• Beautiful Ads Work -- What a Concept!
    Contrary to a popular notion in some digital ad circles today, intrusive ads can be highly effective. The proviso is that they be done right. This is the same principle that has guided the success of intrusive advertising in legacy media for many decades. Recently, the IAB conducted in-depth research on the effectiveness of IAB Rising Stars display ad units, and the findings demonstrated that big, intrusive ads on digital screens do build brands.
  • Cross-Platform Measurement And The Golden Spike
    After viewability and fraud, what's the biggest issue in digital metrics today? Now, I know what you're thinking: "There are other issues in digital metrics?" Humor me for a few hundred words. From my perspective, given that we're taking a column-long reprieve from viewability and fraud, the biggest measurement issue currently confronting buyers, sellers and researchers in the digital space is cross-platform or multiscreen measurement. In short: the convergence of TV and digital measurement, encompassing computers, smartphones, tablets, so-called "traditional" TV, and over-the-top (OTT).
  • In Defense Of Data And Its Purity As A Business Model
    Talk about timing. I set out to write this column before the article "Marketers Question Quality of Ad Targeting Data Providers" appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week. In fact, I planned to write my post specifically so misinformation like this wouldn't be published. Let me explain.
  • How To Avoid Snake Oil In Measurement Solutions
    On a recent business trip in New York, I came upon a street vendor selling bottles of what he touted as a cure-all for just about any ailment, from sore muscles to exhaustion and migraines. My experience got me thinking about the plethora of marketing measurement solutions available today. Some tout the benefits of algorithms based on game theory, agent-based modeling, and any other buzzwords designed to woo the marketer. But are these types of algorithms really applicable to marketing measurement? And if so, how can a marketer be sure they are applied correctly? In order to avoid snake oil, ...
  • Viewability In Focus At Leadership Meeting
    The recent IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (Feb 8-10), attended by more than 1,100 executives, featured a number of conversations about viewability, including a Town Hall devoted to the subject. Over the course of high-level dialogue with stakeholders from the buy, sell and tech sides, it was clear that confusion persists. Clarifications were necessary:
  • Viewability Hot-Button Issue At IAB Summit
    PHOENIX: The IAB held its Annual Leadership Meeting this past Sunday-Tuesday here (#IABALM, if you want to peruse the relevant tweets), and not surprisingly, measurement issues were among the hot topics of discussion. Viewability seemed to loom largest, both from the podium and in my conversations with publishers and agency people. In fact, several friends at publisher companies told me that most of the meetings they were taking at the conference were about viewability.
  • Balancing Art And Science To Track Campaign Performance
    Marketing, as a craft, is being reinvented in the digital age. David Ogilvy, the "Father of Advertising" himself, may have said it best when he remarked, "In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create." To be successful, organizations must find - and maintain - the right balance between these two critical components. This delicate blend of art and science is particularly important when it comes to measuring campaign performance.
  • Why Marketers Should Ditch Correlation (Even When It's Raining)
    During a recent business trip to San Francisco, I struck up a conversation with my Uber driver: sports, weather and the standard "how's business?" He said it fluctuates greatly, a problem he shares with his wife, who owns a company that produces and sells umbrellas. He then shares that he and his wife are typically both either busy or slow at the same times, in large part due to rainy weather causing people to stay dry in a car or under an umbrella. Hearing this, my inner analyst couldn't resist a follow-up question: "So, can you predict your ride sales ...
  • Where Viewability Is Today -- And Why It's Critical For Digital's Tomorrow
    On Dec. 16, 2014, IAB released "State of Viewability Transactions 2015,"a position paper that put forth seven principles for viewability transactions in 2015. Since then, the press and the ecosystem at large have engaged in worthy debate and discussion about the meaning of the paper for viewability, measurement, and ongoing deal-making. Still, with some stakeholders jockeying for position and disparate perspectives aplenty, misleading chatter erupted -- and even more than a month out, misconceptions persist. In order to put everyone back onto the same page, the following is a guide to the basics.
  • On Viewability, Fraud, And Measurement Disparities
    Two of the hottest issues in digital measurement right now are viewability and non-human traffic (NHT), which includes but is not limited to fraud. It shouldn't be surprising, then, to discover that these two issues converge. By my count, 16 services are currently accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for viewability measurement, and there has been a marketplace expectation that MRC-accredited viewability measurement providers should report converging metrics for viewability if two or more such solutions are deployed on the same campaign. As you probably know, this has not been the case.
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