Thursday, April 28, 2016

Around The Net

  • Google Fiber Comes To Nashville Dslreports

    Google launched its 1 GB fiber service in Nashville this week, though it's only available in four apartment buildings and condos at present. Residents can purchase a 100 Mbps connection for $50 a month, or a 1 GB connection for $70. Phone service for an extra $10 a month will be available in Nashville. ...Read the whole story

  • Amazon Gaining Search Share In U.K., Search Engines Remain More Important Ofcom

    Search engines remain the most popular source in the U.K. when looking for information online, and are the only source used by a majority of Internet users, according to a survey comparing Internet use in 2015 with 2014. Some 92% participating in a survey said they used search engines when looking for information online, down 3% since 2014. Nearly 48% said they used Web sites with user reviews such as Amazon -- up 9% respectively. Fewer Internet users said they used Wikipedia when looking for information online -- 44% in 2015 vs. 54% in 2014. Men are more likely than ... ...Read the whole story

  • How Amazon Ranks Results Business Insider

    With 480 million products available to purchase on Amazon's U.S. marketplace, some wonder how the marketplace ranks its results. Sales performance carries significant weight, but Business Insider points to a study from Ripen eCommerce that suggests there is no one factor that determines location on a product's search ranking. The findings suggest that Amazon weights search performance in favor of its own products and programs. If Amazon owns a particular product, or if that product is eligible for Amazon Prime delivery, then it typically ranks higher in search results than products fulfilled by third-party brands, according to Andrew Meola. ...Read the whole story

  • Three In Four Marketers Not Ready For Google AMP The Drum

    Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) -- its attempt to help the publishing industry adjust to a 'mobile first' world -- may be one of the key challenges facing the media industry in 2016, but over three-quarters (76%) of search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists have yet to act on it. ...Read the whole story

Building Personal Relationships Through Data

When it comes to brand relationships, it's not about the product, but the value the brand brings to each encounter. ...More

  • Mississippi Attorney General Withdraws Google Subpoena

    Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has withdrawn a subpoena demanding that Google provide him with millions of documents related to online copyright infringement. ...More

  • A Plan For Future Innovation? It's Worth Googling

    At the closing session last week of the National Association of Broadcasters Show, Google's president of global partnerships, Daniel Alegre, addressed the throngs of TV and radio brass to send a message. Namely: The content industry ...More