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  • This Time It's A Marketer Telling Other Marketers To Stop Calling Agencies Vendors in Mediapsssst on 09/18/2014

    Attention marketers. And by marketers, I mean clients. You know, you guys who think your agency is just a vendor you can toy with at your leisure as if they were a vending machine spitting out predetermined and prepackaged items that you can simply toss aside if it turns out you're not actually hungry. Yeah, you marketers. Nationwide CMO Matt Jauchius has a message for you. And it's simple. Stop treating your agency like a vendor. "I think the word vendor is poison," he told "Ad Age." "I think the word vendor creates an us-versus-them and it creates a wall."

  • Two Years Late, Agency Launches Vine Video Division; Maybe They'll Launch a Hyperlapse Division In 2016 in Mediapsssst on 09/17/2014

    Oy vey. Vendetta Studios, a full-service advertising and production company, announced that they will be launching as the first company to specialize in Vine video advertising for brands and companies around the world. Which is weird because, well, the agency launched in 2004 -- but whatever. Maybe relaunch would have been a better term? And didn't Vine launch, like, two years ago? Anyway, with more than 100 million people watching Vine videos across the Web each month and 1 billion Loops every day, the agency thinks it's a ripe playground to jump into.

  • Here's A Few Reasons Why You Might Want to Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency in Mediapsssst on 09/16/2014

    Well now. This week HubSpot is holding their annual Inbound conference in Boston, so it's a good time to take a look at why you might want to consider hiring an inbound marketing agency. Business2Community summed it all up in a post entitled "6 Signs It's Time to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency," which includes the following signs: Your blog is as inconsistent as the Dodgers; You don't know who your content is for; your metric of inbound marketing success is higher traffic; you think every website visitor is there to buy your product...So, you feeling any of this? Maybe you should take a look at which agencies are attending Inbound and give one of them a call.

  • This Art Director is 'Australia's Biggest Wanker' in Mediapsssst on 09/15/2014

    Only in the ad world can this happen. Only in the ad world can a bunch of 20 and thirty-somethings gang up on a guy just because he has a funny looking beard and wears drop crotch pants. Only in the ad world can a marketing publication write a tongue and cheek article about a guy that caused him to be dubbed Australia's Biggest Wanker and have it be taken seriously. Only in the ad world can the whole thing blow up on Reddit to the point where the publishers of said tongue and cheek article had to resort to issuing a rebuttal to quell the outrage. But, yes, that is exactly what happened to Jarryd Zankovic, a senior art director at Sydney-based Play Communications. Ad AdFreak sums up, "The flame war caused B&T magazine to write a rebuttal to the 'shocking troll attack,' asserting that Zankovic is not Australia's biggest wanker, though giving no other suggestions for who might better wear the crown.

  • You're Too Late. Someone Has Already Hired 'Apparently Kid' For An Ad in Mediapsssst on 09/14/2014

    Oh, you totally wish you had done this first. Come on. Admit it. By now, you've heard of the "Apparently Kid," right? He was the five-year-old who became famous last month for a TV interview he did during which he said the word "apparently" over and over. Perhaps you just saw him on "The Ellen Show" during which he said he was over the word "apparently" and has moved on to "seriously." Anyway, pet food brand Freshpet -- working with Shareability -- wanted to get in on the meme-worthy action and hired the kid, Noah Ritter, to ad lib a commercial for the brand. And while he may be over the word "apparently," the ad is filled with his signature utterance. Check out the commercial here. And wish you had snagged the kid for yourself. But don't go for it now. Because you'll just be seen as copycat.

  • Colenso BBDO is the Most Creative Agency in the World in Mediapsssst on 09/11/2014

    Congratulations to Colenso BBDO. The agency has been named the smartest creative agency in the world by UK-based marketing intelligence firm Warc. BBDO and Omnicom also top the list as, respectively, the smartest ad network and media holding company. The findings were arrived at through the analysis of hundreds of marketing campaigns in different markets around the world (based on the Warc 100, a ranking of the smartest marketing campaigns) along with points assigned based on awards won.

  • Interpublic Shutters Rogue, Hands Cadillac Account to Lowe and Partners in Mediapsssst on 09/10/2014

    So what changes is Interpublic Group making in the wake of reports about Cadillac's poor performance over the past year? Well, here it is straight from the mouth of Interpublic Group Chairman and CEO Michael Roth. "Given the global scope of the Cadillac brand and business priorities, the decision is a natural evolution of our service model in support of this key client. With the counsel and support of Cadillac management, we have recently assessed the state of our offering at this point in the relationship. The group of agencies we brought together a year ago were uniquely suited to Cadillac's needs at that time...

  • This New Agency Search App Is Like Tinder For Marketers in Mediapsssst on 09/09/2014

    Well, here's the greatest thing to have come along since, well, since Tuesday's announcement of the new iPhone. It's a new app called Pitcher. The app lets clients create a short list of up to five agencies, with the options to call directly or send an e-mail inviting them to take part in a review. Pitcher was invented and created by ad agency Woedend! and the agency content in the app is supplied by Amsterdam Ad Blog. Woeland! Creative Director Merien Kunst explains: "The current pitch culture in the Netherlands is not sustainable. Brands are increasingly flirty and agencies need to invest more time and money in smaller projects and shorter relationships...

  • Moroch Partners Jumps on the Job Title Inflation Name Game Train in Mediapsssst on 09/08/2014

    Oh my head! If yet another ad agency comes up with yet another new title for the same old job that's been done for fifty years, I think my head will explode. What's getting me all worked up? Dallas-based Moroch Partners hired Doug Martin as the agency's first chief client service and development officer -- or, I guess, CCSDO. Or they could have just stuck with director of client service or VP of client services or director of account service. I suppose that since every agency now has a chief marketing officer, everyone in account service got all uppity and demanded some respect.

  • Agency Recruits Creative Talent by Asking Them to Get Jobs For the Unemployed in Mediapsssst on 09/07/2014

    Some agency recruitment efforts are more laudable than others. This one from Happiness Brussels is on the laudable side of things. To find some super-talented copywriters, the agency launched Sell the Jobless, an effort that urged applicants to write cover letters for one of 14 unemployed people featured on the campaign Web site. The campaign was designed to challenge copywriters to complete what is arguably one of the toughest tasks in today's economy -- namely to write a standout cover letter that successfully sells a jobless person to a potential employer. Over 594 cover letters have been written since launch. Each of the cover letters will be judged by a pool of 10 top agency creative directors.

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