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5 Key Anti-Trends For 2013
Critical things you should have paid attention to in 2012 (but probably didn't).» 0 Comments
Alternative Giving Sites
Tis the season for giving! Hopefully, everyone is having a successful year-end fundraising campaign, and since fundraising is top-of-mind right now (when is it ever not?), it got me thinking about alternative giving sites. You may have come across them before in your work -- third-party sites that take donations for various causes and nonprofits. Some donors prefer these sites, where they can go to just one site to browse different causes from around the world. In that light, I thought I'd review a couple alternative giving sites that I've come across or heard of in my work.» 1 Comments
Empower Employees Through Charitable Giving
Everyone's shopping for the holidays, and corporations are no different. 'Tis the season of corporate gift giving to employees. Many of my friends have received chocolate, baked goods, gift cards and other items that are nice tokens of thanks -- but, to me, they are also, well, predictable and somewhat generic. Instead of giving employees the usual, I like the idea of charitable giving for the holidays because it makes a gift more personal and impactful. Charitable gifts or actions go beyond the gift giver and the recipient.» 0 Comments
Thon Fundraising Turned Upside Down By Social And Mobile Technology
Charity runs, walks, rides, triathlons, hikes, climbs, swims and other peer-to-peer fundraising events are a multibillion dollar business, according to the annual surveys conducted by our team at the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council.» 0 Comments
When Both Parties Are Nonprofits
I was reminded of these sorts of relationships by a press release issued by the Illinois State Bar Association, which recently announced a goal to provide 1 million meals to needy Illinoisans. They'll do this by hitting up bar association members and their law firms for donations of food and money, which will be distributed to food banks across Illinois.» 0 Comments