• The Conundrum With Clout
    As the boomers age, they are focusing less on acquiring "stuff" and more on great experiences, creating special memories with family and friends. The most affluent boomers own multiple homes, more clothing and jewelry than they can wear, more luxury products than they have room for and have less energy and time to care for and manage all of these material things. Boomers, though retiring later, are spending more and more of their time savoring and enjoying their "golden years."
  • How To Engage Millennials On Mobile Devices
    Engaging Millennials on mobile devices has never been harder, or more crucial for a brand's success. There are now over 83 million Millennials in the United States, representing $1.3 trillion in consumer spending. Of that 83 million, 88% of Millennials use a smartphone, and 52% of them will use their mobile device for commerce, according to CreditCards.com.
  • How To Market To The Affluent While Respecting Their Privacy
    Advertisers looking to reach affluent consumers typically have several options, but they've always struggled with the limitations of those options. They could buy print advertising in publications claiming to have affluent readership, such as Vogue, The New York Times, or Cond Nast Traveler. They could make TV buys during large events, such as the Super Bowl, hoping that the scale of those events brought a good percentage of affluent viewers. Direct mail presented a slightly more precise tactic, letting marketers send offers to homes in affluent ZIP codes, or to the subscribers of the previously-named publications.
  • Luxury Purchasers: Who Are They And What Are Their Interests? Part 3
    Our June and July columns, "Luxury Purchasers: Who Are They and What Are Their Interests?" parts 1 and 2, focused on our finding that luxury purchasing goes much deeper than the affluent market segments with household incomes of $75,000 or more (the top 41% of adults) and the very affluent with household incomes of $250,000 or more (the top 3% of adults).
  • Creating A Luxurious Social Media Experience
    According to a 2014 survey, 70% of people who come from affluent households (total annual income >$200,000) own a smartphone. ExactTarget research indicates that 75% of smartphone users engage with social media on a daily basis.
  • The Dirty Dozen (Part 2): Top Challenges Facing Luxury Brands Today
    Last month's column highlighted six of 'the dirty dozen' challenges/opportunities facing marketers of luxury products and services. Based on extensive conversations with top management and marketers of luxury brands, here's our last six.
  • Luxury Purchasers: Who Are They And What Are Their Interests? Part 2
    Our previous column, "Luxury Purchasers: Who Are They and What Are Their Interests?," focused on our finding that luxury goes way deeper than the affluent market segment with household incomes of $75,000 or more. All luxury purchasers - adult consumers (18+ in age) who bought one or more luxury goods or services in the prior 12 months - constitute almost 20%, or about 46 million, of the 239 million adults in the United States. Luxury marketers would be correct in surmising that as household income increases, the proportion of luxury purchasers rises.
  • The Emergence Of A Global Affluent Culture
    It should come as no surprise that once-distant parts of the world now appear closer and closer, driven by the globalization of ideas, economies and politics. Nowhere is this truer than among the global elite, who tend to have more in common with one another than they do with the less affluent in their own countries.
  • Best Practices For Digital Luxury Brand Campaigns
    The most successful luxury brands combine understated dignity with the ability to command attention when the time is right. This is reflected in nearly every aspect of advertising directed toward Affluents - subtle color palettes, limited copy, even sparse appearances by the product itself. Online, luxury brand advertisers see the best performance from ad formats that capture the same aesthetic.
  • The Dirty Dozen: Top Challenges Facing Luxury Brands Today
    After 21 years orchestrating hundreds of conversations and events with CEOs and CMOs representing every segment of luxury and given the furious pace of web-enabled change, here's my "dirty dozen" top challenges/opportunities facing luxury marketers and their brands today.
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