Friday, January 23, 2015
  • Anti-Piracy Group Sides With Miss AG Against Google

    The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition this week asked a federal judge to deny Google's request for an injunction that would prohibit Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood from enforcing a subpoena for documents from the company. Google sought to enjoin Hood from following through on a threat to sue the company for enabling Web users to access "illegal" content. ...Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Acquires Revolution Analytics With Focus On Predictive Analysis

    Microsoft announced Friday the acquisition of Revolution Analytics,which builds on and contributes to the R programming language for statistical computing and predictive analytics. This acquisition aims to help customers use advanced analytics within Microsoft data platforms in an open-source environment. ...Read the whole story

  • Two-Thirds Of Mobile App Developers Sell Programmatically

    Over two-thirds of mobile app developers (69%) make at least a portion of their inventory available for programmatic buying. Nearly half (46%) sell up to 50% of their inventory via programmatic, while 15% sell more than 75% of their impressions via automation. ...Read the whole story

  • Most Brands Aren't Getting What They Are Paying For In Super Bowl

    Most advertisers will lose money on their investment in the Super Bowl, per Brand Keys' 13th annual "Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey." The firm said consumers found that only 46% -- or 12 of the 26 Super Bowl-advertising brands examined -- were both engaging and entertaining, which is lower than the 12-year historical average of 50%. ...Read the whole story

  • AT&T Buy Of DirecTV Makes U-verse Profitable

    Nearing a completed acquisition of its proposed $48.5 billion deal for DirecTV, AT&T says it is considering changing the brand name of the big satellite TV provider. The company's U-verse is struggling; the DirecTV acquisition would make it a profitable venture. ...Read the whole story

  • Google's Schmidt Tells Us The 'Internet Will Disappear,' Microsoft Bing Defines What That Means

    Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said during the panel "The Future of the Digital Economy" at the World Economic Forum that "the Internet will disappear," replying to a question about the evolution of the Web. He meant to describe the integration of search technology into operating systems and applications that gives access to answers without going to a search engine and typing keywords into a box to retrieve information similar to Google Now and Microsoft Cortana. ...Read the whole story

  • Bloomberg Expressed Interest In 'NY Times' Acquisition

    Before relinquishing his mayoral crown, Michael Bloomberg reportedly expressed an interest in acquiring The New York Times to  Arthur Sulzberger Jr. “Sulzberger replied that the paper was not for sale,” New York Magazine reports. “Bloomberg’s overture … might be one reason why talk of a Bloomberg-Times eventuality has flared up among insiders in the wake of the most recent round of Times’ layoffs.”  ...Read the whole story

  • Explaining The Explosion In $1B Tech Valuations

    Fortune considers the rapid rise in tech startups valued at $1 billion or more. “It wasn’t long ago that the idea of a pre-IPO tech startup with a $1 billion market value was a fantasy,” it writes. Now, Fortune counts 80 of them, and “Technology is driving the boom.” In particular, “Smartphones, cheap sensors, and cloud computing have enabled a raft of new Internet-connected services that are infiltrating the most tech-averse industries.” Think Uber and Airbnb. “Investors see massive opportunity in the upheaval.”  ...Read the whole story

  • Gates Family Sees Mobile As Key To Eco Development
Does Pinterest Really Need More Men?

It's common knowledge that Pinterest users are mostly women, and it's conventional wisdom that the social network "needs" to get more male users. "The Wall Street Journal" just published an article about Pinterest's efforts to change ...More

  • My First Super Bowl Ad

    In an interoffice memo to myself, I disclosed today that George H. Simpson Communications would join the 15 or so others running ads for the first time during the upcoming Super Bowl telecast. ...More