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Aaron Goldman

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  • 12 Rounds Of Search Marketing Insights From Mayweather And Pacquiao in Search Insider on 05/05/2015

    This past weekend brought the highly anticipated welterweight unification boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. While the fight went 12 full rounds, many fans felt they did not get their money's worth. Sometimes marketers can feel that way about search. (How's that for a segue?) Here are 12 boxing-inspired insights to ensure your search marketing lives up to the hype:

  • SEM In The 'Mad Men' Era in Search Insider on 04/07/2015

    With the final season of "Mad Men" debuting this week, let's ponder what life for search marketers might look like in a world where Don Draper called (and drank) the shots.

  • What 'Mobile First' Means For Search Marketers  in Search Insider on 03/10/2015

    I'm not sure exactly when it happened (my guess is 2011, when smartphone shipments surpassed PCs) but the "Year of Mobile" has officially come and gone. We're also past the year of "Mobile Too," in which principles like responsive design dictated our approach to creating experiences that worked for consumers on desktops and mobile devices alike. We're now in an era of "Mobile-First" thinking, when all marketers must adopt this mantra or (their brands will) perish. So what does "Mobile First" mean for search marketers? Here are 10 key areas to focus on:

  • When It Comes To Search, Is Purple The New Black? in Search Insider on 02/11/2015

    There's been a bit of brouhaha lately about how Yahoo is stealing search share from Google, and the numbers back it up. To be sure, we're only talking about a couple of percentage points -- but they do equate to billions of ad dollars. Indeed, Yahoo is making noise on a number of fronts as the company strives for reinvention and relevance in search and beyond.

  • The Five Biggest Buzzwords Of 2015 in Search Insider on 01/13/2015

    For those of you who didn't know, in addition to being a rambunctious rapper, I'm a catchphrase connoisseur, an argot aficionado, a jargon junkie, and a buzzword binger. In keeping my fingers on the pulse of the industry, I've dotted my "i"s -- from "integration" to "iPhones" -- and crossed my "t"s -- from "targeting" to "transparency." Between my awesome alliteration and hyperactive hyperlinking, methinks I've established myself as a reliable resource on the business of buzzwords.

  • Five SEM Lessons From The Top 10 Searches Of 2014 in Search Insider on 12/17/2014

    Google just released its "Year In Search" review that looks at the most popular keyword queries for 2014. As always, the top charts provide good insight into what captured our hearts and minds this past year. Beyond just commentary on the state of our society, these trends can be instructive to search marketers the world over.

  • Five Ways Amazon Echo Will Change The Face (Er, Voice) Of Marketing in Search Insider on 11/19/2014

    A few weeks ago, Amazon announced its latest product, Echo, a smart-speaker that's controlled through voice recognition. Simply say the wake word (not to be confused with safe word) and the device takes your commands -- anything from weather queries to alarm reminders to grocery list additions. This video highlights the range of potential use cases. While the device is available by invitation only and has not yet begun to ship, it's getting good reviews, with some even hailing it as "the computer of the future." So what are the implications for marketers?

  • The 10 Effective Habits Of Proactive Marketers in Search Insider on 10/22/2014

    To execute effective multichannel, multi-screen, multipurpose marketing, you must transform your organization into a proactive machine. Proactive marketing is all about looking ahead and seizing future opportunity in real time. It's the antithesis of reactive marketing, which is the practice of looking back to see what worked and then creating plans based on historical data. Proactive marketing is something search marketers are well-positioned to embrace. After all, there's no more proactive consumer than the one typing a keyword into a search engine.

  • Putting Context In Context in Search Insider on 09/24/2014

    For search marketers, context is something we know all too well, but often take for granted. After all, the context of search is pretty clear: it's people actively looking for something! To that end, there's no better context when it comes to reaching an audience and compelling direct action. But how can we apply context to other marketing tactics? Here are some examples.

  • Amazon And Google Race To The Zero Moment Of Truth in Search Insider on 08/27/2014

    Late last week, the Wall Street Journal broke news that Amazon is "gearing up to more directly challenge Google's dominance of the online advertising market, developing its own software for placing ads online that could leverage its knowledge of millions of Web shoppers." What we have here is a race to the Zero Moment of Truth.

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  • Farewell, Search Insider -- It's Been Fun! by Gord Hotchkiss (Search Insider on 01/07/2015)

    Kudos on an incredible body of work, Gord! I've always enjoyed reading your columns. You have a truly unique and engaging perspective. Keep spinnin'!

  • Top SEM Campaign Management Tools Reviewed, Via Haikus by David Rodnitzky (Search Insider on 05/12/2014)

    3Q Digital D-Rod and his team #supercharge your marketing and great billboard ads.

  • Who Owns Your Data -- And Who Should? by Gord Hotchkiss (Search Insider on 01/23/2014)

    Another good thought-provoker, Gord! I've been noodling on this hairy meatball for years and don't think anyone's figured out the recipe. In 2008, I tried auctioning off my personal data on ebay (anonymously, of course) and sold it for $355. Alas, it wasn't a very scalable solution. :) More here:

  • It's A Multi-Multi-Multi-Multi-Device World by Aaron Goldman (Search Insider on 08/21/2013)

    Paula - beat it? :) Bryson - I hear you my man. My point re: mobile was just that the world itself is too nebulous, so we shouldn't use it. Most people consider tablets to be "mobile" devices but they have many usage characteristics of desktops/laptops/computers so it's not effective to paint them with a broad mobile swath. Re: responsive design, point taken. It's not the end-all, be-all and marketers should consider all the variables you pointed out when determining what/how to deliver content. Thx for keeping me on my toes! :)

  • Reflections On Turning 400 by Gord Hotchkiss (Search Insider on 01/24/2013)

    Kudos Gord... incredible body of work!

  • What I've Learned, 400 Editions Later by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider on 08/28/2012)

    truly the end of an era... great run man!

  • Search Mixes it Up by Laurie Sullivan (Media Magazine on 06/06/2012)

    What a difference a month makes! I'm a huge fan of the recent Bing integration with Facebook that launched in early May, shortly after I shared my thoughts for this piece. In fact, in my last Search Insider column, I said,"The new Bing is the best integration of social that I’ve ever seen on any search engine -- even Microsoft Research’s" ( Meanwhile, Google has made great strides to make the local search experience on Google+ richer. Gotta love the pace of our industry!

  • Undertone Goes On-The-Air, Uses TV To 'Pitch' Online Ad Buys by Joe Mandese (Online Media Daily on 04/30/2012)

    Love Undertone/Cassidy but find it ironic that I watched the show online with no commercials (Netflix) so not only do I not "remember" their ads, they were never even "served" to me... unless that was the point they were trying to make?!? Aha, aha....

  • I Got 99 Problems But Panda Ain't One by Aaron Goldman (Search Insider on 03/21/2012)

    Shelly - preesh! Janel - SIS? Alan - indeed, most rappers take a kernel of truth from their lives and then greatly exaggerate to sell albums. In my case, I'm happy to say I don't actually have these problems nor do I get paid to write these columns so I can't be accused of selling out! :)

  • What Do You Do? by Aaron Goldman (Search Insider on 02/22/2012)

    Thx David. I was trying to keep it general so it'd apply to both in-house SEMers and agency peeps. The boss I had in mind was the CMO, which can be also be the client. Either way, hopefully that person has their umbrella cuz you're making it rain!

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