Friday, September 14, 2012
by Tyler Loechner, Staff Writer
On Wednesday, Business Insider published a photo story of Velti's office space in San Francisco. Velti bought the new San Francisco office space in May and as Business Insider says, "the new digs are some of the most stylish we've ever seen." I'd have to agree. The new office space has it all. Everything looks like it belongs in the year 2150. The office is equipped with what looks like airport/space station meeting area, a bar at a 5-star hotel, and game room in a (very clean) frat house basement. Check out the Business Insider story ... More

by Mark Walsh
San Francisco-based AdRoll on Thursday announced it will begin opening up access to Facebook inventory to all customers after gearing up its RTB infrastructure to begin serving campaigns more widely. "We've invested quite heavily in our RTB technology, which allows for precise bidding decisions based on users' anonymous browsing behavior," said an AdRoll spokesperson. Read the whole story »
by Tyler Loechner
Extole, a San Francisco-based C2C social marketing platform company, this week announced its inaugural Social Advocacy Summit. The summit will take place across the country in New York City on October 17. Extole is hosting the summit on the East Coast to coincide with Social Week New York 2012. Read the whole story »
by Karl Greenberg
This year, online ticket seller StubHub launched its largest marketing effort to date, its Ticket Oak ad campaign, part of a bid to expand awareness and position the company not just as a ticket seller but as a multi-platform e-commerce platform. Ray Elia, CMO of the San Francisco eBay unit, says 2012 is about ubiquity for the brand. He talks to Marketing Daily about how the company has grown and what's next in the digital event-ticket space. Read the whole story »
San Jose-based Acer readied the launch of its CloudMobile smartphone to the Chinese market, but when journalists showed up for the press event, a spokesperson said the launch had been cancelled, according to Reuters. A unit of Alibaba, which took part in the project, released a statement explaining that Acer had faced pressure from Google and pulled the plug. Read the whole story »

According to the San Francisco Gate, numerous Bay Area tech companies have helped the Romney campaign with their digital campaign strategy. SFGate cites Facebook, Twitter, Google, Eventbrite, Rally and Square as some of the tech companies the Romeny camp has reached out to. "These companies allow us to be so much more successful because they bring their expertise to bear and allow us to be able to better glue together the best minds," Romney digital campaign manager Zac Moffatt said during an interview at TechCrunch Disrupt. Read the whole story »