Results for July 2012

Chief Change Officers: How Activist CEOs Are Driving Increased Social Impact
There's something radical going on in the C-suite lately. Business leaders are acting in bold ways-showing increased impatience with the status quo and taking action against pressing societal issues. This is driving an increased focus on corporate cause and social impact programs, as companies commit more resources to drive positive change.» 1 Comments
Becoming a Google AdWords-Certified Professional
If you're a nonprofit, you more than likely have a Google Grant (if not, read up! It's a great program), and sometimes you may have an additional paid AdWords account. That's a lot to manage! I'm sure you would love to know ways to more efficiently manage your account and save valuable time and resources.» 0 Comments
Social Media And Causes: A Match Made In The Cloud
Causes are contagious. When friends and family get involved in causes and share their enthusiasm, it's tough to not jump on board, or find a cause of your own. Over the years, through athletic events, fundraising parties, pet walks and the like, causes have also become social. And raising money for a charity is a lot easier when you have fun doing it among peers.» 0 Comments
Changing With The Times
Although the themes of some cause-related campaigns are based on gut decisions by marketing executives, most substantial and sophisticated initiatives are informed by qualitative and/or quantitative consumer research. Examining the causes selected offers a fascinating window into the concerns and issues of importance to consumers at any point in time.» 0 Comments
Cause Marketing and Big Data
Few topics are hotter in information technology right now than big data. In science big data holds the potential to unlock the secrets of the universe from the sub-atomic level to the entirety of the cosmos. In business big data promises "the end of theory," to use the phrase of Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson.» 1 Comments