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Steve Sternberg

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Steve Sternberg currently works as a freelance media consultant. He has more then 30 years of television and video analysis experience, having held top research posts at Bozell, TN Media, Magna Global, and ION Media Networks. He also authors The Sternberg Report (www.sternbergreport.com)

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  • Why Does The ARF Still Need To Prove The Sky Is Blue? in MediaDailyNews on 04/07/2016

    Too many studies just seem to be repackaging what we've seen over and over again throughout the years. People need to understand that there is a difference between "groundbreaking" and "self-evident."

  • Academy Awards Broadcast Needs To Be Fixed  in MediaDailyNews on 02/29/2016

    Every year I watch the show. Every year I am bored for three-plus hours. And every year, I promise myself that next year, I'll tune in after 11 p.m. and just see who wins the top awards.

  • Most Viewed, Binged TV Shows Are Not The Ones You Think  in MediaDailyNews on 02/25/2016

    Among adults 25-54, "The Big Bang Theory" on TBS is the most watched prime-time scripted series on television. Among adults 18-49, AMC's "The Walking Dead" holds that distinction - at least during the 4th quarter.

  • Roundup Of Year-End Research, Programming Questions in MediaDailyNews on 12/28/2015

    After promising for years that it was working on measuring VCR playback, Nielsen finally had to admit they couldn't do it. Now, Nielsen is not able to measure DVR fast-forwarding through commercials.

  • Why Most New Broadcast Series Will Flop in MediaDailyNews on 09/22/2015

    What has the greatest impact on whether a new series gets that all-important viewer sampling? Before a new series debuts, on-air promotion is still the most effective way to get potential viewers.

  • Pumped Trump Stumps Chumps in MediaDailyNews on 09/17/2015

    News anchors are so used to talking to themselves, and not challenging politicians who are practiced at providing non-answers, that they have completely lost touch with how real people think and feel.

  • The Donald Trumps Cable News in MediaDailyNews on 07/29/2015

    You can almost see cable news reporters starting to panic. They simply don't understand how more than 20% of Republicans could favor Donald Trump.

  • Why Nielsen Is Forced To Model Even Though It Is Bad Research in MediaDailyNews on 07/14/2015

    The problem with TV modeling is that it's not good research for measuring viewing behavior, no matter how good the modelers. And even though Nielsen does have some of the very best researchers, calling them "scientists" doesn't make them better.

  • Why Netflix Is The Best Thing Ever in MediaDailyNews on 06/24/2015

    The main reason Netflix continues to grow and thrive is that it does not have the same constraints as ad-supported networks, most importantly, needing to worry about average minute ratings.

  • Evaluating The New Fall TV Series in MediaDailyNews on 06/09/2015

    After examining the fall schedules and watching most of the pilots, here are a few takeaways - keeping in mind that hits are almost always a surprise. For example, I didn't expect much from a comedy starring Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, but Fox's 'The Grinder' looks good.

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