• Teen Marketing: Blink And They're Gone
    Generation Z will forever be known as the first true digital natives. They will never know a non-digital world, and thrive in the always-on environment of digital communications. Known for their plugged-in nature, teens seem to be natural born multitaskers with the ability to text, talk, work, and walk simultaneously without crashing head first into a street pole.
  • How The Future Is Told
    Yesterday - 10/21/15 - was a big day in pop culture. It was the day Marty McFly traveled to in "Back to the Future Part II." A lot has been written about what the movie got right about today's technology. Movies, books and video games can all tell the story of the future. Thinking about what story they are telling, and how that might shape the way people think, is an interesting exercise.
  • Gen Z Is Already Misunderstood
    Millennials have taken a lot of flack in recent years for being a self-indulgent generation, absorbed in themselves and their digital devices. They've been a challenge to workplace managers, governments, and marketers alike, as their generational attitudes and behaviors are often misunderstood. As a result, companies are excited to start talking and selling to Gen Z, who are generally hailed as a realistic, conscientious, hardworking group. While these characterizations are true, Gen Z, like every generation before them, also displays traits that worry their elders and will challenge marketers afresh.
  • Ad Blocking And Teen Engagement: Here's What Marketers Need To Know
    Since Apple announced the capabilities of iOS 9, there's been a lot of discussion about ad blocking technology. At the recent Advertising Week in New York, ad blockers were a hot topic, with many creatives arguing that this technology is "absolutely a good thing" for the industry.
  • Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
    "TV is dead." "No one listens to the radio anymore; especially teenagers." "These are tech-savvy kids who got their first tablets at 2 years old and have no idea what a DVD is." "There's no way teens are reading magazines." Or at least that's what many in the marketing world would have us believe. In today's teen marketing world, the focus seems to immediately go to digital and social.
  • Teens, Sex And Trouble
    For many people the topic of teens and sex is an uncomfortable one. Recent press coverage around this issue has ranged from the absurd to the deadly serious. Both types say something about the challenges faced by young people today and both suggest how we, as a culture, could be doing more to support kids.
  • Gen Z Gets Down To Business
    The oldest members of Gen Z are still in college, and most haven't had more serious employment than summer jobs. Yet, the next generation is already on employers' radars. They might be planning ahead and thinking about how they will work with Gen Z because they had such a difficult time adapting to Gen Y.
  • How Student Debt Affects Business And What Brands Can Do About It
    As students head back to school, a recent hot topic has been student loans. As these staggering stats show, the issue is reaching a crisis point.
  • Two Must-Haves for Effective Teen Marketing
    MTV believes that, in order to reach teens effectively, you must "immerse yourself in their reality: in their music, in their art, in the things that they read. And if you see it or approach it any other way, and approach it as an anonymous, faceless, homogenous target market, then you will fail." You've read it here in past posts.
  • Travel With Teens
    Summer is, sadly, drawing to its close. I was pretty late in taking a vacation this year (in fact, I'm actually on vacation now). As I was getting set to head out, I decided that for this month's piece I'd look at traveling with teens - what worked, what didn't and the kinds of things marketers might want to think about for reaching teens on the go.
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