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Senior writer Tanya Gazdik Irwin covers the pet, travel, financial services and pharma industries for MediaPost's "Marketing Daily." She previously was the Deputy Editor of MediaPost, animal welfare reporter at The (Toledo) Blade and Detroit Bureau Chief of Adweek Magazine. She started her career at The Associated Press where she was promoted from editorial assistant to newswoman.

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  • Pet Market Driven By Uptick in Small Dogs, Aging Pets in Marketing Daily on 01/30/2015

    "The shift towards smaller dogs is being driven by the aging population of boomers, who might find smaller dogs easier to manage, as well as the increasing urbanization of Americans, especially among Millennials, who might not have room for larger dogs in their apartments," George Puro, an analyst and the author of the report, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Stella Artois Partners With For Awareness Campaign in Marketing Daily on 01/23/2015

    Stella Artois has made a donation of $1.2 million to and is now inviting consumers to join the cause by purchasing limited-edition chalices. One chalice will help provide five years of clean water to one person in the developing world.

  • Affluent Travelers Tougher For Marketers To Reach in Marketing Daily on 01/22/2015

    "Given all the factors that can impact people's willingness to travel, especially overseas, travel marketers need to recognize that their customers will be harder to commit to proposed trips this year," says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing.

  • Newcastle 'Milks' Pre-Game Buzz in Marketing Daily on 01/22/2015

    Newcastle Brown Ale continues to milk -- literally -- the buzz leading up to the Super Bowl for all it's worth. The beer brand's latest ploy for attention is a teaser for Newcastle's "Band of Brands" ad, in which terminally deadpan Aubrey Plaza milks a cow as she explains how the program works.

  • Menopause Supplement Launches 'Monologues' Campaign in Marketing Daily on 01/21/2015

    "During qualitative research we learned it was okay to talk about menopausal symptoms in a humorous way," Estroven Brand Manager, Beth Smith tells "Marketing Daily." "However, it was important that we did this in a way that was not negative or overly dramatic."

  • Marriott Offers GoPro Cameras For Guests in Marketing Daily on 01/20/2015

    Marriott Hotels is loaning miniature video cameras to guests at select properties to help them better capture their vacation memories. Guests are encouraged to submit their GoPro photo and video content across social platforms.

  • Los Angeles Considers Alcohol Ad Ban in Marketing Daily on 01/18/2015

    The Los Angeles City Council will vote Tuesday on an ordinance that will ban alcohol ads on city-owned and -controlled property. Former Massachusetts First Lady Kitty Dukakis supports the ordinance and will speak at a press conference held by the coalition prior to the city council meeting.

  • Chubb Urges 'Insurance Against Regret' in Marketing Daily on 01/16/2015

    "The campaign is aimed at people who bought insurance based on price alone -- a decision they would regret following a claim -- as well as those that have outgrown their current mass-market provider and are ready to move up to Chubb," Mark Greenberg, Chubb senior vice president and chief communications officer, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Jackson Hewitt 'Works Hard For The Hardest Working' in Marketing Daily on 01/15/2015

    "Our new brand promise conveys our commitment to the customer," Jackson Hewitt CEO David Prokupek tells "Marketing Daily." "We want our clients to know they have a partner they can count on."

  • Cats Go Crazy For Temptations Treats In True-To-Life Creative in Marketing Daily on 01/13/2015

    "The new #PackAttack campaign is something that cat owners can relate to, and it's fun-loving in nature, just like the Temptations brand," Temptations Brand Manager Melodie Bolin tells "Marketing Daily."

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