Targets Baby Boomers

Sauna-B is launching a brand campaign targeting baby boomers.

The creative, which launches Jan. 7, showcases how safe an annuity is through the ongoing image of a “Safe Man” who follows consumers throughout their daily lives.

“Safe Man” is everywhere the baby boomers are (from a golf course to a grocery store) in order to demonstrate to the consumer that their money is safe and protected with an annuity.

The campaign will run on a variety of cable networks and syndicated TV, targeting the boomer generation who have retired or are about to retire -- and, according to the U.S. Census, control 67% of the country’s wealth.

The company hired New York-based creative boutique Karlin+Pimsler based on their experience in creating results-driven advertising, said Kevin Dufficy, managing director,

“Karlin+Pimsler is known for building brands that build a company’s value and they are a both a strategic and creative partner of,” Dufficy said in a release.

The agency’s strategy with the campaign was to share’s story and highlight the value of purchasing an annuity in a smart, fun and memorable manner, said Mal Karlin, president and chief creative officer of Karlin+Pimsler.

"Throughout this campaign, we get the chance to tell the stories of baby boomers' active lives while also shining a spotlight on the benefits of annuities,” Karlin says.

Most boomers don’t understand what an annuity is, or the value of it, Dufficy says.

“But Karlin+Pimsler’s ability to communicate the message in an easy-to-understand story is the key to our marketing strategy,” he adds. “Their visual representation of the safety of annuities is unforgettable and right on target for our brand.”



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