• People Do The Darndest Things - Especially For Good Causes
    A little over a year ago, I found myself at a working lunch in a neighborhood Mexican restaurant, trying to figure out how to raise money for the Open Door Family Medical Center, a local nonprofit we all supported.
  • Bank Plays Off 'Pay To The Order Of' In Cancer Effort
    Fifth Third, the Cincinnati regional bank, has a terrific cause-marketing effort benefiting Stand Up 2 Cancer that runs through March 31 called "Pay to the Order of." With apologies to Yogi Berra, I've found that you can get a lot of questions answered by asking them. In the spirit of the numbers five and three, here are eight questions I put to Fifth Third's Meaghan Madges about the campaign, and her team's edited responses.
  • Remarketing Comes To Facebook
    Rejoice! Remarketing has come to Facebook. Okay, that headline is a bit misleading, since technically up until now you could use a third party to remarket with FBX. But now anyone can do it - even the nonprofit with only five employees and no money to pay a third party.
  • Your Nonprofit Can Afford To Buy Brand Awareness On AdWords
    So you've started a nonprofit, and you'd like to get the word out. There's social media, SEO, word of mouth, etc., but you're getting impatient. You need a visibility boost, and fast.
  • Guiding Against Mission Creep
    Jennifer Maher has helped build cause marketing campaigns for such causes as Make-A-Wish, the Nature Conservancy, and YMCA of America, and she's learned a few things not only about how to deal with the mechanics of cause marketing and fundraising, but how to manage the confusing wetware involved of cause marketing, too.
  • Facebook Mobile App Install Ads
    One of the great new features in Facebook Advertising is mobile app install ads. If your nonprofit has a great mobile or tablet app, Facebook is a good way to increase awareness and encourage downloads.
  • View-through Conversions And Why They Could Matter To Your Non-profit
    "View-through conversions." Ring a bell? If not, they're a tricky little metric used in the display and social media advertising world to cite an event where a person saw (but didn't click on) your ad and later converted through a different channel. (Here's how Google explains the metric.)
  • Doing Good, The TELUS Way
    TELUS, the second largest telecom company in Canada, attributes its solid brand differentiation and customer loyalty in large part to strategic cause- marketing initiatives.
  • True Believers Increase In Status, Influence
    A recent study finds that "true believers" are more likely than non-believers to increase in status and influence, especially at organizations that are ideologically oriented. So stow away that cynicism, cause marketers, it's bad for your career!
  • One Thing That Really Matters For 2014: Closing The CSR Gap
    It's that time of year again-when Top 10 Trend lists suddenly appear like lights on a tree (so far I've counted dozens, including Tech Trends, Green Marketing Social Media Trends, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends, Supermarket Trends, even the heart-stopping 2014 Top-Ten Call Center Trends).
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