Wednesday, October 31, 2012

by Erik Sass
With its car culture, freeways, and numerous billboards, Los Angeles is often integral to outdoor advertising trends -- which has recently included the backlash against the "visual clutter" of outdoor advertising, with a particular focus on digital billboards. But after a six-year battle, the LA City Council reached an agreement that may be regarded as at least a partial victory for digital billboards. Last week the LA City Council voted 11-3 to adopt new regulations (which have yet to be formulated) that would enable existing digital billboards to remain in operation. Read the whole story »
by Erik Sass
Titan Air, the new division launched by Titan last year, has won another airport advertising contract -- a five-year deal with John Wayne Airport, located in Orange County, CA. Under the terms of the deal, all previously existing advertising infrastructure at the airport has been stripped out, giving Titan a blank slate for creating an entirely fresh ad environment. John Wayne Airport (airport code SNA) is the only commercial airport in Orange County, and the second-largest airport in Southern California, with around 9 million passengers per year. That compares to 61 million passengers per year at Los Angeles International Airport. Read the whole story »
by Tyler Loechner
Pasadena-based digital and mobile ad tech company OpenX this week announced its acquisition of JumpTime, a Los Angeles tech company that helps publishers calculate the financial value of their content assets in real-time. Read the whole story »
by Karl Greenberg
Hyundai is very sorry. No, really. And the automaker would like to express that sentiment with Hallmark-style greeting cards. The condolences go to four cars that the Genesis Coupe R-Spec beat in recent track tests conducted by AMCI. The campaign (okay, Hyundai isn't really sorry) is via Hunting Beach-based AOR Innocean and uses the line "Sorry competition, nothing personal." Read the whole story »
by Karlene Lukovitz
Denny's has partnered with New Line Cinema and MGM for one of its largest-ever movie tie-ins, with "The Hobbit: An Expected Journey" to hit theaters on Dec. 14. Denny's, New Line Cinema, and MGM are all based in the Los Angeles area. Starting Nov. 6, the fast-casual chain will feature a limited-time menu with 11 items themed to the movie, including a Hobbit Hole Breakfast, Frodo's Pot Roast Skillet and a Build Your Own Hobbit Slam, which includes new holiday items like Pumpkin Patch Pancakes, Shire Sausage and Seed Cake French Toast. Marketing for the promotion began ... Read the whole story »
Honda will reveal an "emergency refresh" of its much-faulted Civic model next month, likely at the annual L.A. Auto Show, hoping to address the numerous problems that made the car a whipping post. In the meantime, the maker is pressing dealers to clear out leftover 2012 Civics as quickly as possible because the coming update will make it "a difficult model (to) sell," according to a report. Read the whole story »