Cox Sells 25 Radio Stations

Radio-Station-A2Cox Media Group has sold 25 radio stations in six markets as part of a realignment of its broadcast portfolio. 21 stations were sold to Summit Media and four stations were sold to Connoisseur Media.
In southern Connecticut, Cox sold WPLR-FM, WEZN-FM, WFOX-FM, and contract rights for WYBC-FM to Connoisseur Media for $40 million, according to documents filed with the FCC. SummitMedia is paying $66.25 million for a number of stations in Birmingham, AL, Greenville, SC, Louisville, KY, Richmond, VA, and Hawaii.
The Birmingham stations include WAGG-AM, WBHJ-FM, WBHK-FM, WENN-AM, WZZK-FM, WZNN-FM, WBPT-FM, and contract rights for WALJ-FM; the Greenville stations include WJMZ-FM and WHZT-FM; the Louisville stations include WRKA-FM, WVEZ-FM, WSFR-FM, and WQNU-FM; the Richmond stations include WHTI-FM, WKHK-FM, WKLR-FM, WURV-FM; and the Hawaii stations include KRTR-AM/FM, KPHW-FM, KCCN-FM, KINE-FM, and KKNE-AM.
As part of the realignment, Cox recently added four TV stations to its broadcast portfolio: WAWS-TV (Fox) and WTEV-TV (CBS) in Jacksonville, FL, and KOKI-TV (Fox) and KMYT-TV (MyNetwork) in Tulsa, OK. The company is also working to sell TV stations in El Paso, TX, Johnstown, PA, Reno, NV, and Steubenville, OH.
Separately, Cox announced that its newspaper publishing division has partnered with Adpay to create a new classifieds platform serving over 4 million print and online readers in a number of markets.

The new platform, which offers classifieds advertisers premium features, including “Top Ads,” “Featured Ads,” “Route Mapping” and “Aggregated Search,” will be deployed at Cox newspapers, including The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Palm Beach Post, The Palm Beach Daily News, The Austin American-Statesman and The Dayton Daily News.

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