NEW! Everybody's An Expert Soccer Player In McDonald's World Cup Video

mcdMcDonald's launched a fun two-minute video to promote its global sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup. In it, everyday people display extraordinary soccer skills, making shots that appear to be impossible. There's a young kid who shots a ball inside a woman's apartment, an elderly gentleman who gets off his motorized scooter to show a group of twenty-somethings his amazing footwork, and a woman in heels and a LBD, bouncing a soccer ball while still looking club-ready. There's also a handful of shots that look unattainable, yet multiple cameras capture their authenticity. A man kicks a soccer ball to ring a bell many stories above him, while one man is tethered to the back of a moving truck while he kicks a ball over a bridge, having it land in a garbage can a few feet from him. Cool stuff. See it here. The video promotes  McDonald's GOL! app, downloadable at and triggered from any of 12 limited-edition FIFA World Cup fry boxes. Once a box is scanned, players take part in a soccer trick shot game in which they shoot, bounce, flick and kick their way to superstardom. The game includes Qualcomm Vuforia AR technology that allows players to bounce a digital soccer ball off real items. DDB Chicago created the campaign.

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