• When More Data Is Too Much Data
    As we are praising the opportunities to create more insights from Big Data and to make better decisions, nobody seems to question what the right amount of data is. Just because by definition you need more data to get to Big Data, does not mean it is a good idea to keep collecting. There are a couple of more or less obvious consequences from gathering ever more data: it's costly, it slows down decisions, and it can be outright misleading.
  • Digitization Of Media Requires New Ways To Measure Marketing's Worth
    For marketers, the shift to digitization has significantly altered the media planning and buying process. Traditionally, marketers would plan and buy their TV/offline advertising up to a year in advance. But in today's online world, media planning and buying happens at a much more frequent pace. Since nearly everything in digital is trackable down to the individual level, marketers have access to an ever-increasing volume of user data, actionable advertising and media insights, and the ability to optimize media buying much more regularly for a faster time to value.
  • Big Data, Small Data, Smart Data
    Big Data is one of the most trending buzzwords -- and perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misused. Is bigger necessarily better? Is Big Data changing the way we consume ads, affecting the bottom line, or even worth sifting through? It's only natural to ask yourself, "What is all this Big Data doing for me?" Most importantly, do you have the right tools to find useful and actionable information that might affect your marketing or revenue goals? This adage may be most apt: You can't tell how much someone weighs with a yardstick.
  • The Future of Mobile Ad Sales: Change, As Usual
    What's next with mobile? It's a question that all of us are regularly asking ourselves, our colleagues, pundits and maybe even a stray Ouija board or Magic 8-Ball. But in an industry as quick to shift as mobile advertising, it seems wisest to turn to those on the front lines: the IAB's own member companies. To take the pulse of mobile ad selling, we surveyed our members that sell mobile display and video inventory. The questionnaire garnered responses from nearly 50 companies. While the sample was not large enough to be definitive, we definitely see indications of looming challenges for ...
  • Cross-Platform Measurement Solutions
    There has never been a better time to explore solutions for cross-platform measurement. New technological advancements have been embraced by content consumers -- and now, in 2014, we mark the first year that we're testing cross-platform unduplicated reach and frequency measurement solutions. We are not at the currency stage yet, but we are certainly taking the first steps.
  • Marketing Measurement And Consumer Privacy
    Marketers can derive actionable insight by tracking customer journeys to conversion, both online and offline. But that doesn't mean they need to violate consumer privacy in the process.
  • Carpe Datum At Gigaom
    After attending Gigaom's recent Data Structure Conference in New York City, I'm starting to think that true seamless cross-platform media measurement may be at hand. There were many innovative tech companies at the event that seemed to have the capability to improve on the current measurement of media and consumer behavior through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data blending and data discovery tools.
  • Next-Generation Metrics: Assessing Brand Impact In A Cross-Screen World
    Even by the constantly innovating standards of digital media, these are fast-paced times for metrics and measurement. As IAB and the industry reinvent the metrics by which PC-based digital is bought and sold, and standardize metrics for mobile, we also realize that we no longer live in a world where things can be parceled out and measured tidily, medium by medium.
  • The Trouble With CTR As A Campaign Metric
    I recently wrote an article discussing the trouble with legacy attribution models. I'd like to follow that up by talking about the trouble with the click-through rate (CTR) as a measurement of campaign success. Now I know lots of folks in the industry are bashing the CTR right now, and it may seem like a trendy issue to some. But the truth is, the mere discussion of the CTR's proper place in digital campaigns is a sign of health: a sign that our industry is growing more ambitious as to what it can achieve through digital advertising.
  • What's The Value Of Data When Everyone Wants It?
    Today's marketing industry relies more on data than ever before, which has led to a burgeoning data market. While the lines of who actually owns the data are blurred, it's crystal clear that everybody wants the data in order to monetize it. This mentality has led to the commoditization of data; there is no longer any value in simply owning or accessing the data itself. Value comes from what can be done in terms of analysis and application. So while everyone wants the data, the amount of value each party can deliver differs dramatically. It doesn't really matter who has ...
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