• Re-Fact-Oring Viewability Measurement
    Nearly every day, the same questions arise about why viewability matters -- and even what it is. Despite the manifold efforts to explain, and the unmeasured though undoubtedly high reach and frequency of trade press articles, blog posts, social media posts, real-world conversations, panels, and outright disputes, there is a reservoir of misunderstanding and misinformation. Among my favorites are:
  • The Importance Of Third-Party Measurement
    In the media advertising business, third-party measurement is a cornerstone providing the facilitation of commerce. It has been thus at least since 1929, when old Archibald Crossley started calling folks to see what they listened to on the radio the prior day. Third-party research - especially audited, accredited third-party research - has always ignited whatever ad market the research served. For example, the early history of television in the United States and the history of the Nielsen ratings are inextricably intertwined.
  • How Bots Really Impact CTR
    In a recent column, we discussed the impact of bots on CPMs. But where bots really become problematic is in their impact on CTRs. Even though our industry has matured beyond our focus on the CTR to measure performance, and we generally apply more advanced metrics, the CTR remains a key factor in our success equation. So, the CTR must remain pure.
  • Using Advanced Measurement To Optimize The 4 Ps Of Marketing
    Recently, I was visiting with my nephew, a curious and entrepreneurial fourth grader. He'd just finished reading "The Lemonade War," a children's book that tells the story of a brother and sister who start rival lemonade stands during summer vacation. The book led him to ask me some questions about how larger organizations market their products. After giving it some thought, I realized the best way to answer his question might be to use a concept that marketers have been touting for years: the 4 Ps (promotion, price, place and product.) That got me thinking about how going back to ...
  • Yes, Creative and Data Can Be Friends
    Something strange happened at both the recent PeopleFront, as well as the PSFK conference. At the PeopleFront, focused on data-driven solutions, there was a discussion of the importance of the creative. PSFK, based on the importance of creative ideas, devoted the afternoon to big data, artificial intelligence, IBM's Watson, cognitive computing and analytical insights.
  • Unvarnished Truths About Viewability
    I just had the privilege of opening a fascinating session at the IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace. The following captures the opening address and adds some insights from the experts' discussion.
  • Bridging the Gap Between On- and Offline Marketing With CRM
    The advertising industry currently stands at the beginning of an era, where an immense amount of valuable offline data -- retailer, registration, mover -- is finally actionable for online targeting. The biggest impact will likely come from CRM data, which has provided marketers with an offline profile of their customers for generations.
  • For Best Results: Big Data, Meet Media Research
    I've been thinking a lot about the deployment of Big Data assets in the digital space. Clearly, it is one of the most profound developments in digital metrics -- and indeed, in our lives. The Internet of Things is already here; we can pay with our watches, and we've got Google thermostats. But in our space, I worry that there is too much emphasis placed on "Big Data," and not enough on "Good Data." Perhaps here the data scientist can learn from the media researcher.
  • Bots Change The Rules For CPMs More Than You Think
    The CPM has long been our default currency, within both the direct sale of yesteryear and today's programmatic marketplace. As a marketer, you habitually evaluate the base value of your media by the CPM. But you want to ensure your media spend is as efficient as possible, because you are spending dollars and impressions to actually reach your audience. Unfortunately, thanks to bots, the long-favored CPM is a polluted measure that keeps you from doing so. So, what's the wiser alternative? Let us consider the human CPM (hCPM): effectively, how much you spend to reach humans.
  • Measurement Tactics For Optimizing Your Programmatic Buys
    One of my clients recently told me that he's spending a big portion of his budget on programmatic media buys, but isn't seeing a lot of ROI. He then proceeded to ask, "What should I do differently?"
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