• Are The Next Decades Of U.S. Growth Dependent On Multicultural Millennials And Gen Z?
    Gen Zs (individuals ages 4 - 18) are the largest cohort the U.S. has seen since the Baby Boomers and also the most ethnically diverse. Among both generations, Hispanic, African-American, Asian and mixed-race populations make up 40% and almost 50% of Millennials and Gen Z, respectively.
  • There's More To Snapchat Than Disappearing Pictures
    At this point, almost everyone has heard of Snapchat. Pop culture is crawling all over it. It's in the news. Your kids use it. Maybe even you use it (but probably not). Everyone (particularly parents and marketers, but for very different reasons) wants to know: Why is Snapchat making waves, especially amongst the teen community?
  • A Magical Approach To Supporting Teen Engagement
    For the past five years, my daughter and I have gone to the Harry and the Potters Yule Ball at the Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. When we started going she was not quite a teen and now she's a teen in full force. It's an all-ages show, and a lot of the crowd are people in their teens (and some even younger).
  • Five Youth Trends For 2016
    Teens continue to put their stamp on culture and push forward new ideas and attitudes that spread to both their younger and older counterparts. Having monitored their habits in 2015, there are several trends that we predict will spread and take hold in 2016. These include changing interests in entertainment, a fresh approach to education, and a revised image of social media.
  • 3 Business Lessons From Recent College Protests
    Business leaders need to pay attention to the series of student protests shaking up American college campuses. Last month, students at the University of Missouri protested racism on and off campus (and the school's lack of response to it), and it led to the university president and the chancellor stepping down. (The breaking point came when the football team threatened to boycott a game-an action that would have had PR and financial consequences.)
  • What's Emoji Got To Do With It?
    The more time I spend with my nieces and nephews who are in their tweens and teens, the more I learn about how that generation communicates across devices and via the panoply of emojis. As I look at their texts, Instagram feeds and mobile device screens, I feel like I need to take a class in decoding short codes and hieroglyphics.
  • Knowing The Written Rules Of Teen Engagement
    Marketers recognize that social media channels are often the fastest path between them and the young audiences so many covet. Most know all about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and limit their activities to kids over the age of 13. But how many marketers know the more subtle rules of connecting with teenagers through social media? Often the onus is on the teen and their parents but marketers should at least be aware of some of these written - but unknown - rules for teen engagement.
  • A Common Cause
    It's not just adults who are paying close attention to the news emanating from various parts of the globe about recent terrorist activities. Teens are watching, too, having been raised by realist Gen X parents who are less likely than their predecessors to see a need to shelter their maturing children from unpleasant world events. To do so would be quite difficult, as news stories regularly infiltrate their social media feeds. Even the inspirational and usually uplifting sphere of Instagram included references to the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut, not to mention the posts they would have seen on ...
  • Traveling Beyond Millennials: Get Ready For Generation Z
    If you're tired of talking about Millennials and how they've forced us to rethink and reshape the world of travel, you should know there's another generation waiting in the wings that's even bigger and potentially more lucrative that will no doubt put their own stamp on the way our industry operates. It's Generation Z-those born from roughly the mid-'90s-the oldest of which are turning 20 years old and looking toward college graduation and adult life.
  • How Technology Is Disrupting Education And The Opportunity For Brands
    As the growing student debt crisis painfully highlights, the cost of a traditional college education has become very burdensome for many students and new grads. It's just a matter of time before a startup comes in and disrupts the sector, in the same way Uber did with the taxicab industry.
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