• Where's The WD-40?
    It is not enough to offer a solid value proposition. You have to make it light-switch easy to turn on. And so to survive, they must:
  • Demented
    The history of Super Bowl ad fiascos is rich with malpractice, and Sunday gave us some more. But the only thing worth discussing is Audi, and the spot called "Commander."
  • Potty Talk
    What sort of ad will fetch consumer attention from Ad Block Plus's diabolical grasp? It will either communicate an irresistible promise or be so funny, bizarre, or shocking that you simply must watch it and share it.
  • The Joy Of Stupid
    It's not illegal to pretend a soft drink confers happiness or joy; puffery is deemed fair game by regulators. But at this time in public-health history, it's plainly idiotic. Especially when the truth would work better.
  • It Feels So Good
    With ad blockers the captive audience can liberate itself from ad taxation. With breathtaking speed and righteousness, it has. The industry has responded with anger, denial, accusations of immorality and a continued delusion that all they need to do is improve the user experience for the historical quid pro quo to be restored.
  • El Chapo, The App!
    A lot of headlines over the weekend about the capture of Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman, and congratulations to our friends south of the border, but come on -- how about our very own Sean Penn!
  • Unholy And Undone
    Just two days before Christmas, the Federal Trade Commission finally published guidelines that disqualify most native advertising as it is practiced today. The action will be devastating to advertisers, agencies and mainly publishers, but it cannot be surprising to anyone.
  • Explaining The Irrational: Ad Economy Edition
    Pouring more money into this ecosystem is the moral equivalent of stuffing it into the fireplace and setting it ablaze. It makes you feel warm and comfy, but it results in a net loss of energy.
  • Spoiled Little Boy-cott
    This is a contest. About destroying Brand Trump, but first this brief declaration: Journalists generally aren't supposed to publicly stake out political positions, declare party affiliations or take sides in an election, lest they be taken less seriously as disinterested observers of events.
  • There Must Be Something Quotable In Here Somewhere
    My dear near friend David Rogers at Columbia Business School has written another book, and asked me to write a blurb, which required me not just to be gracious but also to read a book. This isn't really a business book after all. More like Instant Darwin.
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