IAB Extends Reach To Africa

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has extended its presence to Africa with the launch of a new branch in South Africa. The Digital Media & Marketing Association (DMMA) in Johannesburg has signed a licensing agreement to rebrand itself as IAB South Africa. The group represents more than 96 local online publishers and 93 creative, media and digital agencies.
Under the agreement, the new chapter will adopt the IAB’s best practices, introduce education programs and create research initiatives to encourage national and international opportunities for digital publishers in the region.

Among member agencies in the IAB South Africa are OMD, Carat, Mindshare and M&S Saatchi.
“We’re very excited because the [DMMA] came to us, they already have this existing organization, a track record and a certain amount of operational expertise…and it’s our first IAB in Africa,” said David Doty, EVP/CMO, at the IAB, who oversees the organization’s international efforts.
While the IAB in the U.S. primarily represents digital publishers, he noted that the trade group allows both media buyers and sellers to become members in international chapters such as South Africa, reflecting differences in other ad marketplaces.
Jarred Cinman, former DMMA chair and now head of IAB South Africa, said the move was motivated by a desire to connect with the broader online ad industry. “In short, being part of the IAB gives our members access to international knowledge and best practices, while ensuring that South Africa takes part in the global, digital conversation,” he stated.

Africa is still an emerging region when it comes to digital advertising. The Middle East and Africa combined will generate $1.78 billion in digital advertising this year--across the desktop and mobile--up from $1.28 billion last year, according to an eMarketer forecast. That amounts to a 1.3% share of digital ad spend worldwide.
With expansion to Africa, the IAB now has chapters in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, totaling 40 national chapters. There is also IAB Europe, the only regionally representative group in the network, encompassing 25 national IABs and hundreds of individual corporate members.
“The trajectory of all media is to go digital, and we, as the IAB, believe we have an opportunity, and a responsibility to be in as many markets as possible to help that transition along,” said Doty. The IAB hasn’t yet to formally establish a presence in certain large markets, like Japan and China, but has forged strategic partnerships with industry groups in those countries toward that end.
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