• WebMD Wants To Be There In Sickness And In Health
    You may associate WebMD with some of your own painful times, but at NewFronts it wanted to stress that really, it's a video site deeply into health, fitness and, um, happiness.
  • AwesomenessTV Grows With GenZ And Millennial Moms
    AwesomenessTV is now on 31 platforms and pays rapt attention to the generation after millennials and increasingly, millennial moms.
  • Rattle Of The Sexes: News From Whistle Sports And StyleHaul
    These two streamers know their audience and get down to it at NewFronts. Whistle Sports has only been around since 2014, but it's clear they've exploited a niche with millennial (and younger) sports fans.
  • Is Streaming Content Lagging Behind Its Advertising?
    As streaming has become more mainstream, its content seems less innovative and more cookie-cutter.
  • Influencers At Work: The Fabulous Anonymous YouTube Stars
    YouTube's annual Brandcast is a great event, but why does it seem every year the stars advertisers put money on ought to be wearing name tags?
  • When The Great Big Story Is Not The News
    When CNN formally announced its new mobile/social-centric platform, "the news" had nothing much to do with it.
  • At NewFronts, Hearst Turns Another Page (And Some Cheeks, Too)
    "Magic Mike" the movie is becoming a Vegas stage act and a Cosmo-fronted online series, it announced amid a slew of other new projects.
  • Bottom Line: It All Gets Down To Google, Facebook
    A report from MoffettNathanson Research titled The Digital Duopoly concludes that Google and Facebook drove two-thirds of the industry's growth last year.
  • NewFronts: Virtual Reality, BuzzFeed Reality And Gender Equality
    The first day of digital's NewFronts showed the growing marketing push for virtual reality content. plus interesting takes on gender issues and why traditional media just doesn't get it.
  • NewFronts: What's It All About?
    t's easy to leave NewFronts presentations with a clearer idea of the presenters' strategies and extremely vague ideas about what it is they produce.
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