• Ding Dong, The Witch Is Looking Somewhat Less Wicked
    At last tally, there were a trillion competing streaming music and video services, with many more to come, offering exactly the a la carte selection we always thought we wanted. And once everybody connects the hardware that gives us a cable-guide-like interface for sorting among our streaming options, we will have the content world we demanded. Whereupon cable might look, relatively speaking, like a bundle of joy.
  • Smooverly: Investor Deck
    Welcome to Smooverly. The first publishing platform to combine real-time video, an engaged millennial audience, key influencers with unprecedented social reach and personal biometrics.
  • Yo, Czech It Out
    Every single person in the world expressed puzzlement last week at the news from Prague. In a marketing initiative that literally will alter the map of Europe, the Czech Republic is rebranding itself Czechia.
  • Yahoo Do You Think You're Fooling?
    Gerald Levin, as far as I'm concerned, you've gotten a bad shake. The worst deal ever wasn't what you got from Steve Case and AOL, but the one Yahoo didn't get from anyone.
  • Why There Is No President Klein
    Never does the outrage fail to outrage. Never do the media have the self control not to be manipulated. Because who can resist a conflagration?
  • Fairy Dust
    The IAB Technology Laboratory today released a new, two-part Augmented Reality solution for publishers to persuade users to stop deploying ad blockers. First, the dual solution turns the page on the acronym DEAL, unveiled three weeks ago, just as it then abandoned the previous formulation LEAD as a recommended approach for publishers to discourage ad blocking.
  • P.R. Wild Pitches: Spring Edition
    Since I last weighed in last fall to shame careless and the clueless publicists for indiscriminate nuisance pitching for the brands they're charging clients to build, I have received these huge, highly targeted scoops.
  • Revenue? Who Needs Revenue?
    In a world in which advertising will no longer cover the nut for publishers, there are two ways to keep the lights on. One is to find more revenue sources. The other is to pay less for content.
  • Top 10 Bedrock Principles Built On Marketing Sand
    Consumer products marketers don't have to manipulate consumers into acting against their own self interest or persuade them to accept a fictional alternate reality. But the GOP message has achieved exactly that.
  • And Somewhere Men Are Laughing, And Somewhere Children Shout
    The saga begins with a four-page spread in the catalogue featuring an interview between Lands' End CEO Federica Marchionni and one of her heroes: Gloria Steinem, the publisher and feminist icon.
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