Thursday, July 31, 2014
  • Web Companies Back Vimeo In Fight With Record Labels

    Google, Facebook and Twitter are among a host of tech companies that are backing the video-sharing site Vimeo in its battle with record labels. The tech companies are urging the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to rule that Vimeo is entitled to rely on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's "safe harbor" provisions. ...Read the whole story

  • Without A Review, FX Moves Media Account From Media Storm To Zenith Media

    FX has shifted its media account from Media Storm to Zenith Media without a review or pitch. Zenith Media is the incumbent agency for Fox Studios, and the move marks a consolidation of work. The account is valued at $15 million, and the agency change will take effect Oct. 5. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Debuts App For Free Web Access In Emerging Markets

    In its quest to make Internet access available to everyone, Facebook has launched a new app that provides free basic Internet services to people in emerging markets.The new app will be introduced initially in Zambia through a partnership with Airtel before being rolled out to other parts of the world. ...Read the whole story

  • Pinterest Buys Content Organizer Icebergs

    Putting its recent $200 million capital raise to use, Pinterest just bought Icebergs -- a Barcelona-based start-up that specializes in content-organizing and sharing tools. Icebergs' own service will shut down on September 1, and co-founders Csar Isern and Albert Pereta are headed for Pinterest's product management and design teams. ...Read the whole story

  • RTL Group Spends $144M For Majority Stake In Programmatic Video Ad Platform SpotXchange

    RTL Group, a large European media company, on Thursday announced it will buy a majority stake in SpotXchange, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic video advertising. RTL is acquiring a 65% majority stake in SpotXchange for $144 million, with the opportunity to acquire the remaining shareholding in the future. ...Read the whole story

  • Gawker Ready To Make Friends With Rival Publishers

    Is Gawker Media finally ready to grow up, and play nice with other publishers? That, at least, appears to be the plan under the supervision of editorial director Joel Johnson. “According to Johnson's marching orders, the company shouldn't be in the business of shivving rivals, but instead be looking for ways to partner with them,” Capital New York reports. “He named Buzzfeed, The Guardian and Reddit as examples of media companies he admires and might like to team with.”  ...Read the whole story

  • Yelp Posts Surprise Profit, Revs Up 61%

    Yelp reported a 61% gain in revenue in the second quarter, while also posting a profit for the first time. Revenue for the local ratings and review site increased to $88.8 million from $55 million in the year-earlier period. ...Read the whole story

GroupM's Move Toward Transparency

There's no doubting the impact that open exchanges and programmatic buying have had on the advertising landscape. But while unlimited scale for cheap is compelling, it does have its downside. For GroupM agencies, that downside appears ...More

  • Problems And Predictions

    Even companies that make billions of ad dollars have problems. The question is how much these problems will impede future growth. Here are the problems the biggest names in online publishing not named Google face, and ...More

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