Friday, November 21, 2014
  • EU Parliament Could Call For Google Breakup

    The European Parliament is working on a proposal that could force Google to unbundle search engine services from other commercial services like Gmail and Google Docs or YouTube, as a potential solution to the company's online dominance. The document, seen by the "Financial Times," has the backing of the parliament's European People's Party, and Socialists. The news agency calls for a vote to single out a major U.S. company, but it reflects "how Germany's politicians have turned against Google this year." ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Users Share Private Tweets Via Direct Messages

    Continuing to position itself as a direct-messaging service on par with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, Twitter is now allowing users to privately share tweets using Direct Messages. Users on the receiving end will see the tweets in a push notification - then they will be displayed directly in conversations. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Continues iAd Renovations, Partners With AdRoll For Retargeting

    Apple isn't done with iAd's programmatic overhaul. Apple on Friday announced a partnership with AdRoll, a major retargeting platform, to give AdRoll clients access to iAd inventory. AdRoll will be integrated into Apple's iAd Workbench API 2.0 and claims to be "one of the first" to do so. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Tests Contributor For Ad-Free Web Sites

    Google has begun experimenting with a way for Web sites to generate income without showing display and banner ads on publisher sites in the United States. A service called Contributor allows Web site visitors to pay a monthly subscription fee to avoid seeing ads. Although it has not yet been determined whether native or content-related advertising will eventually fall into the category of an ad-free experience, the idea behind the subscription service is to support people who create sites on the Web by supplementing a publisher's advertising revenue. ...Read the whole story

  • The Ad Sentiment Index

    Consumer sentiment about advertising dropped 13 points on Thursday, with the Ad Sentiment Index closing at 92.7, down from 105.7 on Wednesday. ...Read the whole story

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