• New Ourdata Gives Ad Blocker Profit To Consumers
    Ourdata, just launching this week, figures a lot of firms are making millions off of your personal data. Its new ad blocker says pay the consumer, or get blocked.
  • Now Live Streaming: Our National Unraveling
    Live streaming of news and mayhem is important. But as viewers, are we prepared to deal with the consequences
  • New Survey Suggests SVODers Like A Deal, Don't Like Ads
    A new survey of 1,000 consumers by IBM Cloud has some interesting data about our subscription VOD habits that help define the contours of consumers' yen for over-the-top content providers. Like: Maybe they want a deal.
  • Netflix-Comcast Deal: A Marriage Of Convenience
    It's not like churning butter, but switching from TV to your OTT device is a hassle. The Comcast deal to offer Netflix on its X1 operating system has convenience on its side. Big time.
  • Online Video News: Just Not That Into It
    A report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism discovers most online video news viewers would ratherread text than watch video.
  • So That's Who's Watching Neflix!
    Nielsen released data on who's watching what on Neflix, Amazon, Hulu, et al, but you have to wonder why those SVODs or studios they buy from don't spill more beans.
  • Showbox Attempts To Streamline the Influencer Influence
    If influencers are the way to a young consumer's heart, why not make a video creation platform that allows advertisers to use them easier? That must
  • The Brexit Vote: What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear
    "As you would expect from a sector peppered with entrepreneurs, there is a level of optimism and belief that there is opportunity even in turbulence, that I find inspiring," blogs one London Internet veteran.
  • Minute By Minute What We're Doing Online
    For the fourth year, Domo, the business management platform, compiled usage data that shows, minute by minute, how much we watch Netflix, send messages, ask about the weather and look for dates. Fodder for cocktail party chat.
  • Nielsen Stats Say Half Use DVR, Half Are VOD Subs
    ...and altogether, our media time is up a full hour. Adding up all the devices and communications forms, our per day time spent with electronic media is 10 hours and 39 minutes.
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