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Hulu Plus: More Whatever
The long-awaited Hulu premium program launched yesterday. Or I think Huluplus launched for someone somewhere. The $9.99/month plan appeared as an app on both my iPad and iPhone but when I tried to log into them with my current Hulu account name it kicked me over to the Web site to request a "Preview Invite." Does this mean I am not hip enough to be invited to the Huluplus pre-party? And here I am all tricked out with a fair number of the connected devices the new service addresses: from Xbox 360 and PS3 to iPad and iPhone. How disgustingly ...» 0 Comments
Young and Short: Online Video Driven by Youth Watching Clips
While full-episode TV re-viewing seems to have gotten much of the press and even advertiser attention in recent years, new research sponsored by short-form hub Metacafe begs to differ with some conventional wisdom. In its annual sponsored study of online video habits from Frank N. Magid, Metacafe says that 63% of digital video viewers watch music videos, movie trailers, TV clips, sports or video game content, while only 40% tend to watch full-length TV shows or movies. Still the preference continues to be for professionally produced content of all kinds, which is watched by 76% of all users and more ...» 0 Comments
At Cannes, Big Think And Big Re-Think Rule
At last week's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival two viral video favorites were among the winners, and they underscored the importance of the big idea in grabbing consumers' fleeting attention spans. The Cyber Lion Grand Prix winner was "The Fun Theory," the DDB Stockholm campaign for Volkswagen that featured a piano staircase designed to encourage people to chose the steps over escalator powered ascent out of the underground station. The big idea for Volkswagen was that making ecologically friendly activities fun to do could change people's behaviors.» 0 Comments
The Year of Digital Video
What a difference a year makes when it comes to video consumption. Last year in May comScore counted 16.5 billion videos served for the month. Now, they just reported that for May, 2010 we are up to 33.95 billion. And there have been some extraordinary shifts in rankings and market share, year-over-year. In 2009, Google accounted for a 40.1% share of videos served. But the gorilla in the marketplace has only grown amid substantial competition, now up to 43.1% share. Hulu, of course, was the big winner, rising from a 2.5% share last year to 3.5% in May this year. ...» 0 Comments
Hispanic Viewers Are iTV Early Adopter Sweet Spot
Anyone who has followed bleeding edge technology and emerging platforms over the last decade knows that Hispanic and African American digerati have been leading the charge in adopting new forms of interactivity. Some of the earliest, largest and most successful online social networks back in the early 2000s were and MiGente, for instance. When it comes to mobile, again, Hispanic and African American customers over-index wildly when it comes to data usage. These users were embracing mobile social networks like MocoSpace long before Facebook and MySpace even launched mobile» 0 Comments
1 Billion Served: Next New Cranks Up the PR
We haven't checked with Revision 3,, or Mevio about whether they have served over 1 billion videos over the short life of streaming media on the Web, but Next New Networks appears to the one who came up with the bright idea of celebrating the milestone. We have to give them some PR props. The home of Web series IndyMogul, Channel Frederator and ThreadBanger is throwing a billion-videos played party. The dedicated site has a countdown meter that invites the user to vote on the day the site will crack the big mark. A downloadable poster is a ...» 0 Comments
Awww! Meredith Blends Pro-Am Video Into Nutritious, Sponsored Baby Formula
If you surf away from YouTube and click off of the male-18-34-year-old demo video hubs for just a second, you can find people who use online multimedia for genuinely edifying, life-affirming ends. No joke. One of the smartest blends of professional and amateur user-gen media I have seen lately comes from Meredith's The 36-Webisode series is brilliantly targeted at one of the most frightening moments in most adults' lives -- bringing their first children into the world. Done in partnership with baby products maker Graco, the series uses host Jill Cordes as the anchor for user-submitted clips that ...» 0 Comments
Have Chairs Will Travel: Comedy Central's Traveling Web Talk Show
Comedy Central was among the first networks to defy the cable industry's resistance to airing full episodes of cable fare online. The company has been putting Jon Stewart online for years. Now the network is reversing the polarity with a full-bore online-only Web talk show. Comedy Central's Portable Lounge is true to its name. this is a traveling talk show. It is designed to appear just about anywhere. The set is a pair of foldable beach chairs, a wooden crate and a cheesy red-shaded lamp. Let the hilarity commence.» 0 Comments
OK Go! And Bring Back Friends
If Madonna was the main driver and emblem of the MTV music video wave of the early 90s, then OK Go! is the poster child of viral music video in our era. From the time the group broke through in 2006 with its incredible treadmill ballet for "Here It Goes Again" to the more recent Rube Goldberg epic contraption for "This Too shall Pass," this is a group that like Madonna, defined itself by the latest technology. Their music and video are now inseparable. You can't hear the song without the viral video images playing in your head, and in ...» 0 Comments
Spanish Lessons: Univision Vs. Live Online
Even here in a country where more people know the name of 47-year-old pitcher Jaimie Moyer than they do Diego Maradona (the legendary soccer great (and legendarily insane) Argentina coach (who characteristically came unhinged and made headlines the world over when he attacked Pele in the press this week) there is a tradition of being able to watch the World Cup just about anywhere. From a giant screen in Grand Central Terminal to taxi stands, the inescapable and constant sound of that damn horn has never been far away this week. So far this tournament I have watched everywhere from ...» 0 Comments
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