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Karlene Lukovitz is a regular contributor to MediaPost's "Marketing Daily," "Audience Development," "InPublishing" (U.K.), and other business publications, and edits "IPDA Newsstand Forum," a monthly newsletter on the magazine newsstand industry. You can reach Karlene at

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  • Peanut Hottie Launches in U.S., Runs Facebook Promo in Marketing Daily on 09/12/2014

    A jar of the drink mix - the brainchild of a food marketing consultant -- will be given away each hour during that day. To earn chances to win, consumers will be asked to post "Happy Peanut Day" on the brand's U.S. Facebook wall.

  • Ghirardelli Promo Asks For Commitment To Quality in Marketing Daily on 09/11/2014

    Consumers can enter for chances to win one of 50 prizes of a year's worth of the premium chocolate products by registering on between Sept. 1 and 21 and agreeing to receive emails from the brand for 21 days (#21qualitymoments).

  • Stonyfield Petite Creme Seduces: 'Cheat on Greek'  in Marketing Daily on 09/10/2014

    While Stonyfield, the U.S.'s largest organic yogurt brand, has its own Greek yogurt line, somewhat more expensive organic Greeks have struggled to compete against leading non-organic Greek brands like Chobani and Oikos.

  • More Evidence: Consumers Losing Taste For Fast Food in Marketing Daily on 09/09/2014

    The most-often-cited factor for the QSRs' sales trends is the growing number of consumers -- and Millennials in particular -- looking for healthier, fresher and (at least to their minds) tastier fare at the increasingly available fast-casual chains.

  • Maxwell House Launches Sponsored Content Series, Hub in Marketing Daily on 09/08/2014

    An accompanying sweepstakes will launch on Oct. 6, offering a chance to win prizes from some of the profiled businesses, including Maxwell House products, an acoustic guitar, a hand-stitched baseball glove and a pinball machine.

  • Mazola, WomensForum Partner On Recipe Tool in Marketing Daily on 09/08/2014

    The tool, dubbed "Pantry Pal," offers quick recipes for tasty, healthy, low-cholesterol meals that can be created with ingredients already in a household's pantry, with emphasis on dishes that include Mazola Corn Oil and other Mazola products.

  • Scharffen Berger Digital Billboards Feature Selfies in Marketing Daily on 09/04/2014

    The campaign includes creative executions produced by San Francisco agency Camp + King that celebrate the "wonderfully complicated" make-up of the premium chocolate and the personalities of the people who eat it, with headlines such as "I'm dark, spicy and mysterious."

  • Jack Daniel's Spotlights True Bar Stories in Marketing Daily on 09/03/2014

    With a focus on the "authenticity" deemed critical to the young-adult Millennial target audience, many of the initial 30 stories being featured on the site (more will be released later this year) are short videos shot in the bars.

  • In A Plump Chicken Market, Church's Offers Love in Marketing Daily on 09/02/2014

    Naturally, chicken-focused fast-food brands are benefitting -- Technomic reported that limited-service chicken chains enjoyed 5.1% sales growth last year, versus 3.9% for all types of limited-service chains -- and they're investing in new campaigns to build on the momentum.

  • Subway Spoofs Fitness Crazes  in Marketing Daily on 09/01/2014

    In the television spot launching on Labor Day, a young man tells his meal partner (they're eating at Subway) that he's currently doing "Crop Fit," a hardcore fitness program "based on 19th Century farming practices."

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  • Chipotle's 'Scarecrow': 5.5+ Million Views And Counting by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 09/18/2013)

    Thanks...see Views now at 5.9 million.

  • Ben & Jerry's Gives Twist to Flavor Crowdsourcing by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 06/03/2013)

    Actually, not to be petty, but it was a PR info error.

  • Studies: Bad News About Sodium Content, Consumption by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 05/14/2013)

    Taylor: Your note re article not providing links to studies is puzzling, as the MediaPost Marketing Daily article above clearly does include links to both the URLs where both the CSPI and IOM studies can be accessed. Perhaps you were referring to other media outlets' coverage?

  • Brand Experience, Values Increasingly Drive Loyalty by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 02/06/2012)

    Mara--Many thanks for pointing out the important error in original posting. You are correct: Starbucks in fact not only made the packaged coffee rankings, but tied with Dunkin' Donuts for first place. The facts have been corrected in the article post and the change footnoted. In addition, we ran a correction in this morning's MD newsletter blast. My apologies to Starbucks and MD's readers for inadvertently misreading the results, and so misreporting, on this category.

  • Season 4, Episode 7: 'The Suitcase" -- Or, No One Puts Peggy In The Corner by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 09/08/2010)

    <p>As a general observation/compliment, &quot;Dorothy Parker&quot; does a great job of analyzing this show's episodes, picking up repetitive themes and acknowledging the ambiguities that make its writing above par. Agree that Hamm and Moss (and all of the actors, actually) do superb job of realistically and subtly conveying the ambiguous and/or conflicting emotions that real people would feel in the complex situations they face (due to others or their own actions). Re this current episode, &quot;Dorothy&quot; hints at Don perhaps beginning to consider Peggy as a love interest, as well as a more equal colleague and confidant...also occurs to me that Anna's spectral appearance might have been meant to imply her approval of Don becoming personally, as well as professionally, involved with Peggy? And while Peggy may be being forced into the caretaker role for immature men, seems like part of this episode's point was that she is also rapidly adopting their traits/behaviors, out of fear of being typecast/pigeon-holed as a &quot;typical&quot; woman and to further her professsional ambitions. Which, given how graphically the results of Don's and Duck's escape mechanisms are portrayed, would not seem to bode well for Peggy, either professionally OR personally. Might the message be that male or female, maturity means going through difficult decisions/pain and growing as a result, rather than escaping via easy, ready artificial means? </p>

  • Miller High Life Gets Packaging Redesign by Karlene Lukovitz (Marketing Daily on 05/05/2010)

    <p>Alas, this was a &quot;virtual&quot; label inspection--no kicks, but also no carbs/calories consumed. </p>

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