• Advertise Before It's Too Late. Literally
    A recent YuMe study points out that a great selling opportunity presents itself between 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. but Gen Xers are relatively easy marks any time of day.
  • Why Doesn't Twitter Wise Up?
    All the stories about the failure of Twitter to catch on interest me, because it seems like it could be successful even with people who don't love the idea of being overloaded with scraps of facts.
  • Does Screen Size Even Matter?
    Video content has become so ubiquitous consumers may not even care what it looks like.
  • Anthem Snub Hurt NFL Viewership
    A little more than 10% of viewers who watched less NFL last season indicated the Kaepernick National Anthem protest was a reason. Also, this new data about Q4 viewership says the availability of games online may actually push some viewers to "systematically" find reasons to avoid watching.
  • Does Facebook Actually Have An Audience?
    If Facebook wants to create its own programming, it must first realize there is not really a Facebook crowd. There's a Facebook world. Creating content for such a huge, diverse audience will be tricky.
  • OTT Starts Rocking The Cable Boat
    Are pure-play cable companies like Scripps in for a hard time in the budding streaming biz? A new bearish report from MoffettNathanson Research says 2017 could be a tough year.
  • Native Ads Still on Trial
    Two-thirds of the advertisers that try native advertising don't do it again, a new study finds. Some 37% of digital publishers still aren't compliant with FTC rules requiring publishers to make it clear when it's offering native advertising content.
  • The New Streamers: Everybody's Got A (Bad) Angle
    Each of the streamers seem to offer the same thing s--or, significantly, somewhat less. Consumers should check them out.
  • Advertisers Should Like YouTube TV
    From a targeting perspective,YouTube TV should be mighty helpful to advertisers, and a good way for YouTube to finally prove its real worth to advertisers.
  • Snapchat: Not Just For Whippersnappers Anymore
    Surprisingly, older users of Snapchat are growing, but they're there to watch, not to participate.
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