• The New Age Of Activism
    While recently watching "Orange Is the New Black," it occurred to me that activism is back en vogue. In this particular episode, an inmate stages a hunger strike to get better treatment for her fellow inmates. But her message is unfocused and her true motivation is unclear. Of course, she goes about it all wrong, and, in the end, it means nothing.
  • Social Consumerism Or Capitalism?
    Recently, while on a walk with my family, we stopped at a coffee shop for a quick snack. My wife and kids went in, while I stayed outside with the dog. Five minutes later, my daughter came out with a "pupcake." She told me that this tiny cupcake (literally smaller than a munchkin with a little peanut butter on top) was $1.25, and that 50 cents went to the local animal shelter. She was very proud of her purchase - and I was proud of her, too. But, I had a different perspective of the coffee shop.
  • Marketing Alert: Clever Is Out, Smart Is In
    Marketing today is changing by the minute, with many marketers genuinely struggling to keep up. Like it or not, we're all operating in a hyper-connected marketplace in which the balance of power is shifting away from companies. To understand this new reality, witness the predictable disaster loop that happens when brands stray off course. Seduced by clever marketing ideas, marketers do stupid things. Offended stakeholders react, unleashing a tsunami of negative social media, traditional media piles on, amplifying the story, and brand managers have a very, very bad day. Brands quickly change course, trying to make it all go away ...
  • Adventures In Texting
    A few months ago, I attended the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference and wrote a post about how several sessions discussed SMS marketing, or texting your constituents. I came back from the conference fresh and excited about the possibilities, and started a small texting campaign at my nonprofit around one of our upcoming annual events. Since I originally wrote about the hypotheticals of texting your constituents, I thought I should write a follow-up post on what we've learned so far (and so that you can learn from my mistakes!).
  • The Moral Of The Story
    Several years ago, I was sitting in one of those semi-awkward meetings where a prospective client invited a few competing agencies in to talk about a potential assignment. At the beginning of the meeting, we were each asked to give a quick introduction. When it was my turn to speak, I shared "[We are] often called an advertising agency, but we prefer to think of ourselves as storytellers." At that moment, every other agency leader quickly chimed in to say that they're storytellers, too.
  • How Google Tag Manager Can Save Your Tracking
    Over the years, Google has introduced many useful tools and programs. Gmail and Adwords have to be on the top of my list, but in recent months Google Tag Manager has also joined my list of favorites. If you do any sort of tracking for your online marketing and you don't already use Google Tag Manager, you're missing out! In a nutshell, it streamlines all of your tracking so that you only have to ask your developers to put one tracking code on your whole website. Oh, and did I mention that it's free?
  • Updates To SEO
    It's been awhile since we checked in on the latest in search engine optimization, so what's new? Turns out a lot!
  • Portfolio Power: Unlocking The Potential Of CSR Brand Management
    Everybody knows that in today's rapidly evolving landscape, what brands stand for matters more than ever. The vast majority of people expect companies to go way beyond just selling products and to drive positive change. Marketers who aren't building corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the core of their brands are missing a big business-building opportunity.
  • Top Things I Learned At NTC 2014
    Last week, I attended the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network's wonderful Nonprofit Technology Conference in D.C., and I wanted to share some of the cool new ideas I learned.
  • People Do The Darndest Things - Especially For Good Causes
    A little over a year ago, I found myself at a working lunch in a neighborhood Mexican restaurant, trying to figure out how to raise money for the Open Door Family Medical Center, a local nonprofit we all supported.
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