• A Bot 'Viewed' Ad Is Like A VW Diesel
    Volkswagen tricked regulators into thinking the exhaust from its diesels was clean enough to pass tests. Advertisers pay for ads believing their commercial spots are being seen
  • New Vevo Study Defines Types Of Music Fans
    Are you a Mod or a Rocker? Oops. Sorry. Wrong century! A new Vevo study categorizes its millennial fans into four distinct types, and discovers a whole bunch of younger viewers really don't have a favorite kind of music.
  • Unruly's Deep Probes: How Do You Feel About That Online Ad?
    Unruly, the social video/ad tech firm, just launched a "future video lab." Its own future is millions of dollars brighter after its acquisition by News Corp.
  • It's Always Premiere Week On Your Browser
    A study from YuMe concludes lots of us are just streaming TV shows, or researching them, or using online services to discover when they're on, or binge-watching.
  • Whistle Sports Put Its Millennial Spin On Soccer
    Whistle Sports Networkis a sports video purveyor that knows the score, but don't come there to find it.
  • UPDATED: Altruism And Ad Blocking
    It is kind of interesting to see the ad blocking industry taking what seems to be the high-minded approach to obliterating advertising for iOS9 phones and the Internet in general, and oh, by the way, dictating what sorts of ads meet their approval.
  • Live Streaming Is No Game Changer
    New data from Hub Research shows how dramatically online viewing habits are changing, but one relatively new obsession--live streaming--apparently impresses the video industry more than it does users.
  • Trick People Into Watching Ads: Fewer, Better, Relevant

    I saw a bunch of commercials all in a row last Tuesday, broadcast live. Remarkable!

    At the time, I remembered thinking that the premiere of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is sure attracting a lot more younger-skewing first-night advertisers than the typical Letterman program did.

    But then I remembered, I hadn’t seen live Letterman commercials for years. He was permanently DVRed and from that thought, it occurred to me that I probably avoid far more commercials than I see.

    It’s a game advertisers play with consumers. We aren’t that easy to get, although, but there ...

  • Ooyala's Q2 Report: Video World Order Evolves
    Nearly half of all video plays in Q2 were on mobile devices, and eight times as many of those happened on the smartphone, not the tablet.
  • Online Viewing Has An Off-Ramp Problem
    Online over-the-top services are so plentiful now, consumers could become overwhelmed by underwhelming content., just like cable. Are we building an infinite universe of content "with nothing on"?
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