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  • Droga5 Wins Global Belstaff Account in MAD on 11/27/2015

    The agency said it would work with the brand, which has global expansion plans, on the concepts behind all integrated creative strategy across the brand's media mix and will be responsible for its execution.

  • Havas, Publicis Pay Tribute To Those They Lost In Paris Attacks in MAD on 11/25/2015

    Havas and Publicis both lost highly regarded employees in the recent Paris Terrorist attacks and are remembering them publicly and privately in different ways.

  • Figliulo&Partners Named AOR For Cruise Line Seabourn in MAD on 11/25/2015

    The appointment came after a competitive review held by the luxury cruise line, which is part of Carnival Cruise Lines Group. The incumbent was Publicis Worldwide. Estimated annual ad spending by the client is $20 million.

  • Publicis Groupe Acquires Majority Stake In Big Israeli Ad Agency in MAD on 11/24/2015

    Publicis Groupe has acquired a majority stake in Glickman Shamir Samsonov, one of Israel's largest creative agencies, whose clients include the Coca-Cola Company Israel and El Al. ZenithOptimedia predicts the Israeli ad market will grow about 1.4% this year to approximately $930 million.

  • MEC Has A 'Tonic' For Tech-Challenged Brands in MAD on 11/24/2015

    The WPP media shop has created a UK-based unit that will help brands understand how technology can transform their business and will help clients spot specific opportunities for doing so. It's working with both UK and US start-ups.

  • Spalding Picks Walton Isaacson For AOR Duties in MAD on 11/23/2015

    In recent years the brand has not had an AOR, instead assigning projects to various agencies. Spalding wants to establish a global messaging platform that will serve as a foundation on which to build communications across multiple channels.

  • DDB Buys Brazil's Grupo ABC For $270 Million in MAD on 11/23/2015

    Grupo ABC's group of agencies includes public relations, CRM, digital, promotion and events. Brazilian advertising leaders Nizan Guanaes and Guga Valente, who will continue in their leadership roles, founded Grupo ABC in 2003.

  • Omnicom Buying Brazil's Grupo ABC in Around the Net In MediaPost's Agency News on 11/22/2015

  • Nadal Dumps Another $65 Million In MDC Stock in MAD on 11/20/2015

    Former MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal has just unloaded another 3.2 million shares of the company's stock. Over the last three weeks, Nadal has sold $100 million worth of shares, bringing his ownership stake in the company he used to run to just 1.2%.

  • Unilever Completes $7 Billion Global Review in MAD on 11/20/2015

    The Unilever pitch, mandated by its review-every-three-years policy, was the biggest media account among the many huge assignments put into play this year. Unilever spent approximately $7.7 billion worldwide on advertising and promotion last year, according to the company's 2014 annual report -- down from about $7.9 billion in 2013.

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  • Ad Spend Drove 16% ($5.8 Trillion) Of Total U.S. Sales Activity In 2014 by Steve McClellan (MAD on 11/16/2015)

    Also, there is now a link in the story to the full report.

  • Ad Spend Drove 16% ($5.8 Trillion) Of Total U.S. Sales Activity In 2014 by Steve McClellan (MAD on 11/16/2015)

    Ed, much of it is based on proprietary modeling; but the report has a three-page appendix devoted to Theory and Methodology.  Here are a couple of passages:"To quantify the economic impact of advertising expenditures on the US economy, this study:  Estimates the total level of advertising spending in the United States and creates a 5-year forecast.  Estimates sales, employment, value added and labor income impacts based on econometric models that quantify the relationship between ad spending and resulting sales.  Uses input-output methodologies to compute the ripple effect of economic activity that happens as a result of the sales from ad spending.  Simultaneously allocates advertising to every state, congressional district and 17 NAICS-based industry aggregates using proprietary macroeconomic, regional and industry models."Some IRS data was used as well:  "Using the IRS tax statistics database, IHS was able to collect industry-level advertising expenditure information that was reported on each corporation income tax form. A reformation of the model specification was needed as a result of revised historical data and a change in the source data of the dependent variable. The structure of the economy was much different when the model was first developed and subsequently the regressor data had a different statistical form. Thus, the old model did not provide an optimal fit of the data."

  • In A First, Coca-Cola Cans Go Nameless by Steve McClellan (MAD on 07/06/2015)

    Nick, you're absolutely right, the cans aren't "label-less" at all. While they don't have the usual big bold Coca-Cola name printed on them, they certainly have a label and I've switched art and added new copy to make the story a little more complete anyway. I'm sure there are still unanswered questions but thank you for pointing out some of the obvious flaws. 

  • Five Companies Agencies Should Partner With by Steve McClellan (MAD on 03/25/2015)

    hmmm, hadn't thought about it in porno terms, but now that you mention it.. Anyway, nice catch Tom, thanks

  • Nielsen's Plan To Improve TV Measurement: Progress, Not Perfection by Stefanie Morales (MAD on 02/25/2015)

    Nick, MediaPost would be more than happy to offer you the same platform as Stefanie for an equal time post. 800 words give or take, a thousand words max. Think you're off to a good start already with your eloquent comments but you're certainly entitled to the "main stage" for a broader take if you'd like. Send to and thanks for your interest in doing so.

  • Marissa Mayer: The Case For Advertising On Yahoo by Steve McClellan (MAD on 03/18/2014)

    oops. I forecast a correction in my immediate future. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Live From Las Vegas: SMG Unveils New Content Marketing Platform by Steve McClellan (MAD on 01/06/2014)

    So if someone in a marketer's target audience is doing a search on Kitchen Design this platform would enable a marketer to quickly deliver a paid media message--otherwise known as an ad--to the searcher that incorporates a blog or video or some other relevant piece of content from a participating publisher that hopefully adds to the consumer's knowledge of the subject being researched. That's surfacing content. Apologies for the jargon--should have been explained in the story.

  • Mindshare Creates New Luxury Unit by Steve McClellan (MAD on 12/23/2013)

    Corrected and thanks for the heads up!

  • WPP Sells HQ Property, Heads To Columbus Circle by Steve McClellan (MediaDailyNews on 12/19/2012)

    A couple of employees of the maintenance company were reportedly let go. And the company was sued by at least one of the people inside the elevator who witnessed the tragedy. No word yet, at least no public word, on whether Hart's estate or family is suing or talking settlement with the building's owner or the maintenance co.

  • WPP's Sorrell Predicts 2012 Record Year, Big Buys On Google by Steve McClellan (MediaDailyNews on 12/03/2012)

    Yep, it's a typo. What it was meant to say was WPP is spending $2 billion this year with Google and $2.5 billion--also this year--with News Corp. Those are the top two places, per Sorrell, where WPP is placing ads this year. Sorry for the confusion.

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