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SamsungSamsung launched another two-minute online-only video promoting its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The first video, shown here, starred James Franco as the eminent multitasker; this time around street artist and toy maker Tristan Eaton takes the tablet for a spin. After toying with ideas on his tablet, Eaton ventures to a rooftop where he paints a board black, save for two circles in the middle. Come nightfall, Eaton hooks up his tablet to a projector and easily transfers animations and sketches to the painted board, for his friends to enjoy. Watch the video here, created by Cheil USA.



PlanetFitnessPlanet Fitness is resurrecting the pat on the back, using this universal symbol of “good job” in a TV campaign and Facebook app. The TV spot shows co-workers, Little Leaguers, monkeys and gym members giving pats on the back. See it here. More importantly, the ad promotes the company’s Facebook app called the POTB Generator, where users can dole out pats-on-the-back for anything and everything. When Planet Fitness reaches 20,000 POTBs, a cupcake party will be thrown at all locations. This is my kind of gym. Rewarding exercising with food. I once belonged to Planet Fitness and every Tuesday night was pizza night. It defeats the whole purpose of working out yet I always found myself at the gym, on a Tuesday night. Red Tettemer + Partners created the campaign.

UniversalStudiosUniversal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando launched a scary TV spot to promote its yearly Halloween event called Halloween Horror Nights. The ad begins with a group of friends walking through town at night. One friend looks inside a dark alley, only to see a young man running for his life, as zombies are right behind him. The group runs through an opened gate and shuts it just in time. Then they turn around to see another set of horrific monsters waiting patiently. “Once you’re inside, there is no way out” closes the ad, seen here and created by David&Goliath.

OldNavyHas Old Navy jumped the shark with its use of the Backstreet Boys in its latest TV spot? I’m leaning towards yes. I loved the ads starring Joey Lawrence and Mayim Bialik from “Blossom” and the recent ads with many members of the “90210” cast. I even enjoyed Jordan Knight singing the Old Navy catalog. But the Backstreet Boys touting Old Navy skinny jeans just didn’t click. "Rockstar Runway" makes everyday women into runway models, when they’re wearing Old Navy skinny jeans. As the models sashay, an old-school boombox falls apart, revealing the Backstreet Boys at the helm. Cue their hit song, “Everybody.” See it here, created by CP+B.

WarbyParkerEyeglass designer Warby Parker launched its first TV ad Sept. 20 on DirecTV and it’s quirky, to say the least. A pair of eyes goes on a mission to find the perfect glasses while balancing their unicycles and wallet. The eyes pass by a train, a chess game, a submarine and a skydiver in a wetsuit, while learning that Warby Parker crafts great glasses at an affordable price. The eyes ride home, order a pair of glasses and drink to their accomplishment. See it here, created by Partners & Spade and directed by Saiman Chow of Blacklist.

Bailey Lauerman launched the Oculus brand, a new line of binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes. The agency developed the Oculus name, logo, packaging, advertising and website. I’m especially enjoying the print ads that feature a killer scope with killer copy. “Does a bear shit in the woods? He will now,” reads the first ad, seen here. The second ad preys on a hunter's appetite, stating: “Be the guy with the deer gut.” See it here.


AmnestyInternationalAmnesty International launched a print campaign called “Tsunami,” featuring a man-made disaster that’s just as destructive as large waves. Helicopters, tanks, jets and missiles form an aggressive wave that destroys everything in its path. “The arms trade kills 500,000 civilians a year. Help us regulate it,” reads the ad, seen here, and created by TBWA/PARIS.


CommonSenseMediaCommon Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that helps kids succeed in a digital world, launched a TV campaign for parents struggling with all the technology surrounding their kids. The first ad shows a tween texting in front of her mother, who quips: “I just wanna smash that thing.” See it here. The same mom and daughter appear in another ad, seen here, with mom opting to use a high-pitch voice to talk to her daughter about a serious matter. In the next ad, a mom, concerned about her teenager’s activity online, is afraid to broach the subject and takes the easy way out by kissing her daughter on the forehead so she can view the girl’s computer screen. Watch it here. In the final ad, a father has an awkward moment while watching a movie with his kid, and he quickly goes searching for the remote. See it here. "We've all been there, that's why we're here," is the tagline for each ad, created by Camp+King.

OurBabyAppRandom iPhone App of the week: Do you want to see the genetic attributes of your baby before he or she is born? Would you like to see what a hypothetical offspring between you and your favorite celeb crush might look like? Our Baby App, created by HG Apps Store, does just that. Using genetic information about the parents, the app determines things like: will your baby have freckles; the shape of a baby’s face; whether it will have curly hair and whether it will be able to roll its tongue. The result is a cartoon image of your future baby, sharable via Facebook, Twitter and email. Download it for free in the App Store.

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