• Beauty & The Beers: Craft Brew Debuts 360 Degree Videos
    Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon celebrates the natural beauty of the place on its bottle labels. They make effective virtual reality-like videos too.
  • Order More Swag! Survey Says Advertisers Like Upfronts and NewFronts
    Advertiser Perceptions reports that 51% of respondents to a survey said attending upfronts and NewFronts this year had a positive influence on their spending decisions.
  • Digital May Kill Lazy Viewers (If They Don't Kill Digital First)
    Everybody wants ala carte content. But if that becomes the digital landscape, how treacherous will that marketplace be?
  • Is The NFL Getting Too Long For The Digital World?
    What's behind the big dip in prime-time NFL ratings. Could it be that increasingly, fans prefer following sports more casually on digital devices, rather than sitting through an entire game?
  • A Company Called ColorTV Jumps Into OTT Discovery Biz
    A new automated content discovery system ColorTV gathers real-time info on individual users' preferences and suggests their next move. Content providers, and advertisers, could be very interested.
  • Advertisers Need Some Social Media Adjustment
    A lot of advertisers just don't understand how short a time frame they've got to capture a social media or mobile user.
  • What's What? Google Unveils Massive YouTube Visual Database
    It's hard to come across big news in the video classification business, but try this: Google just completed a video dataset of 8 million YouTube videos labeled with over four thousand tags. It's a research bonanza.
  • The Catch Up Viewer Catches Most Ads, Too
    The new FreeWheel Q2 Monetization Report focused on what kind of viewer is seeing the most ads and while "digital enthusiasts" win for impressions, catch-up viewers see the most ads to completion.
  • The Fashion Business Dresses Down Bloggers
    Vogue and Neiman Marcus separately have the same complaint. The glamour of fashoin runways, the excitement of the new, is being spoiled by bloggers and vloggers who are stealing the shows.
  • Who Sees That YouTube Ad? And Who's Really Streaming?
    Advertising Week brings out the studies. Zefr today analyzes the weird (and expected) places ads work well on YouTube..And the Video Advertising Bureau assures its cable/telco members that even when in the rare moments viewers are streaming, they're streaming TV fare.
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