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Clearing The Air: Incentive Sites And Online Lead Generation
This past year there's been much controversy in the online lead generation category regarding so-called "incentive sites." As a person who has worked in online lead generation since its formative days nearly a decade ago, I'd like to take the opportunity to clear up some of the confusion and misperception» 0 Comments
Investigation, Consumer Unease Puts Squeeze On Lead-Gen Space
So the Federal Trade Commission finally bagged its self-proclaimed elephant. After a long trek through the incentivized lead generation underbrush, the feds got ValueClick Inc. to fork over $2.9 million stemming from some of ValueClick's business activities. This came almost simultaneously with the news that eBay is leaving ValueClick's Commission Junction affiliate network in favor of eBay's new in-house affiliate marketing program. If getting all bad news behind you once and for all is part of its corporate strategy, then ValueClick must be in for better days ahead.» 0 Comments
Why You Should Do Your Homework
I'm a male, gainfully employed, in my mid-30s, married with two children. Look at the messages in my email inbox, however, and you would have to believe that someone in my demographic is in need of a home treatment for wrinkles, a high-paying position as a rebate processor, a service to help me meet local singles, and the ultimate way to have smooth and beautiful feet.» 0 Comments
Can I Sell Your E-mail Address?
My bet is that 99% of you immediately answered "no" when you read this question. Many may have even preceded their negative response with a stronger word! Then, there is the one percent of you that answered "What would I get in return?" I'm sure no one just replied, "Sure."» 0 Comments