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Scott Gillum

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President of the DC office and Channel Marketing Practice Leader for gyro, Ad Age B2B Agency of the Year. Former management consultant, speaker, and active blogger for Media Post, Huffington Post, Fortune, Ad Age,Forbes CMO Network and B2B Knowledge Sharing.

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  • Why I've Resisted Pinterest by Ryan DeShazer (Search Insider on 04/16/2012)

    The potential for Pininterest in B2B is this - a picture is worth a 1000 words. We are rebuilding a web site for a professional services firm. The "knowledge center" portion of the site is being redesigned to resemble Pinterest in order to carry Infograhics. With the proliferation of content on the "www," visual images that can summarize data heavy content and make it quickly scannable is the future. Pinterest for B2B will evolve this way. Good post Ryan.

  • For Marketers, Social Isn't Quite The New Search by Ryan DeShazer (Search Insider on 09/16/2011)

    Maybe we're trying to measure the value of social media the wrong way. Because corporate marketing is driving social activities at many organizations, the default to trying to fit it to a traditional ROI view. Perhaps we're using it at the wrong part of the funnel and the real value of social media is at the bottom of the funnel - as a customer retention/loyalty lever. Measuring engagement level as an indicator of customer retention has been done by Gallup. They are now working on how it applies to Social Media. Maybe this is the real payoff. Think about the value of having brand advocates enabled with social tools to ramp up word of mouth that will produce real results!

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