NEW! Derek Jeter Gets 'RE2PECT' From Baseball Fans And Rivals

Jeter - Jordan BrandEven this Mets fan got chills watching Jordan Brand's 90-second tribute to Derek Jeter. Airing during the All-Star Game, the ad celebrates the career of the beloved Yankees shortstop, who earns respect from present and past teammates, famous fans, everyday fans and rival players. As Jeter steps up to the plate, he receives a tip of the hat from a Red Sox pitcher. Jeter looks out the corner of his eye to see hat tips from the Yankees third base coach, a vendor in the stands and fans throughout the stadium, including Spike Lee and Rudy Giuliani. Even baseball fans outside Yankee Stadium tip their caps to Jeter, from police officers and firemen to Carmelo Anthony, Jay-Z, Billy Crystal, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, die-hard Red Sox fans and a trio of New York Mets, with their faces and numbers blurred out. Even better, Mr. Met tips his cap to Jeter, with his face blurred out as well.The spot ends with Jeter looking back toward the pitcher's mound, ready for the pitch and the sounds of fans screaming "Derek Jeter." Fans can pay their "RE2PECT" to Jeter online using the hashtag, #RE2PECT. See the video here, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York.
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