Taking Mobile On The Road
Mobile technology has now become woven into the travel experience, helping to ease traditional choke points.» 0 Comments
Corporate Alignment With Mobile Customers
Employees inside companies are migrating to use the same mobile technologies their customers already are using, with huge implications at retail.» 1 Comments
Mobile Brains Reaching Mobile Brains
Targeting has been the unkept promise of mobile marketing. But we are starting to see improved sophistication in real-time bidding, app marketing and location-triggered offers.» 3 Comments
Mobile Startups Compete for Brand Limelight
Mondelez is hoping to jump start innovative mobile models by working with nine mobile-focused startups that test new modes of use with familiar and old brands like Oreo, Trident and Halls.» 3 Comments
Mobile Marches Into The New Year
A new year provides an opportunity to take a snapshot look at mobile -- current and future. A wide range of recent research provides some insight into the mobile landscape, from recent holiday shopping results to forward projections.» 0 Comments
Walking Before Running Into Augmented Reality
After struggling to find a business model as a general search overlay, some AR companies are turning their sights on the media industry in order to activate print.» 0 Comments
The Long Road To NFC Payments
When NFC technology becomes totally invisible and payments become extremely frictionless, mobile payments will have truly arrived.» 0 Comments
Global Mobile Gets In Sync
After a decade of uneven progress across worldwide markets, smartphone penetration and always-on connectivity are are evening out, providing marketers with a more uniform and truly global reach.» 0 Comments
Making the Tablet Mobile
Just as smartphones are totally empowering consumers, some companies see that mobile technology in the hands of their workforce can help them better interact with their customers.» 4 Comments
Subsidized By The Non-Mobile Shopper
Consumers armed with smartphones and savvy last weekend likely landed bargains that non-mobile users missed. Retailers now are serving two distinct in-store constituencies.» 3 Comments
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