Fishbat Still Whacking Us Over the Head With Verbal Diarrhea

by , Dec 9, 2013, 9:27 AM
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Long Island agency fishbat is up to their PR shenanigans again. Previously, we commented on their propensity to release buzzword bingo-filled press releases announcing services as if they were the cure for cancer. While this sort of idiocy is, indeed, idiocy, we hope it never stops. Why? Because we love to make fun of it, of course. and, let's be honest, no matter how snarky the coverage, they love all they can get. This time the "renowned full-service digital marketing agency" has "ushered in a new trend in social media marketing as it incorporates technological innovation and pioneering ideas to boost online brand presence." But wait, there's more! "fishbat enforces (enforces!!!) the client’s social media image through an interactive approach, which creates and amplifies the dialogue between the brand and its customers. To strengthen a brand’s positive depiction (depiction! love that!) across different platforms, fishbat provides competitive ad placement and outreach to enlarge its (the brand's, we assume) consumer base through smart and targeted digital billboards." Oh, we get it. All that blather is to announce the fact that they do old school billboard advertising? 

Holy dedicated behemoth! United Continental is in discussions with WPP to create a dedicated agency akin to the creation of Team Detroit for Ford. Of the discussions, a United spokesman said, "We have a lot of conversations with many parties but nothing has been finalized." It is said nothing will be decided until early next year. Currently, United Continental is handled by mcgarrybowen and Horizon Media. Recently, the airline was pitched by a collection of WPP agencies including Wunderman, KBM, MEC, Landor and Kantar.

If there is one truism in this business it's that we have a plethora of awards shows like no other industry on the planet...or in the universe....because, come on, do you really think we're alone in this vast expanse we call space? Anyway, we like Australian Creative's approach to the whole awards coverage thing. After receiving a minor avalanche of releases, the magazine wrote, "I could fill this week with awards news. I am going to risk having all the really good awards people trying to attract your attention get shitty with me. I have hugely edited what they all want me to tell you and am presenting it to you in one big collection." We are so in touch with that emotion.

Hey, we're all for hiring new blood that can fuel an agency's perspective. But we're not quite sure how hiring a recent college graduate brings "prospective" to an agency but FVM Strategic Communications thinks Brittany Bayer can do just that. In a release, Director of Media Karen Murphy said, "Brittany brings a new prospective to our media buying team with her experience on the sales side of print, online and radio advertising. Her ability to develop competitive multimedia campaigns and effectively manage budgets makes her an ideal addition for FVM's client base."

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