• The YouTube Stars That 'Nobody' Knows
    Tens of millions of young YouTube viewers have tight relationships with a growing (and influential) number of personalities who create the most successful channels. A large, influential number of network, advertising and marketing executives still seem to be pretty stupid about that. Maybe both sides should meet.
  • IndieFlix New Apps Could Help Tiny Movie Service Make It Big
    As its name suggests, IndieFlix shows films from small, independent filmmakers, and one of its central categories are short films, the kind of snackable fare mobile users want to watch on the bus, or with random idle minutes to fill.
  • How MCNs Are Dividing To Conquer
    Last weekend, Maker Studios had a little event at Disney Studios, which is not at all odd because Disney now owns them. But the criss-cross of "little" companies (like Maker once was) made big (by companies like Disney, and The Chernin Group and others) is a sign of online video growing into adult clothing, and keeping an address at YouTube while building separate franchises of their own.
  • Go Where The Book Club Goes -- To YouTube?
    A great place to promote a book might be where a lot of the book readers are -- on YouTube. While it's not a bookish place, YouTube's massive reach with millennials, Tubular Labs' Allison Stern points out, is now being noticed by the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Dunham.
  • An Open Book: VlogBrothers' CPM Up 450% Since 2012
    The VlogBrothers' multichannel network gets data from YouTube about how its ads are selling over a period of time. All the MCNs get that. But only VlogBrothers, so far, has decided to give details in a remarkable posting.
  • YouTube For The People! But Now, It's Wooing Governments, Politicians, Too
    YouTube has started a YouTube for Government page that gives step-by-step instructions on how both governments and politicians can start or improve their YouTube presence. Not a bad idea, right before the November elections.
  • Adam Sandler, The New Face of Netflix?
    Netflix says Sandler is "among the few actors in the world whose films consistently rank among the most viewed by Netflix members in the U.S. and across its global territories from Brazil to the U.K."
  • Can An Ad Go Viral And Also Move Goods?
    Do you want an ad that's shared and passed around and talked about, even if that means the consumer is happy and entertained but isn't filled up with knowledge about the brand? Or do you want the hard sell, which emphasizes product features and drives purchase intent? And can you have both?
  • The Seed For Conde Nast Online Was Planted Somewhere Else
    Conde Nast Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff learned a lot while running The CW, and she's using that experience to inform the fledgling online video business at the big magazine publisher. She knows where she's coming from.
  • Facebook Has Big Ambitions For Its Relaunched Atlas Platform
    Today, Facebook is introducing its new and improved Atlas platform, which it says will allow advertisers to track its ads across the Internet, even on non-Facebook sites, and will also also help advertisers buy those ads -- and make it all that much better by letting advertisers use Facebook data to arrive at their decisions. Atlas is aimed at Google and at mobile users.
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