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by , Oct 17, 2012, 3:53 PM
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SamsungSamsung teamed up with the Institute of Play to create a 4-minute online video that explores the educational abilities of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Previous ads focused on the creativity and multitasking of Tristan Eaton and James Franco. The tablet takes learning to another level, allowing New York City students to take pictures outdoors and send graphics to fellow students in Chicago. Students can also take notes, view textbooks in 3D and play educational games, turning them from consumers to producers of knowledge. Watch the video here, created by Cheil USA.

AdColorColor adds depth and dimension to life, much like music adds color and graceful beauty to dance. The Adcolor Awards launched a 3D TV and print campaign noting, “Color adds depth.” The latest TV spot features Charlie Gabriel of Preservation Hall Jazz Band playing the clarinet while Harry Shum, Jr. of "Glee" dances to the music. As the music progresses, so does Shum’s dance moves, with a hint of color added. See it here. An earlier TV spot, shown here, stars Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson of The Roots recalling his first gig, which took place at Radio City Music Hall -- when he was 13. Watch it here. TBWA/Chiat/Day New York created the campaign.

GoStyleToronto retailer Gotstyle allows consumers to build a wardrobe by talking to a company employee via Skype or FaceTime. This feature is great for a naked man in need of clothes as he’s stuck on a balcony when his girlfriend’s husband comes home unexpectedly. Better still, the employee personally delivers the attire -- but cannot solve the man’s trapped-on-a-balcony dilemma. See the ad here, created by Dorsey/Holme Experience, directed by Joseph Nanni and produced by FRANK.

MentosMentos launched a series of cheeky print ads that mirror the magazine content in which they’re running. For instance, “Pants,” running in InTouch, People and US Weekly, shows a pantless celebrity walking his dog. We don’t know which celeb can’t remember his pants since Mentos has photobombed the picture with its snazzy packaging and copy stating, “Look. We have gum.” See it here. A wardrobe malfunction is shielded by another Mentos package, seen here, while a truly cheeky ad, running in Maxim, covers up a Kardashian-esque tush. See it here. The Martin Agency created the campaign.

MaddenTrash-talking is an integral part of a video gamer’s personality, as seen in a TV spot for Madden Football on PlayStation Vita. Now, players can trash-talk their friends whenever they’re playing the game, not just at home. So when one player scores a touchdown he has no problem prancing around the doctor’s office like a peacock. His opponent, on the other hand, sees no issue with playing the game and eating a bowl of cereal, shirtless, in a library. “Play like you do at home,” closes the ad, seen here and created by Deutsch LA.

BrooksRunningI’ll use any excuse to load up on pasta. When I ran a marathon I took the notion of carb-loading to extreme levels. Wexley School for Girls played off this concept when it created a Health & Fitness Expo booth for Brooks Running at the Chicago marathon shaped like a pasta bowl. "Carb Happy. Run Happy" enabled marathoners to win prizes like Brooks Runneroni pasta, running shoes, and CDs of running songs performed by an accordion while also eating pasta. Runners can also have their picture taken running away from the booth’s giant meatball. The bowl is 20’x30’ with a 15’ fork suspended above it. Look for the booth at future marathon expos. See pictures here and here.

BolthouseFarmsWhen sexy people eat baby carrots at a pool party, a neighbor calls in the police to report the salacious activity. Turns out, Bolthouse Farms created Baby Carrot Shakedowns, a package that combines baby carrots and seasoning to create a delicious snack. The police have their hands tied, unable to help the troubled neighbor, but perfectly capable of shaking their own bag of baby carrots. See the ad here, created by goodness Mfg and directed by Rhys Thomas.


BruseelsWhat a great idea. SNCF, the French national railway, created a unique campaign highlighting its direct route from Lyon to Brussels. A cube was placed in Lyon asking residents to “Take a look at Brussels.” When someone placed her head in the cube, she was transported to Brussels via satellite and greeted by the mayor and his official band. TBWA/PARIS created the campaign, seen here.


CampaigntheGameRandom iPhone App of the week: Insolita Studios and Thomas Egas created Campaign: The Game, allowing users to let their inner “Mad Men” out or just create a campaign that was relentlessly rejected… like that sensitive pirates campaign? The game challenges players to come up with creative campaigns, from "adorkable zombies" to "absurd gardening.” Those exceedingly good can make it all the way to the “Cammes” Festival. Players can also throw parties, work with divas and test their managerial skills. The game is $1.99 in the App Store.

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