• The Following Terrorist Video Is Sponsored By The BBC
    There's a flap in London over a BBC report that not only discovered jihad videos on YouTube, but discovered the videos were accompanied by pre-roll advertising. Among the unwitting "sponsors": The BBC itself.
  • We Don't Understand Soccer -- Or The Internet
    MediaPost editor Joe Mandese wrote a fun piece about how he'd wish someone on ESPN could explain soccer's fine points to him. But I think if we polled Americans--or secretly observed them--we'd discover a lot of us, and many older people, are just as baffled about using the Internet to its full advantage.
  • Disney, DreamWorks Plot and Finance Online Video's Future
    At this point, online video is so new it has no perfect model for content creators to compare themselves to. The fully immersed online video generation is being wooed now.
  • While You're Waiting To Watch: YouTube Also Points Finger At ISPs
    Ever watch car traffic jockey for space at the Holland Tunnel? It reminds me a little of how video is elbowing for position on ISPs.
  • New Set-Top Boxes Just Don't Care What's On TV
    That cable set-top box is being challenged by a new Big 4 in media delivery. The Diffusion Group's analyst Joel Espelien makes the point--obvious as it is usually unstated--that these consumer driven programming interfaces don't give a fig about what's happening on traditional TV. They simply ignore it.
  • The Greatest Content You've Never Seen
    Online video content has its followers, but a lot of what's followed depends solely on word of mouth, Twitter or Facebook mentions. Even in the places where original content video could be showcased--on ISP home pages, for example--it rarely is.
  • Most Viewable Things About Online Viewability Are The Scams
    July 1 is the day the MRC's viewability standards for online video went into effect, which might have been a better story if it wasn't for news about two more major scams in which advertisers may have lost millions of dollars on ads that were never seen.
  • $1 Billlion In Online Political Spending In 2016, Borrell Study Says
    Nobody talks much about politics until Labor Day and it ain't even July 4th yet. But Borrell Associates' new study on the future of political advertising shows that between now and 2016, there will be an explosive increase in online political advertising, from $271.2 million this year to $995.3 just two years from now.
  • The New, Improved YouTube Shows Some Love to Creators, Users
    YouTube is nothing--literally--without its volunteer creators and at VidCon, it announced a bunch of new attractions for them-- from free sound effects to a kind of video tip jar allowing viewers to pay-per-view, in a way.
  • What's Wrong With YouTube: A List Of Sins
    Everybody takes shots at the big guy and in online video, nobody is much bigger than YouTube, where, as you read this paragraph, 100 hours of video is being uploaded for the viewing pleasure of the billion unique visitors that go there every month.
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