• Refinery29 Gets $45M In New Funding, Led By Turner
    Turner president David Levy says it's smart to partner with digital brands that reach viewers cable networks are losing.
  • Riddle: Why Did The Ad Blocker Download The App?
    Answer: To avoid ads! But that's an answer Facebook has decided to ignore. It will show you ads anyway.
  • The Olympics Should ONLY Be Streamed
    These are not sports you would normally go out of your way to see on broadcast TV. It's kind of sweet that millions of us do. But it's peculiar, too. The Olympics are made-for-streaming.
  • An Easy Way To Make A 90-Second Video
    A Toronto start-up, Dubdub, puts easy editing tools onto a smartphone app. Its CEO hopes it lets influencers--and charity organizations and regular Joes--find a less daunting way to produce a video
  • The OTT Dilemma: A Gazillion Channels And Nothing On
    Over-the-top content providers are opening a great big world of new programming. But it's hard to get from place to place and hard to know what's on. Why?
  • The OTT Users' Race Heats Up
    The Big 4 in the OTT content derby are 181.6 million strong, says eMarketer. Imagine what might happen when more people actually understand it.
  • Snapchat, NFL Deal: Lots Of Short Completions
    Snapchat and the NFL re-upped a partnership that now adds the NFL to Snapchat's inner-ring of Discover partners; that's a first for any league.
  • At Long Last, YouTube Is Almost Totally Encrypted
    Not 100% but 97% will have to do for now. Two Google tech execs explain how YouTube worked to encrypt connections between users' devices and its servers with a more effective layer of security.
  • This May Be The Age Of The Very Passionate Fan (And Sometimes Very Sad Netflix Fans)
    Oppenheimer & Co. CMO Joan Khoury was amazed by Comic-con, but her thoughts went back to a sociologist's book written way back in 1950.
  • A Simpler Way Around For 360 Degree Video Ads At 'NYT'
    A new company, OmniVirt, is marketing technology that lets publishers run a 360 degree ad in-stream without a headset. The New York Times has an ad running now.
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