmp in 2014 to "enable advertisers and content owners a way to transact cross-platform, seamlessly solved from a software perspective."

  • The Future Of TV Measurement: Q&A With Commerce Signals' Paulisick in MediaDailyNews on 11/02/2016

    Adam Paulisick, chief product officer of Commerce Signals, sees a future where TV measurement can "show how someone shops, as opposed to the demographic attributes that we historically use."

  • Using A.I. To Measure Marketing: Q&A With Adgorithms' Or Shani  in Real-Time Daily on 10/18/2016

    Or Shani, CEO and founder of Adgorithms,created an artificial intelligence-based marketing system he calls Albert (for Albert Einstein), leveraging A.I. to break through the complexity of digital marketing.

  • Driving Data For Agencies: Q&A With Centriply  in MediaDailyNews on 10/04/2016

    Among the many data-driven platform companies in the media ecosystem today, Centriply is one that concentrates its efforts on the agency side. It's known predominantly as "a media agency first and foremost," according to Rich Kaufman, VP, business development. The company operates in two sectors: 1) Technology and software for data management platform planning analysis that facilitates local cable data driven planning and buying; and 2) as a local cable media buying specialist for agencies.

  • The Secrets Of Ad Avoidance: Q&A With Samba's Ashwin Navin in MediaDailyNews on 09/07/2016

    It's an exciting time to be involved with the data coming in across many TV/video platforms. But, "the challenges are obvious," says Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder, Samba TV. "Audiences are dividing their attention by screens. Right now, 25% of the viewership for prime-time TV shows is occurring outside of the TV. It was reported that the Olympics in Rio compared to London declined 17% in TV viewing but consumption on other devices was up +22%."

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