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Thom Forbes was editorial director of Adweek and its sister publications in the 1980s and has written about marketing and media as a freelancer since 1990.

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  • Pfizer's Pitch: Tax-based Deal Is Good For U.S.A. in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/24/2015

    Now that the $160 billion merger of Pfizer and Allergen is a done deal absent the expected approvals from shareholders and regulators, the public relations battle over the forthcoming transfer of the new entity's tax headquarters from America to Ireland, where Allergan is based, is fully engaged.

  • Adele's '25' Poised To Set Sales Records Sans Streaming in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/23/2015

    The phenomenon that is Adele is not only on track to set the one-week record for album sales in the U.S. but also offers hope for smoothing over political rifts at the Thanksgiving dinner table (if a "Saturday Night Live" sketch gone viral be our guide).

  • Xerox Sponsors Content On 'Atlantic' To Promote New Branding in Content Marketing Insider on 11/20/2015

    Reading Xerox's brief about what it wants to accomplish with its new brand platform "was sort of an instant aha moment for us," says Hayley Romer, vice president and publisher of The Atlantic. The new strategy, unveiled in August, puts a focus on Xerox's belief that by optimizing how people, processes and technology work together, "Work Can Work Better." The media company and the advertiser have had a longstanding relationship, but this updated positioning felt like an opportunity to do a lot more than just run an ad or write a formulaic content piece about what Xerox was doing. "Anybody could tell that story," Romer points out.

  • FDA Gives Go-Ahead To Genetically Engineered Salmon; No Labels Required in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/20/2015

    The Food and Drug Administration yesterday said the fast-growing, genetically engineered salmon produced by AquaBounty Technologies are safe for humans to eat and need not be labeled in any way when they hit the marketplace. Consumer and environmental groups who have argued, among other concerns, that the genetically modified fish might escape their tanks and breed with wild salmon, are expected to file a lawsuit seeking to overturn the ruling.

  • ConAgra Divvying Itself Up Into Brands And Potatoes in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/19/2015

    In the latest of a series of shake-ups, ConAgra Foods announced Wednesday that it plans to split into two companies. A new entity called Conagra Brands will continue to serve up the likes of Chef Boyardee, Slim Jims and Orville Redenbacher's. The other, the frozen potato division Lamb Weston, will become its own publicly traded enterprise.

  • Lyft Gains Traction As Millennials Eschew Owning Cars in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/18/2015

    In another indication of the encroaching mindset of the Millennial on the marketplace, Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer yesterday told Reuters that the Uber competitor has reached an annualized gross run rate of $1 billion. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that Lyft is seeking $500 million in additional financing at a valuation of $4 billion, up from $2.5 billion.

  • Marriott Books Starwood's Rooms And Marketing Finesse in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/17/2015

    Marriott International's surprise $12.2 billion deal for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide yesterday puts together 30 brands and 1.1 million rooms in more than 100 countries together to form the world's largest hotelier. The combination hopes to forestall upstarts such as Airbnb that operate on a different business model and were just a blip on the competitive landscape only a few years ago.

  • Toys Look Good This Season Even As Star Wars Crowds Them Out in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/16/2015

    Thanks to a well-orchestrated rollout that began in early September with a live-streamed, 18-hour unboxing event in 15 cities worldwide, Star Wars is becoming such a juggernaut in retailers' toys departments this year that it's blowing away competitors' offerings even though "The Force Awakens" doesn't open until a week before Christmas.

  • JetBlue's Content Gets Busier And Busier in Content Marketing Insider on 11/13/2015

    In its content marketing, JetBlue Airways "shied away from telling a JetBlue story and [is] telling a humanity story." That's certainly the case with the mini-documentary "HumanKinda," starring film maker Bianca Giaever.

  • 7-Eleven And KFC Look To Deliver In Their Own Ways in Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 11/13/2015

    They don't call it a convenience store for nothing: 7-Eleven has now added lockers to more than 200 outlets in North America where online shoppers can pick up packages shipped through UPS or FedEx.

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  • Samsung Likes The Direction Its Numbers Are Taking by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 04/07/2015)

    Always a trick call, Michael. Farhad Manjoo's review was indeed negative but most of the reviews I've read were along the lines of Molly Wood's, also in the NYT: "... with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung is moving in a beautiful and powerful new direction, and has indeed created something that looks and feels new and different." And in rating it 8.9 on a scale of 10, CNET concludes: "Samsung's hardware has long stood up to the iPhone; at long last, its physical design does, too. Its high prices might deter some, but the Galaxy S6 accomplishes something important for Samsung: It’s a flagship phone that finally feels like a flagship."

  • Ford, Tonka Bring Out The Boy In Men Who Buy Dump Trucks by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 03/04/2015)

    Correction: JMPR Public Relations, the new agency for Funrise, writes: “While we’d LOVE to take credit for the Ford F750, the JMPR team actually had nothing to do with the efforts there. That was an effort from the Ford side. ”

  • Jet.Com Has Amazon In Its Sights by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 01/08/2015)

    For the Record: A spokesman for Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores says: "We’ve conducted initial scoping discussions, but have not reached an agreement with Jet." As for signing up for a free trial with Jet, I'd advise that you go directly to the site — — and start your own referrer network, if you're interested, rather than join someone else's.

  • Google Flinches; Amazon Grabs Twitch's 55 Million Monthly Viewers For $1 Billion by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 08/26/2014)

    Here's more on Riot Games' "League of Legends" championship figures cited in the Wall Street Journal report, John.

  • Walmart Slashes Fees For Money Transfers by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 04/18/2014)

    The despicable stereotype I am familiar with is "hooked" nose but your comments make it clear that I should not have used this too-similar phrase. I won't again. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Walmart Slashes Fees For Money Transfers by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 04/18/2014)

    I apologize that you saw the reference as anti-Semitic, Mr. Smith. It certainly was not intended to be. It was a reference to lower-income Americans having to rely on loan sharks whose enforcers — low-level gangsters — tend to have broken noses from their activities. Maybe I read too many Hardy Boy books in my youth or was too enamored of the legend of "Wild Bill" Hickok, who was shot and killed by "Crooked Nose Jack" McCall.

  • Is Anything More American Than A Dylan Spot? by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 02/03/2014)

    Cash's involvement with Chrysler-Plymouth goes back to the mid-'50s and his music was still being used in recent spots . When he was amongst us, he also had an affection for sweet chariots

  • Thumbs Up by Stan Mack (Real MAD on 01/30/2014)

    Hail! Hail! And willkommen!

  • Negative News Outdrew Positive In 2013 by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 12/31/2013)

    That is truly inspiration for 2014, Paula. Thanks for your commentary throughout the year!

  • The Case Of Rabbi Dropped For Frequent Complaining by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 12/04/2013)

    Could be, Stan. I know I had “rabbi" on my mind this morning. I’d just read an email from a cousin that contained a sketch for a new gravestone for our great, great grandfather, a rabbi whose original stone in the Hebrew Rest Cemetery in New Orleans was badly damaged by Katrina. In any event, there are several interesting issues here, which is the reason I chose this story over, say, the uptick in auto sales last month. One is how the Supreme Court decides and the possible repercussions on airline pricing. Then there's the more far-reaching concept of which customers marketers should be focusing their attention on (within the law, of course) as you and Daniel suggest. All this against the backdrop of what Paula identifies as an increasingly concentrated industry (see AA and US Airways last week) in which the consumer has fewer choices. So, gaffe aside, at least we’ve got that conversation going ...

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