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David Baker

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David Baker is the Co-Founder and COO of Cordial, a next generation 1:1 Omnichannel messaging platform. He is a thought leader, well respected columnist and speaker with over two decades of experience in executive roles in industry leading agencies, marketing services providers : (Razorfish,, Targetbase, Acxiom). David is a lifetime MediaPost Award recipient, Email Insider Columnist and former Email Insider Summit Chairman and Program Director.

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  • David attended OMMA Global at Advertising Week, March 19, 2012
    San Francisco Marriott Marquis

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  • Email Is Mobile? in Email Insider on 08/08/2016

    As an industry, we tend to think of email and mobile as viewing email on a mobile phone - but when I ask how your email program is affected by your app or mobile Web strategy, I get blank stares. How many of you email marketers actually have an impact on what happens on your mobile Web site, or mobile in-app experience?

  • Growth, Innovation And Increasing Budgets in Email Insider on 07/25/2016

    Anyone who has spent time in direct marketing for a brand knows there is no such thing as incremental budget. It's a world of trade-offs - or, as a mentor of mine would always say, "What do we not do to make this happen?"

  • Trends Drive Decline In Consumer Trust in Email Insider on 07/11/2016

    A recent survey by Harris Poll on behalf of data science company Feedzai found that Americans have serious trust issues when it comes to their personal and financial data. One in five Americans would rather break a bone than deal with identify theft.

  • The Connected Dad in Email Insider on 06/20/2016

    Today's children have it easy, yet not so easy. And the lessons that we as parents teach can also apply to marketing.

  • My Coffee Maker Unfriended Me in Email Insider on 06/06/2016

    Do you think of the Internet of Things (IoT) as the smart refrigerator and milk being delivered to your door when you run out? Or the smart home where everything is controlled through smart sensors? IoT has been coming for over a decade, and the smart device explosion has made it front and center in consumer markets.

  • Mobile First  in Email Insider on 05/16/2016

    I bet you've had "mobile first" come up at your strategy table in the last year. It's one of the most popular CMO strategic imperatives of 2016.

  • Targeting Digital Teens (Generation Z) in Email Insider on 05/04/2016

    Like the teen generations that came before them, today's teens are concerned about appearances, image and their place in the social caste system of their particular worlds. At the same time, the world these digital natives live in changes rapidly, shaping them into a new generation. This shifting mentality raises questions about how and where to reach the lucrative teenage consumer market in a highly fragmented mobile social universe. Tactics that worked with the MTV generation won't resonate today. The sooner companies get to know this generation, the better.

  • The Three Circles in Email Insider on 04/18/2016

    The challenges with painting by colors are somewhat similar to the old consulting triangle. The consultant walks in, listens to your business problems and draws three circles on the whiteboard. One has a dollar sign, representing budget and how much you can spend; the second has a big "S" in it, representing scope/quality of the project. The last is a "T," representing time to complete. The consultant then says, you get to control two of these and I get the other one - which do you choose? You may want a perfect program and have six weeks to build it, yet will not likely have the budget control to do it to your liking. Inversely, you can define the budget and timeline, but the quality of the deliverable might suffer.

  • 5 Trends That Are Indicators Of Pending Change  in Email Insider on 04/04/2016

    What we saw over the holiday and in Q1 was a concerted shift in use, practice and engagement across the board - but many of these shifts have upstream and downstream impacts on how we think of marketing today. Here are five trends that show a glimpse into the future.

  • The Perfect Email in Email Insider on 03/21/2016

    Is there such a thing as the perfect email? Some might say it's the thank-you note, since it conveys gratitude and some level of sincerity, and is usually timed to some exchange/service. Others might say it's humor, but the days of funny emails have somewhat been swallowed by Facebook posting and Youtube, where interactivity is paramount.

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