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Aaron Goldman

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Aaron Goldman is Chief Marketing Officer at 4C, a data science company that's powering the future of advertising. Well-known in the industry for his freestyle flow and propensity to talk about himself in 3rd person, Goldman has been running the digital marketing rap game for more than 15 years. Goldman was CMO at Kenshoo, a leading enterprise marketing software company, for nearly 5 years prior to joining 4C. He is also the author of Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google (McGraw-Hill 2010), Previously, Goldman founded Connectual, a digital marketing consulting and matchmaking firm. Before that, he was VP, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Resolution Media, a search marketing agency that makes it rain under the Omnicom umbrella. And in the early days, Goldman managed U.S. Midwest sales for MaxOnline, an ad network that was folded into IAC. He sold a lot of pop-ups. When he’s not busy Googling himself, Goldman is running around Chicago with his wife, Lisa, daughter, Eliara, and twins, Ethan and Mila.

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  • Amazing Zuck: A Song Of Social Media Grace in Social Media Insider on 11/24/2015

    In the United States, Thanksgiving is a day of.... well, giving thanks. It's also a time for tradition, whether that's being with family, eating turkey, watching football, or scrambling to finalize Black Friday campaigns. In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I'd resume my time-honored tradition of covering songs in MediaPost columns.

  • 10 Ways To Make Your TV Strategy More Social -- And Vice Versa in Social Media Insider on 10/28/2015

    Social network advertising may be less than 5% of total global media spend - $25 billion out of $570 billion in 2015, per eMarketer - but it has a dramatic impact on all media, especially the ~40% going to television. Here are 10 ways to make your TV strategy more social, and vice versa:

  • The 10 People You Meet At Trade Shows  in Social Media Insider on 09/30/2015

    In my last column, "If Social Networks Were Real People," I introduced you to Facebook Felicia, Twitter Tommy, LinkedIn Larry, Pinterest Penny, Instagram Izzy, Snapchat Sam, and Google+ Gertrude. By creating personas for the top social networks, we unveiled key marketing opportunities with each platform. Today, let's continue the persona development theme and wrap it around the types of people you meet at industry conferences. Just making sure you'll be equipped to survive and thrive at your next show.

  • If Social Networks Were Real People in Social Media Insider on 09/01/2015

    In marketing we often use personas to help frame our strategy and tactics. We create human profiles and ascribe real attributes, sometimes even real names, to them as a way to understand our target audiences and what make them tick. For many marketers, it can be a challenge keeping up with the various social networks, much less the people we're trying to reach through them. So I thought it might be fun to create personas for each of the major social media properties. Keep in mind these personas are meant to represent the companies themselves, not their founders, employees, or users. And it's all done in jest-ish.

  • When it Comes To Social Media Affinities, Expect The Unexpected in Social Media Insider on 08/05/2015

    Social media has been called "a limitless focus group" for its ability to provide real-time and unbiased insights into people and their behavior at scale. Unlike the focus groups of yesteryear - conducted behind one-way mirrors and riddled by small samples, leading questions, and self-reporting - social media data tells it like it is, often with unexpected outcomes. This is what makes the space so fruitful (and fascinating!) for marketers.

  • 10 Social Media Lessons From The Grateful Dead in Social Media Insider on 07/08/2015

    This past weekend marked the final three shows the four remaining members of the original Grateful Dead will (supposedly) ever play together. I was fortunate to go to the last hurrah on Sunday night - and, among other visions, found inspiration for this column. For all intents and purposes, the Dead helped create the first social network. By building a community and connecting it through technology, the band helped people around the world share their passion for the music and communicate with each other to trade tapes, tickets, etc. So here are 10 things we can learn from the Dead and apply to our social media practice.

  • Five Lessons From 272 Columns in Search Insider on 06/03/2015

    "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." I have no idea what this means, but Winston Churchill said it, so it must be sage - and seems a fitting way to begin the end of my run as a Search Insider.

  • 12 Rounds Of Search Marketing Insights From Mayweather And Pacquiao in Search Insider on 05/05/2015

    This past weekend brought the highly anticipated welterweight unification boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. While the fight went 12 full rounds, many fans felt they did not get their money's worth. Sometimes marketers can feel that way about search. (How's that for a segue?) Here are 12 boxing-inspired insights to ensure your search marketing lives up to the hype:

  • SEM In The 'Mad Men' Era in Search Insider on 04/07/2015

    With the final season of "Mad Men" debuting this week, let's ponder what life for search marketers might look like in a world where Don Draper called (and drank) the shots.

  • What 'Mobile First' Means For Search Marketers  in Search Insider on 03/10/2015

    I'm not sure exactly when it happened (my guess is 2011, when smartphone shipments surpassed PCs) but the "Year of Mobile" has officially come and gone. We're also past the year of "Mobile Too," in which principles like responsive design dictated our approach to creating experiences that worked for consumers on desktops and mobile devices alike. We're now in an era of "Mobile-First" thinking, when all marketers must adopt this mantra or (their brands will) perish. So what does "Mobile First" mean for search marketers? Here are 10 key areas to focus on:

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