• Whistle Sports Put Its Millennial Spin On Soccer
    Whistle Sports Networkis a sports video purveyor that knows the score, but don't come there to find it.
  • UPDATED: Altruism And Ad Blocking
    It is kind of interesting to see the ad blocking industry taking what seems to be the high-minded approach to obliterating advertising for iOS9 phones and the Internet in general, and oh, by the way, dictating what sorts of ads meet their approval.
  • Live Streaming Is No Game Changer
    New data from Hub Research shows how dramatically online viewing habits are changing, but one relatively new obsession--live streaming--apparently impresses the video industry more than it does users.
  • Trick People Into Watching Ads: Fewer, Better, Relevant

    I saw a bunch of commercials all in a row last Tuesday, broadcast live. Remarkable!

    At the time, I remembered thinking that the premiere of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” is sure attracting a lot more younger-skewing first-night advertisers than the typical Letterman program did.

    But then I remembered, I hadn’t seen live Letterman commercials for years. He was permanently DVRed and from that thought, it occurred to me that I probably avoid far more commercials than I see.

    It’s a game advertisers play with consumers. We aren’t that easy to get, although, but there ...

  • Ooyala's Q2 Report: Video World Order Evolves
    Nearly half of all video plays in Q2 were on mobile devices, and eight times as many of those happened on the smartphone, not the tablet.
  • Online Viewing Has An Off-Ramp Problem
    Online over-the-top services are so plentiful now, consumers could become overwhelmed by underwhelming content., just like cable. Are we building an infinite universe of content "with nothing on"?
  • Finding A Video As Specific As You Want
    VidPal Travel.com right now is mostly a New York service, but when it really gets rolling it will let visitors request a specific video in many cities. The site brings together the requester with the shooter, for mutual benefit.
  • Down Periscope
    I'd like to begin today's dispatch, by suggesting you first read another point-of-view published by MediaPost this morning: Carat Global Head of Innovation JR Little's op-ed, "Content Overload: Are We Creating Clutter." I'll explain explicitly why it relates to video in a moment, but first I want to say Little's piece is one of the most articulate expressions of the biggest challenges our industry faces: a paradox of choice.
  • It's Not TV. It's iOS.
    Okay, so Apple calls it "tvOS," but it's based on its iOS operating system, and it is basically just another attempt by an operating system developer to muscle its way into television. Apple has tried before. So have Google and Microsoft. All have failed. So will Apple's tvOS. Here's why? TV is not a technology, it's an experience.
  • TRUST, A New System That Spots Online Ads With Rights Problems
    Extreme Reach, a video advertising management and delivery solutions provider based in Needham, Mass., introduced a tool recently for uncompensated agencies, brands and talent that can capture all that data and wave the red flag. For now, it's an open-platform solution that everybody can use free of charge, although there is a better version that comes for a fee.
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