• A Mall Overhaul
    Teens used to be mallrats, which made it much easier for companies to win their attention and their dollars, because they hung out in a space that was dedicated to brands and retail. Then came the era of social media and online shopping - and suddenly teens had little use for the mall, because they had other means to connect with friends and acquire products through digital platforms. Retailers have been struggling to connect with teens--and young consumers in general--and as a result, many are closing their doors. The much -rumored death of malls seems imminent, but teens can actually ...
  • Will Teens Pick The Next President?
    Presidential campaigns often come down to a few closely fought demographics like "soccer moms" or "NASCAR dads." This year, in what seems likely to prove to be the most unpredictable election of our lifetime, one of the key battleground demographics is also surprising: Adults 18-24.
  • 'Doing Snapchat' Is Not A Teen Engagement Strategy
    At last week's Mobile Marketing Association SM2 Summit, much of the discussion centered on the elements of great marketing campaigns. As exemplified by the winners of the annual Smarties Awards, marketers today need to create emotional connections with their audiences and drive engagement across multiple touchpoints. Using Snapchat, for example, isn't really "doing mobile." I got to thinking about marketers' missteps when approaching the teen market. Are they, for example, "doing Snapchat" and considering this single tactic to be a "teen engagement strategy?"
  • Don't Be Dismissed As A 'Me, Too' Brand By College-age Consumers
    When there are social media channels dedicated to mocking brands that are shoehorning terms like "bae" and "on fleek" or co-opting the latest trends into marketing efforts, you know you'd better be careful when reaching out to the college audience. And if your team is diving into Google to search slang terms to find out what they mean in the first place, a word of advice: don't.
  • Reaching Generation Z
    With lower attention spans and higher media exposure, brands will need to cut through the clutter to draw Gen Z's to their ads. (Generation Z, also known as "post-Millennials," commonly refers to the cohort of individuals born after 1996.) Marketers might need to refresh their ads more frequently for this group than any other generation. To get their attention, marketers can also attach their ads to exclusive content preview clips for new movies or game highlights from major sporting events.
  • Keep It Short, Keep It Real, And Turn Up The Music
    Just when advertisers felt they'd mastered the Millennial generation, along came a new challenge. Gen Z - people born in the late 1990s and now roughly ages 13 to 17 - is the new holy grail for marketers.
  • How Do Brands Win In Messaging? Be A Buddy, Not A Burden
    What if we hired 10,000 people to run through malls and city streets, screaming our brand names in teenagers' faces?
  • The Evolution Of The 'Side Hustle' And How Gen Z Amps It Up
    What's a side hustle? As a Millennial, I'm no stranger to peers who focus their energies on passions beyond their day jobs. Playing or writing music, making videos, baking cupcakes or blogging have become popular Millennial side hustles, which offer creative outlets aside from today's insecure "traditional career paths" in an underwhelming job market.
  • Hold The Phone
    The first iPhone was announced and hit shelves way back in 2007-before the term "Gen Z" had taken hold-launching the world into an era of always-on digital connectivity. Fast-forward nearly a decade and the iPhone is still the gold standard of smartphones, despite vastly increased competition in the industry.
  • How 'The Art Of Surprise' Can Launch A New Product
    What do Frank Ocean, Louis CK and Beyonce have in common? This year, they all surprised their young fans with major new releases. Last month, Frank Ocean ended a four-year wait by casually dropping two albums, one visual (Endless) and the other musical (Blonde). In January, Louis CK stunned fans by debuting a new TV series online, "Horace and Pete." And Beyonce is definitely the queen of surprise, dropping two unannounced visual albums (Beyonce in December 2013, and Lemonade this April), before doing a hush-hush, extended performance at the MTV VMA's last month, which brought down the house.
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