• Mr. Garfield In The Echo Chamber With A Microphone
    Please forgive me for posting about media -- not about marketing, not about reach, not about engagement, but something more fundamental. Namely: why bother? I ask this during a moment that I probably should be savoring -- details below -- but which instead has me propelled me into a dark chamber of doubt and despair.
  • A Discredit To His Place
    Old-white-guy-ness is not, in and of itself, an affliction or character flaw. On the other hand, dear God, Kevin Roberts. Is he so addled by his oldness, whiteness and guyness to have lost the power to observe and to reason?
  • Sorry, Stuck In Traffic
    While Microsoft (finally) built up its cloud business and Google took over the world with search, Yahoo stood pat on content. Lots and lots of content viewed by lots and lots of people creating lots and lots of ad inventory that got less and less valuable with every passing minute.
  • VH1, Advertisers 0
    On behalf of VH1 and the entire Viacom family of companies, permit me to express my concerns over the recent program-standards snafu. It seems you were each dismayed to find your spots placed in our exciting, romantic reality show, "Dating Naked."
  • G.O.P. S.O.S.
    Do you really want to antagonize so many segments of the population? Do you see Pepsi calling Coke drinkers rapists and murderers and terrorist? You do not. Because some people chafe at that kind of treatment. It's just poor Customer Relationship Management.
  • Share This?
    Last spring, when Facebook's Instant Stories came to this world, I considered the possibility of salvation. If publishers were to cede distribution to Facebook, they would achieve faster loading speeds and a better user experience, and would benefit by vastly higher reach and at least theoretically, significantly higher CPMs.
  • Starving The Watchdogs
    RIO DE JANEIRO -- This is what it is all about. This is why we need to find answers. In a nation beset with a breathtaking convergence of crises -- of which even the glory of hosting the Olympics turns out to be a major one -- the media are struggling to do their basic jobs.
  • What Goes Up Must Go Up
    If one were in the doom-and-gloom business, hypothetically, one would be hard-pressed to explain the surge in the TV upfront market, in which the broadcast networks apparently now fetch CPMs of up to $24.40 for 18+-year-old viewers in prime time.
  • Gawk At This
    If you want to find a sympathetic figure in the $140 million Hulk Hogan jury verdict and ensuing Gawker Media bankruptcy, it's going to take a while.
  • The Child Explains It All
    This is a real Q&A with a real teenager. It has been edited only for length.
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