Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Ad Trade Groups To Form New Anti-Fraud Unit

    This new collective organization will build upon the initial work laid out by the IAB Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative. The new body will have its own board and leadership, the organization will monitor the ad-marketing ecosystem for compliance and develop incentives for broad industry participation and consequences for fraudsters and other bad actors. ...Read the whole story

  • NYT Slashes 100 Newsroom Jobs, Axes Opinion App

    The New York Times Co. will cut roughly 100 jobs from the newsroom of its flagship newspaper, equal to 7.5% of the total 1,330 editorial staff. The company will first offer buyouts to staff, but will resort to layoffs if necessary. The company is also closing one of its new mobile apps, NYT Opinion, because it failed to gain sufficient traction. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Wallet Privacy Dispute Heads To Mediation

    A legal challenge to Google's practice of disclosing information about app purchasers to developers could be settled out of court, according to recent legal documents. The move could bring an end to a lawsuit stemming from Google's controversial 2012 changes to its privacy policy. ...Read the whole story

  • ImpreMedia Launches Chica Fresh For Hispanic Millennial Women

    ImpreMedia, publisher of El Diario in New York and La Opinion in Los Angeles, among other Spanish-language newspapers, has launched a new digital brand, Chica Fresh, targeting U.S. Hispanic women ages 20-35. ...Read the whole story

  • Jeter, Athletes Start A Web Site For Players' 'Unfiltered' Voices

    Derek Jeter, not known as the most quotable guy on the field during his 20 years as a Yankee, said today he is launching a Web site, The Players' It will let players post their own stories, podcasts, videos and more, with help from a staff. He says the site will allow the pros to "connect directly with our fans, with no filter." ...Read the whole story

  • Value Equation: The Convergence of Media and Creative

    Sometimes there is a disconnect in Adland between what is said and what is done, says Ritu Trivedi, EVP Digital Marketplace, MediaVest USA. And this is particularly relevant today as the advertising industry is at an important pivot point where media and creative disciplines are converging and mobile has become the dominant communications form for many if not most consumers. ...Read the whole story

  • Mondelez Accelerates Mix Shift Via Google Video Deal

    Mondelez International has signed a global online video agreement with Google as part of its strategy to invest more of its media spending in digital and in online video, in particular. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Finally Killing Orkut Social Network

    No, Google not yet turned out the lights at Orkut. But, as The Next Web reports, the search giant is finally ready to shut down its fated social network. “The decision was announced in June and users have had a few months to export their profile data, community posts and photos using Google Takeout,” TNW writes. “Orkut was popular in a few markets such as Brazil, but in recent years Google has clearly shifted its focus toward its other social network, Google+.”  ...Read the whole story

  • KBS+ Puts New Skin In Its Game: Peltz Will Direct VC Unit
Gimbal, Urban Airship Team for Beaconing

The road to beaconing is being extended. Beacon maker Gimbal and app messaging service Urban Airship are teaming in a "preferred partnership" to enhance the power of beaconing. The idea is to link the location technologies ...More