• Are Consumers Getting Used To All That Online Advertising?
    FreeWheel's Q2 Video Monetization Report notes that about a quarter of the monetization in the second quarter was derived from ad views on those type devices. The biggest increase, percentage-wise, was in OTT ad views, which were up a whopping 236% over a year ago, Also, it appears, sadly, consumers are getting used to longer and longer commercial breaks in program-length videos they watch online.
  • The Statistical Awe of YouTube
    Every so often, YouTube releases data about its awesome reach. It's a pure advertisement, but the size of that footprint is so big it's hard not to marvel at its sheer gigantic-ness.
  • TV Everywhere: The Great Unwatched
    According the Hub survey titled TVE: The Big Story, 17% of respondents who think they have a strong understanding of what TV Everywhere is think it refers to services like Netflix and Hulu. That's just it. People have it and don't use it because they get it but...they don't get it.
  • Twitter's Promoted Videos Tout A Pay-Per-View Ad Program
    Twitter today is announcing that it is starting a beta test of Promoted Video, which beams video ads at users but doesn't require advertisers to pay unless the video playback begins.The cost-per-view seems a safe way for more advertisers to test the tweeting world.
  • FEM's An Upstart That Thinks Deeper About Online Viewers
    While it's a video discovery platform for any site that needs one, FEM, founded by women, focuses on female users and its ad science is really more neuroscience. It's not just what does the user want? It's more, what does the viewer really, really want?
  • What's On? For Video, Decider.com Hopes To Have A Good Answer
    Decider.com, a new Website from the New York Post's digital arm, has this great idea: Trying to guide viewers to the myriad (and confusing) online sources for video. It's a great idea. It's a tough job.
  • Will Success Ruin All YouTube Stars?
    'Variety' reported results of a survey that shows 13-to-18 year-old consumers are more influenced by YouTube personalities than established stars. But what happens when YouTube stars become established stars? Ask Grace Helbig in a little while.
  • New Study Explores How Much Real America Wants Connected TV (A Lot)
    A new study of Chicago households from the Nielsen-backed Council for Research Excellence suggests that rank-and-file consumers shopping for a new TV or other video device think its ability to connect to the Internet is the most important feature. In short, they want more than TV.
  • And So This Was Digital's Upfront Breakout Year, Right? Well, No
    The thinking went that if upfronts were uneventful, the presumed benefactor would be digital. But the upfronts for broadcast and cable were uneventful, and online video is still not suddenly being deluged with ad buys.
  • Do You Really Believe In The Second Screen?
    Nielsen has pulled out some statistics that purport social media use increases viewers' awareness of television shows and events and the second screen "enhances our viewing experience." I am not so sure of that.
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