2014: The Year of Marketing Accountability
The precision with which multichannel marketing performance can now be measured is unprecedented. As CEOs and CFOs continue to demand improved ROI accountability from marketers, adopting more advanced measurement techniques will become vital to optimize spending in 2014. Here are some compelling reasons why:» 5 Comments
Exploring What Consumers Say About Digital Content Brands
Digital media has been at the forefront of consumers' lives for some time now. We in marketing and media struggle with the challenges of measuring users, and how much and when digital media is being consumed, in order to measure the full media diet. Rarely do we collectively explore what content brands mean in today's constantly changing media landscape. We have not yet mapped the site content "brandscape," nor have we mined its value to advertisers. The IAB explored the contours of the consumer experience with content on sites belonging to media brands that originated in the analog world, as ...» 0 Comments
The Collaborative Advantage: How Active Consumer Collaboration Is Essential Partner To Big Data
What's the difference between Big Data analytics and consumer collaboration? And can these two very disparate approaches to consumer insight and innovation play well together?» 2 Comments
When Choosing A Media Company, Take A Measured Approach
In the past, we all assumed the ability of a media supplier to generate ad results was the number-one factor marketers used to evaluate the media companies with whom they do business. But the results of recent survey by Advertiser Perceptions, Inc. revealed that "aggressive rate deals" are considered more important to typical marketers. Not surprisingly, the survey has fueled a lot of speculation about what's driving this shift. What's the reason for marketers favoring rate deals over results? It's not because they don't care about results and ROI, but because many don't have an accurate and trustworthy cross-channel measurement ...» 2 Comments
There's No Such Thing As Bad Data
While missed KPIs are never a goal, they should be far from a nightmare. It's surprising that so many marketers throw the baby out with the bathwater when talking about why a campaign failed, mislabeling misses as "bad data." Good, bad, or ugly, data received from a campaign is always a source of fuel that helps power optimizations for live campaigns and valuable knowledge for future initiatives.» 2 Comments
Time Spent Needs Defined Value In Viewable Advertising Ecosystem
The digital advertising industry has been slow to adopt suitable measurement for viewability, as old-school metrics like impressions and clicks hold onto their seat at the table. For brands to make the most of their audiences and publishers to make the most of their inventory, we must adopt metrics that go beyond whether the ad reached its desired target and loaded on the "right" part of the page -- and develop metrics for actual "time spent" engagement. To do that, we must rethink what "viewability" means, why it matters, and how to both deliver and measure it.» 10 Comments
Six Essential Practices Of Highly Effective Marketing Organizations
To improve planning, enhance performance and optimize spend, the most effective marketing organizations inject data and analytics into every phase of their marketing process. Here are six essential practices that best-in-class marketing organizations employ to become more data-driven -- and, in turn, make better, more profitable decisions.» 1 Comments
Four Marketing Measurement Trends to Watch
The increasing complexity in marketing today, driven by shifts in media consumption and the explosion of marketing data, has profoundly impacted the marketing mix and the challenges faced by marketers. As advanced analytics capabilities have emerged as an enabler of success, we are now seeing new paradigms in how marketing campaigns are measured and investment decisions are made. So how is marketing measurement going to shift in the upcoming year in terms of technology adoption, usage and data, and what do these changes mean for marketers? Let's take a closer look.» 1 Comments
The Measurement Problem
It is a paradox that measurement, a discipline so predicated on objectivity, can sometimes be so subjective. Measurement has long been a subject of debate, not so much for how it should be conducted, but because of what it truly means.The basic debate surrounding "the measurement problem" -- a term that arose among the great physicists of the early 20th century -- is the question of whether measurement is a "mirror" reflecting an independent existing external reality. Or is it a "veil of perception," shaped by the prejudices of the viewer?» 3 Comments
The Magic Behind Omni-Channel Marketing Success
I recently returned from my first Disney Cruise with my family, and, just as advertised, it truly was a "magical" experience. One of the things that made it so was the "Key to the World" card I received upon checking in. That ubiquitous card served as both my room key and charge card during the cruise. But not only did it work for charges on the ship -- from offshore excursions to beverage, spa and laundry services -- but it also enabled everyone in my party to be identified by the cruise ship's staff. Imagine my nephew's surprise and delight ...» 1 Comments
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