Results for August 2012

Tasti D-Lite: Give Customer Check-Ins Their Just Desserts
One of the earliest merchant adopters of foursquare check-ins, Tasti D-Lite has learned to get beyond harvesting local social behaviors. Surprise your loyal customers, listen to their feedback, and you may catch them doing victory dances at retail.» 2 Comments
Showrooming All Along The Way
The impact of mobile on retailing extends well beyond the in-store experience. Much of the current research focuses on the effects of "showrooming" as well as its impacts. For example, 40 percent of mobile users use their device to price-shop while in the store, according to ExactTarget. GroupM this week also addressed the practice in a new report that similarly found that 44 percent of customers use mobile to shop in-store.» 0 Comments
There's a Category For That App
Despite the hundreds of thousands of apps now in the market, users and marketers can break most of them down to about ten key types of functionality and role in everyday life.» 4 Comments
Living In The 50 Percent Mobile Club
Many of the statistics around mobile smartphone penetration, shopping app use, ad effectiveness and even market shares tend to hover around a 50% tipping point right now.» 0 Comments
Stop & Shop & Scan: Grocery Retailer Gets Mobile Proactive
Big data comes to Aisle 3. Stop & Shop is actively encouraging customers to scan groceries as they shop in order to integrate offers and reduce checkout costs.» 4 Comments