Friday, October 9, 2015

Around The Net

  • Beacons Used for Predictive MarketingMobile Marketer

    Significantly more predictive experiences are available on mobile now compared with a year ago, opening up new opportunities for marketers adept at massaging data. Several recent developments suggest some are finally getting a handle on how to leverage the volumes of user data available on mobile and turn it into something that consumers will find useful.  ...Read the whole story

  • Cadbury TV Campaign Launches Search For New Black Tray ManThe Drum

    Cadbury is looking to breathe new life into Milk Tray with the launch of an ad campaign to find a new "Milk Tray Man," the popular James Bond-style character who last starred in the brand's ads 13 years ago. Debuting on screens tonight with a 30-second TV ad by Fallon, the GBP4m multiplatform campaign forms part of Milk Tray's 100th anniversary. The spot stars a former Milk Tray Man, actor James Coombes, as he kicks off the nationwide search for the brand's latest "Man in Black." ...Read the whole story

  • Google Fiber Delayed In ArizonaDslreports

    Cox Communications' lawsuit against the city of Tempe, Arizona has delayed Scottsdale's plans to move with Google Fiber. Cox sued Tempe last month for allegedly violating federal law by passing regulations aimed at letting Google build a new fiber network. Cox contends that Tempe established a "discriminatory regulatory framework" by exempting Google from regulations governing cable companies. ...Read the whole story

Turn Wants Web Standards Group To Re-Think 'Do Not Track'

Ad company Turn is asking the Internet standards group World Wide Web Consortium to scrap its recent privacy proposal. ...More