Results for May 2011
  • Shared Attention Is Not Bad News For Marketers
    Older generations are often annoyed by Gen Y's tendency to multitask. Among networks and advertisers, that annoyance has morphed into genuine concern over Gen Yers updating their Facebook status, while texting someone, while supposedly watching a TV show.
  • Why Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program Sucks
    It's not enough anymore to present a giant check in front of the local children's hospital with your CEO for a photo op. There has to be a story, there has to be a reason behind your corporate responsibility.
  • Green That Counts
    In a survey of 1,300 high school and college students, we found that most (72%) Millennials have a specific cause they invest in. Plus, as it turns out, they are pretty good about giving what they can to this cause -- with almost 8 in 10 (79%) saying they are regularly volunteering time and half (50%) regularly donating money to their cause.
  • You Can Have Us At Hello
    Since you know so much about us, use it to act with purpose than to make noise. And do things that help and make life better. Because that's what we're doing for you, right? And remember, when we share we expect something in return.