• Vive le Silence Respectueux
    In mourning, as in medicine, the guiding principle of condolence is "First do no harm."
  • Media Bias: Ben Carson Edition
    My Fellow Americans: Let me tell you about media propaganda. The liberal elites who wish to destroy me keep spouting propaganda about my "involvement" with Mannatech -- yes, that's right, as in manna from heaven.
  • What's German For 'Dastardly?'
    VW played three-card Monte with 11 million customers, a number of major governments and one very prominent atmosphere. And it's sticking with Das Auto?
  • The Man Who Caught A Fish
    I am Ahab, and the media economy is my whale. What you are about to read is the consequence of my own, personal, perfect storm.
  • Nature
    Fraud. Non-viewability. Low CTRs. Banner blindness. For years they were treated as nuisances, transitory and manageable. What we now face is a bona fide existential threat.
  • The Marketing Of Mayhem
    In a society that does not distinguish between notoriety and celebrity, that makes icons and even anti-heroes out of villains, that rewards obscure, murderous misfits with instant worldwide recognition, the very process of basic reporting makes the media accessories after the fact of this atrocity, and before the fact of the next one.
  • Silent Spring, The Sequel
    Whose fault is it that ad blockers are the 21st century's version of DDT, and as indiscriminately deployed, ridding us of a pestilence but also doing grave harm to useful ad species and the publishing ecosystem as a whole?
  • Apollo XIII Part 2
    MFS will convene a room full of owners and top managers from across the media ecosystem to share experience, expertise and most of all truth in their mutual search for revenue solutions to the structural problems that bedevil us all.
  • P.R. Wild Pitches, Autumn Edition
    The kids are back in school, ragweed and 24 presidential hopefuls are in the air, we're already at G in the tropical-storm alphabet. Fall must be on its way. Which means it's also time for our semiannual meditation on thoughtful, discriminating, professional public relations.
  • Metamurder
    For ironic good measure, the particular terminology for this sort of news segment is "live shot." Deranged killing as performance art. A perfect, premeditated metamurder.
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