Results for October 2007

And the Winners Are...
Wired Magazine takes Best in Show for its winning work with Xerox. A rundown of the winners in the 2007 Creative Media Awards.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Creative
Media execs can be just as artful as the people drawing up storyboards and writing copy, as these finalists prove.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Communications Channel Plan
These campaigns leveraged specific channels to bring clients' brands to consumers in surprising ways.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Media Plan
An innovative, integrated strategy can be as meaningful as the message itself, as these finalists prove.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Research/Consumer Insight
Who knows what really happens in the mind of the consumer? This year's finalists attempted to peek inside, gaming new insights in the process.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Branded Content/ Product Placement
Using tactics that ranged from hilarious to renegade, this year's finalists for branded content and product placement got their message across.» 0 Comments
Finalists in New/Emerging/Experimental Media
With the boundaries of media always expanding, marketers can be endlessly creative. These finalists charted new territory.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Multicultural Media
The most important new media frontier may not be about technology or even content, but about people and their cultures.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Interactive/Enhanced TV
This year's finalists show how interactive, or "enhanced" television, offers new possibilities for engaging viewers.» 0 Comments
Finalists in Radio
These finalists used a classic medium to drive their campaigns, transforming radio from a traditional vehicle to a personalized and interactive experience.» 0 Comments
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