• IAB's Rothenberg Says Stopping Fake News Takes Real Resolve
    "You can't expect fake news sites to close themselves," the head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau says. IAB President Randall Rothenberg isn't sure sites peddling phony stories really influenced the election, but stopping fake sites deserves commitment from the industry.
  • We'd Pay For Network TV And Take Netflix With Ads
    A new report from Digitalsmiths and TiVo shows how much viewers would like a slimmer cable package, and how accepting they might be of OTT ads, if the deal is right.
  • Innovid, UK's Channel 4 Team Up On Interactive
    The cross-platform solutions player and big British broadcaster claim interactive TV advertising breakthrough on OTT devices.
  • You Want Outrage? Try A Tax On Netflix!
    Many California communities are considering slapping an tax on OTT services as a way to generate more income.
  • Facebook Engagement Reflected In Trump Win?
    NewsWhip, which tracks stories on social sites, paid attention to Facebook stories and items about Clinton and Trump. The engagement numbers in the week before the election tilted heavily toward Trump.
  • Big and Bigger News: Adobe Buys TubeMogul
    The $540 million deal lets Adobe create a potentially useful end to end advertising and data management tool for all media.
  • Will Trump Have A Media Enemies List?
    Many media personalities and outlets vicioulsy skewered Trump's candidacy. He got mad. Now, will he get even?
  • Long, Live, Raw Fight For White House Is Over
    This nasty presidential campaign was reflected in video sharing--much of it live, raw video, much of it in the form of speeches by the candidates. Shared least of all were the actual ads.
  • Obamacare, Netflix, Skinny Bundles And Comcast
    Starting next week, Comcast subscribers with the X1 set-top box will be able to access Netflix without switching inputs. That's a cool add on. But with skinny bundles and huge Obamacare increases coming, is that enough?
  • You Have To Get Up Pretty Early To Sell Anything
    New research from YuMe shows consumers are most receptive to online advertising they see between the hours of 3 am. to 6.am.
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