• Passing The Friend Test
    In dating, the friend test -- how well you mesh with your new flame's friends -- is critical to the future of your relationship. For marketers targeting Generation Y, the friend test may be just as significant.
  • How Retailers Can Win Over Consumers
    Gen Y consumers will change how retailers operate. Stores will focus on becoming "user friendly," product ranges will dwindle and retention of staff will become a key factor in the success of retail operations. Retailers have the chance to make changes now to grab Gen Y dollars and follow the example set by leading youth brands like Apple, Chipotle, Scion, and H&M.
  • '90s Nostalgia: Millennials Long For Simpler Times
    Taco Bell is speaking Millennials' language with its latest campaign for its steak burritos; the ad tells guys it's perfectly acceptable to still want Taco Bell (no doubt a staple of their teen years) even if they can afford dinner at a steakhouse. It doesn't make them any less grown-up to still like the things they did when they were thirteen.
  • Multiple Personality Order
    We have been living with multiple personalities for years. Millennials have been known to show varying sides online, way before the chatter began around the benefit of the "Circles" capability in Google+.