Results for December 2009

This Generation's Got Radio
Younger people remain committed to their radios, according to the recently released Nielsen white paper, "How U.S. Adults Use Radio and Other Forms of Audio." By realigning the data socio-economically instead of by medium or audio platform, the study offers an unprecedented glimpse into the media habits of various population segments.» 0 Comments
The Five-Second Brand
Look deep within your brand and try to objectively evaluate its position in your marketing. You can't fake these things, but you can dig deep and discover the true voice of your brand. Can you get the job in five seconds? If not, then you have a lot of work to do.» 0 Comments
Listen Without Prejudice
Most importantly, the power of music to connect youth with the emotions that they feel as they discover themselves and the world around them can't be understated.» 0 Comments
Bah Humbug!
'Tis the season to remember: Be nice. Be friendly. Talk to each person like you know him or her. They will respond because they not only prefer it, but they may need it more than you know.» 0 Comments