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  • DOJ Contacts IPG Agency About Its Commercial Production Probe in MAD on 12/07/2016

    Interpublic Group confirmed today that one of its ad agencies, which the company did not identify, has been contacted by the Department of Justice concerning an investigation it is conducting about possible bid-rigging and other practices by agencies that produce commercials for their clients.

  • DOJ Probes Agency Commercial Production Practices in MAD on 12/06/2016

    "The Wall Street Journal" reported today that the Justice Department has begun a probe looking into so-called check bids and related activity on the part of ad agencies. A check bid is a bid for commercial production work that an independent production house submits -- often under pressure from an advertiser's ad agency that is also in the commercial production business. Often the indie house is pressured to inflate its rates so that the client agency can easily submit a lower bid. The AICE -- the trade group for independent post-production houses -- has been complaining about the ad industry practice of check bids and other alleged unfair practices utilized by adland in the course of producing commercials for their clients for years.

  • Sorrell: Facebook May Be WPP's No. 2 Supplier Next Year in MAD on 12/06/2016

    Commenting at the UBS media conference in New York today, WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said the social media giant may overtake the Murdoch media empire and climb from the number three to the number two spot behind Google. Sorrell also said he believes that Donald Trump's election victory "will be better for the U.S. economy than people thought."

  • Dentsu Overhauls Its Workforce In Japan  in MAD on 12/05/2016

    Dentsu said Friday that it was instituting new measures to improve its workplace environment as it continues to be investigated by the government for labor violations linked to the suicide of a Dentsu employee about a year ago. As a result, about 10% of the firm's workforce is being shifted to new positions starting in January.

  • Agencies Forecast Moderate Ad Growth, Digital To Surpass TV In 2017 in MAD on 12/05/2016

    The moderate gains predicted for 2017 are not surprising for a year lacking big sports events like the Olympics or the U.S. political elections. The agencies -- Interpublic's Magna, WPP's GroupM and Publicis Groupe's Zenith -- cited political uncertainties and general business conservatism in the post-Great Recession era for the middling gains.

  • General Mills Adds Three 'Preferred' Project Shops For U.S. Work in MAD on 12/02/2016

    The agencies include Joan Creative, Erich + Kallman and The Community, which will work across the cereal and snack food giant's portfolio of brands. The selections come after General Mills chose MDC Partners' 72andSunny (with sibling agency Redscout) as its primary creative partner for the U.S. in October.

  • Dentsu Aegis Expands MKTG To Canada With S&E Sponsorship Acquisition in MAD on 12/02/2016

    Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired S&E Sponsorship Group in Canada which the agency will use to launch its lifestyle marketing agency MKTG in the region. Dentsu Aegis acquired MKTG in 2014 for approximately $52 million with a plan to craft a new global network brand with MKTG at the core.

  • Christina Falzano Tapped To Head Brand Union's New York Office in MAD on 12/01/2016

    Falzano most recently was Executive Director, Client Services at the agency and managed client relationships and initiatives for brands including IHG, Pernod Ricard, CBRE and Dell.

  • Goodwill, Ad Council Shift Focus To Digital In New Campaign Effort in MAD on 12/01/2016

    The Ad Council indicated that given the outsized effect of digital media on campaign donations (based on an analysis by Millward Brown), a new PSA campaign will focus more on digital, social, and mobile platforms. New ads for the "Donate Stuff Create Jobs" initiative were created pro bono by WPP's VML.

  • Isobar US Taps Claudio de Souza To Oversee Its GM Business  in MAD on 12/01/2016

    Souza, one of the agency's top innovators, is joining the U.S. team as a VP based in Detroit, where he will oversee the agency's General Motors account. A 15-year veteran of the agency who previously headed operations in the cities of Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro at Isobar Brazil, Souza is credited with having managed key client projects such as FIAT Mio and FIAT Live Store, which won an Innovation Cannes Lion.

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  • Brands Failing To Provide Quality Training In Media Skills by Steve McClellan (MAD on 10/28/2016)

    It is J.R., although it's usually not referred to as 'educatiing' and frequently it is people below the c suite. But often agencies meet with clients to 'brief' them on this or that issue. Which makes sense given that the former are supposed to be experts in the field. 

  • Agencies React To Finger-Pointing, 4As Calls ANA Report Anonymous, One-Sided by Steve McClellan (MAD on 06/07/2016)

    Thanks for catching that Michael, now fixed.

  • Shoe Carnival, 22squared Launch Retailer's Largest Social Media Effort by Larissa Faw (MAD on 02/03/2016)

    Thanks Jim, should be fixed now

  • Ad Spend Drove 16% ($5.8 Trillion) Of Total U.S. Sales Activity In 2014 by Steve McClellan (MAD on 11/16/2015)

    Also, there is now a link in the story to the full report.

  • Ad Spend Drove 16% ($5.8 Trillion) Of Total U.S. Sales Activity In 2014 by Steve McClellan (MAD on 11/16/2015)

    Ed, much of it is based on proprietary modeling; but the report has a three-page appendix devoted to Theory and Methodology.  Here are a couple of passages:"To quantify the economic impact of advertising expenditures on the US economy, this study:  Estimates the total level of advertising spending in the United States and creates a 5-year forecast.  Estimates sales, employment, value added and labor income impacts based on econometric models that quantify the relationship between ad spending and resulting sales.  Uses input-output methodologies to compute the ripple effect of economic activity that happens as a result of the sales from ad spending.  Simultaneously allocates advertising to every state, congressional district and 17 NAICS-based industry aggregates using proprietary macroeconomic, regional and industry models."Some IRS data was used as well:  "Using the IRS tax statistics database, IHS was able to collect industry-level advertising expenditure information that was reported on each corporation income tax form. A reformation of the model specification was needed as a result of revised historical data and a change in the source data of the dependent variable. The structure of the economy was much different when the model was first developed and subsequently the regressor data had a different statistical form. Thus, the old model did not provide an optimal fit of the data."

  • In A First, Coca-Cola Cans Go Nameless by Steve McClellan (MAD on 07/06/2015)

    Nick, you're absolutely right, the cans aren't "label-less" at all. While they don't have the usual big bold Coca-Cola name printed on them, they certainly have a label and I've switched art and added new copy to make the story a little more complete anyway. I'm sure there are still unanswered questions but thank you for pointing out some of the obvious flaws. 

  • Five Companies Agencies Should Partner With by Steve McClellan (MAD on 03/25/2015)

    hmmm, hadn't thought about it in porno terms, but now that you mention it.. Anyway, nice catch Tom, thanks

  • Nielsen's Plan To Improve TV Measurement: Progress, Not Perfection by Stefanie Morales (MAD on 02/25/2015)

    Nick, MediaPost would be more than happy to offer you the same platform as Stefanie for an equal time post. 800 words give or take, a thousand words max. Think you're off to a good start already with your eloquent comments but you're certainly entitled to the "main stage" for a broader take if you'd like. Send to and thanks for your interest in doing so.

  • Marissa Mayer: The Case For Advertising On Yahoo by Steve McClellan (MAD on 03/18/2014)

    oops. I forecast a correction in my immediate future. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Live From Las Vegas: SMG Unveils New Content Marketing Platform by Steve McClellan (MAD on 01/06/2014)

    So if someone in a marketer's target audience is doing a search on Kitchen Design this platform would enable a marketer to quickly deliver a paid media message--otherwise known as an ad--to the searcher that incorporates a blog or video or some other relevant piece of content from a participating publisher that hopefully adds to the consumer's knowledge of the subject being researched. That's surfacing content. Apologies for the jargon--should have been explained in the story.

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