Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  • Parent Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Google For In-App Purchases

    A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit accusing Google of allowing young children to rack up credit card charges by making in-app purchases. A New York resident can proceed with allegations that Google's app-store practices resulted in unjust enrichment and that the company breached its duty of good faith. ...Read the whole story

  • Foursquare Debuts Local Recommendation Service, App Logo

    As part of a major reinvention, Foursquare has unveiled its new local recommendation service. The preview follows Foursquare's recent decision to divide itself into two distinct apps: a new app named Swarm, which allows users to check into physical locations and become the "mayor" of their local bar, and another more Yelp-like service, which is taking the Foursquare name. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Improves Mobile Ad Targeting To Specific Devices

    Facebook has announced a unique improvement to its mobile ad-targeting powers. Advertisers and developers will soon be able to reach the owners of specific mobile devices, from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 5s. The change should also put users of Facebook's Mobile App Ads in a better position to identify which devices are working best for theirs apps. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Acquires drawElements, Keeping Tighter Reins On Hardware

    Google has acquired Helsinki, Finland-based drawElements in a move to improve on its mobile 3D graphics services. The startup focuses on optimizing complex graphics and reduces fragmentation between mobile device hardware. The technology can double-check the manufacturing process to keep quality standards high. ...Read the whole story

  • WideOrbit Gets Serious About Programmatic, Buys Ad Tech Provider Admeta

    WideOrbit, an ad management software firm, on Wednesday announced it has acquired Admeta, a Sweden-based supply-side platform (SSP) technology provider. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ...Read the whole story

  • The Maturing Of Mashable

    Nieman Journalism Lab traces Mashable’s evolution from tech news site to real-time global news gatherer. The transformation is largely due to executive editor Jim Roberts, who spent 26 years at The New York Times and other “serious” publishers before joining Mashable last October. In addition, Brian Ries, Mashable’s real-time news editor, is bringing a more “modern” approach to reporting. “You can have the 1,200-word article if you want … but if you think the story can be better told in a series of Vines … then go with that,” said Ries. ...Read the whole story

  • Are Consumers Ready For Digital Tattoos?

    Late April Fools’ joke, or an extreme example of how “connected” our culture is becoming? Hard to believe, but digital tattoos, with which users can unlock their smartphones with a single tap, appear to fall into the latter category. A thin piece of electronic film that sticks to the body, “the tattoos have gone on sale in the U.S., with Moto X users able to buy a pack of 10 of these digital tattoos for $9.99,” Gizmodo reports. ...Read the whole story

  • Wearable Tech Helps Drive Mobile Payments

    There has been a digital disruption causing a dramatic change in the function, purpose and design of payments channel in just over a decade. Wearable payments will be one of the ways customers do transactions. It is all about convenience and the speed of the transaction. Look at the number of wearable devices being launched on a faster pace with those from big names like Apple, Google, Motorola and Samsung. At LetsTalkPayments, we have already talked about the prospect of wearable technology as a prospect for making payments. And today, we can surely say that it's more than being a ... ...Read the whole story

  • Omnicom's Integer Group Wins Transamerica Account
  • Expion Relaunches Social Marketing Platform: Integrates Data, Offers More Customized View
How Planning Problems Are Hindering Cross-Channel Campaigns

Kleiner Perkins's Mary Meeker recently released her annual Internet trends report, and of the many emerging behaviors described, there's one that brands have already taken note of: cross-device consumption. We expect that this behavior will only ...More

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