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Jaffer Ali

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We are an online retailer that uses video to create a shopping experience.

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  • Driving In The Rear-View Mirror  in Online Media Daily on 09/16/2009

    If you don't see that the online media ecosystem is in distress, then you're just not paying attention. Click-through rates, according to DoubleClick, have crashed, plummeted, descended (insert your description of abysmal failure here) to less than .1%.

  • The Audience In The Media Ecosystem in Online Media Daily on 09/09/2009

    In a media ecosystem, we have content creators, publishers/media owners, networks, agencies, advertisers and of course the audience. If the ecosystem is healthy, the audience eventually gets transformed into happy customers.

  • A Brand's-Eye View of Behavioral Targeting in Online Media Daily on 08/20/2009

    As click through rates, according to Doubleclick, have cratered at .1% on an industry average, everybody is looking for a solution to the performance crisis befalling our industry.

  • Behavioral Targeting: Putting Lipstick on a Pig in Online Media Daily on 08/10/2009

    The term "lipstick on a pig" has been used in one variation or another from the mid 16th century and used most recently by the Obama folks to describe John McCain's presidential campaign. The reference is to make something appear more beautiful than it really is or to make something useless appear useful.

  • An Advertiser's Guide To Video Snacking  in Video Insider on 06/02/2009

    "Video snacking" is already a frequently invoked term in online video circles, despite some marked differences in how it's used. For example, while some use the term to describe the kind or length of video being consumed, others use it to describe a kind of random online behavior. This article defines video snacking as a behavior: what happens when we watch a video that we encounter by chance while surfing the Web, or when we receive an unsolicited video link forwarded from a friend, etc.

  • When Will Major Brands Flock to User-Generated Video Content?  in Online Media Daily on 11/22/2006

    So when will major brands flock to user-generated content? With almost 100 percent metaphysical certainty, I believe that major brands will NEVER embrace the broad, generic industry of user-generated video. NEVER!

  • Does Pre-Roll Video Change Traditional Online Media Buying? in Online Media Daily on 11/18/2005

    The way that pre-roll advertising is bought and sold must be radically changed.

  • Are Text and Context Ruling the Roost? in Online Media Daily on 04/06/2004

    The hottest space in online advertising is search engine marketing. Google is about to go public and have a market capitalization that will be the envy of just about all online media companies this side of Pluto.

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