Apple Preferred For Tablets, Smartphones ... Desktops?

by , Dec 5, 2013, 6:01 PM
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Consumers are showing a preference for Apple in every category in which it has a product, even in one category in which it was totally written off: desktops. 

For the first time, Apple topped Dell as the most popular brand for laptops, according to new research from Parks Associates. That the brand could come back in a category where it was once an afterthought is a testament to the strength of its brand, says John Barrett, director of consumer analytics at Parks. 

“It’s been an interesting phenomenon to see ... Apple stepping from one category to another,” Barrett tells Marketing Daily. “They’ve really build a strong presence in consumer electronics.”

In addition to desktops, Apple is the top brand for tablets, laptops, smartphones, MP3 players and streaming media devices (for its Apple TV product). Though some of this desirability might be attributable to consumers wanting a cohesive “electronic ecosystem,” it’s probably more a testament to the brand and the overall retail experience consumers have with the Apple stores, Barrett says. 

“Apple’s retail strategy is paying off,” Barrett says. “The consumer expectation of the retail store is evolving [and] Apple does a good job of selling the products [through them].”

Just because Apple is the “preferred brand” for consumers, they still might pick another brand to purchase, Barrett notes. Last year, 34% of younger shoppers (those 18-34) said they planned to buy Apple TV, while only 15% said they preferred Roku. In a later survey covering actual purchases, 29% of consumers bought a Roku player, while only 24% bought Apple TV, Barrett says. 

“Being the ‘preferred’ brand is certainly an advantage, but consumers can still change their minds," he says. 

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