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  • Big Data Disaster: Clinton's ADA Algorithm Didn't Add Up in Marketing Politics Daily on 12/08/2016

    The Clinton brain trust had such confidence in the ADA algorithm as omnipotent overseer of the election effort, it was kept from the public, media and most of the campaign team. Loads of public and private poll results were fed into the algorithm, along with intricate voter data the campaign collected. Ada took the data -- but not all the findings proved sound.

  • Live From New York, Dave Chappelle Uses 'SNL' As A BS Pulpit in MediaDailyNews on 11/15/2016

    This column brings me no pleasure to write, but guest host Dave Chappelle's unsettling, misleading and potentially racially explosive allegation about 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt on "Saturday Night Live" deserves examination, particularly in light of our increasingly divisive historical moment. As much as I've laughed with and respect Chappelle as a rare comedic talent, America does not need to have a statesman who worked to improve race relations in this country falsely vilified.

  • Steve Harvey's Miss Universe 'Mistake' Almost Certainly Wasn't in MediaDailyNews on 12/23/2015

    It amazes me that anybody who works in media, advertising, marketing or PR could think the Steve Harvey Miss Universe "gaffe" was anything but a manufactured "error" to create buzz and social conversation. They know the underlying foundation of these television events points to hoax.

  • 'The Fifth Estate,' A Media Critique in MediaDailyNews on 10/21/2013

    The best reason to root for director Bill Condon's rapid-fire docudrama "The Fifth Estate" is that it reminds us how much valuable information the renegade website brought to light that the mainstream media simply missed.

  • 40 Reasons to Skip Out on Advertising Week in MAD on 10/01/2013

    Let's face it, you can only take so much Advertising Week. So last Wednesday afternoon, instead of heading to yet another panel or presentation, I hopped the A Train from the Port Authority and rode all the way to the northwest tip of Manhattan to The Cloisters. It's pretty much as far from Madison Avenue and Advertising Week, both figuratively and literally, as you can get and still be in Manhattan.

  • 007 Slums With Heineken in Marketing Daily on 11/09/2012

    As I figured and hoped, Heineken's $45 million product placement deal with the new James Bond franchise entry "Skyfall" doesn't undermine the 007 brand at all.

  • "The Dark Knight" - Bat-Spoiler Free in MediaDailyNews on 07/23/2012

    Can we please ask for mercy from some of the negligently reckless film critics who put up online or print reviews for 'The Dark Knight Rises' days before the film opened, giving away or hinting at critical plot twists?

  • A Dark Tale of Contemporary Cinema  in Marketing: Entertainment on 03/22/2012

    Originally, this column was going to be a fun, snarky piece about big-budget Hollywood boondoggles, like Heaven's Gate, Ishtar, Waterworld and, now, John Carter.

  • Nominated Movies Need Publicity, Marketing in Marketing: Entertainment on 01/26/2012

    The one thing that almost all the movies nominated for the top statues at this year's Academy Awards share is that they need the attendant shot of publicity and marketing that the nominations bring to be considered a popular success.

  • 'Tintin' And The Death Of Motion-capture Animation  in Marketing: Entertainment on 12/29/2011

    Hollywood has done a dynamite job p!ssing all over my beloved childhood heroes the past couple years. If Frank Miller's charmless, inept and gratuitously violent "Sin City"-ification of Will Eisner's seminal Sunday comic series "The Spirit" wasn't bad enough, AMC's despicable betrayal of Patrick McGoohan's presciently paranoid spy series "The Prisoner" actually left me feeling furious that such a precious and beloved cult property could have been so carelessly handed over to hacks who didn't even grasp the central point and message of its creators.

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  • Wrong! Marketing A Theatrical Movie The Fake News Way by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 02/20/2017)

    The film was punished at the box office this weekend.

  • 'Sexy' Mezquila Brand Vids Border on Whitesnake Territory by Larry Dobrow (Video Critique on 02/09/2017)

    I too, think Larry Dubrow is a gifted, funny, intelligent, insightful writer. I rarely coment on his work, because he usually says it all. Just wanted to weigh in as a fan. 

  • Berkeley Cancels Yiannopoulos, Trump Lashes Out by Erik Sass (The Daily Blog on 02/02/2017)

    Several intersting developments on this today:1- Berkley administration says students protesting were peaceful and that rounghly 150 black-garbed, masked anarchists infiltrated the students' peaceful protest to rile up violence and destruction.2- arrests last night by UDPD, per CNN's report four hours ago? Why was no one arrested? Wouldn't that clear up whether these were students or professionals or anarchists? 3- Black-garbed, masked anarchists match the same look as the protesters pillaging downtown D.C. on Inaugeration Day. As we discovered via Wikileaks revelations, paid violent protesters were part of the 2016 Election game plan. Why would it stop after the election? The only question for me is whether the puppetmasters here are on the left, trying to instigate a full-blown insurrection; or from the right, to make the left look violently reactionary and undermine a unified pacifist pushback against the Trump administration. Both sound like realistic scenarios, so I have no idea.

  • The Trumpela Effect by Joe Mandese (MediaPost Weekend on 01/28/2017)

    Love this. A wide-ranging unabashedly intellectual deep-think piece with societall, political and media ramifications from a writer with great institutional knowledge. Flattered to be part of it. I think.    Since I get name dropped about the "Moonraker" Mandela Effect, I'm going to double down-- I love being able to put the strange disappearance of Dolly's braces on the table, and I don't mind saying that I don't think it's a mass false memory.    While the vast majority of other so-called examples of The Mandela Effect I reject, the "Moonraker" actress with braces was a bulls-eye for me. I have spoken with dozens of Bond fans and everyone from an author of a book on 007 movies to many people from my last wave baby boomer generation, friends I've known and people I've not.    Truth is: Nearly everybody 45+ remembers the busty blond with glasses and braces who bonds with the villain Jaws in "Moonraker"--it was a classic bad Bond gag but a memorable one.    The blond with braces was also mentioned in period media and Richard (Jaws) Kiel's BBC obituary, among other spots. But even these media clips I cite now only live in digital and not physical media. And all the entertainment media--DVDs, streams, sure, but also VHS tapes and studio stills--show a woman with no braces.   Why this memorable character doesn't have her signifying quality any more is one of the great cultural mysteries of our time, and I reject the assertion that this is a mass "false memory." I don't have the answer, but I saw that movie in the theater three times as a kid and I groaned at the visual joke every time. I know that actress wore braces and I'm wondering how many other people who read this know so too.    My original hypothesis was that the studio removed the braces for some reason (concerns she would be considered under-age?), but the absence even from VHS tapes was bizarre. After I wrote my CityBeat piece several people involved in the field of quantum physics contacted me to say The Mandela Effect is real. 

  • Trump Steps Up War Of Words Against Media, Media Fires Back by Erik Sass (The Daily Blog on 01/23/2017)

    "Trump and his proxies....mean to create an atmosphere of ambiguity — in which objective facts appear unknowable and all information is a matter of personal perspective.    "This contested reality then allows Trump to present an alternative narrative to supporters who already dismiss all mainstream news outlets as inherently dishonest."Genius, and cannot be said enough. The only thing I would add is that political ideologues on BOTH sides are doing this---it is a macro poltical strategy that helps entrench the already powerful, who control a narrative only they can discern. Adam Curtis's brilliant documentary "Hypernormalization" goes into this in detail, as to how it pertains to Putin's Russia and David Cameron's UK. Once you see how it's being done, it's easy to see it being done here, too.

  • Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 01/17/2017)

    Is somewhere between $30K and $60K, and seemingly closer to the former, "a fortune"? about journalists who contribute to political campaigns? Should they be called out? Should their ability to be "fair and balanced" be challenged? 

  • 'Buy Bean,' Trump Tweets by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 01/13/2017)

    *Sigh* Another non-story blown way out of proportion that will have zero effect on the brand long-term. It was wrong to focus on one board member's private political donation to villifiy the company, it was wrong for Trump to use his bully pulpit to promote said company in response and it wrong for Americans of any stripe to rally for or against the company, which has taken no stand either way. L.L. Bean makes excellent products. That should be all that matters in this case. And hopefully it is. Despite all this Trump-est in a teapot, the company's got a backorder of 51K duckboots to make up. They're great boots.

  • The Mysterious World Of Megyn Kelly by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 01/06/2017)

    "[Kelly] streaked onto the mainstream stage like a comet last August..." Nope. Very much nope. Kelly hit the mainstream November, 2012, when she took on the delusional Karl Rove on Election Night, as the porcine political prig insisted Ohio was still winnable for poor ol' Mitt, and the re-election of Barack Obama was not a done deal. Kelly not only took creepy Karl head-on, as his denialism became increasingly delusional, she finally got up from the anchor desk and walked her watchable legs all the way down to FOX's number crunching analytics guys, who assure her Ohio was indeed a done deal for the president. It was an amazing television moment, even without the delicious schadenfreude at the repulsive, repugnant, reptilian Rove's expense. The video was shared widely across Drudge, HuffPo and elsewhere the day after, and it was the instant Kelly's career leapt from just another blond Fox-bot to a television journalism force--for better and worse, love her or hate her--that deserves professional consideration.     

  • A Brow-beaten Stiff: The Saga Of H&R Block by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 12/31/2016)

    I think if he gets the right film role, he could be bigger than ever, a sudden movie star like the way Michael J. Fox or Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood (Back2Future/DieHard/Spaghetti Westerns) suddenly ricocheted to top of Hollywood charts via signature role. He needs to play a tough lawyer with secret heart of gold, conflicted spy with double life, smart detective who's a lady's man, etc. That sort of thing.

  • A Brow-beaten Stiff: The Saga Of H&R Block by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 12/31/2016)

    While I've not seen it because it's supposed to be REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLY depressing, "A Young Doctor's Notebook"--co-starring Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe--is supposed to be quite excellent. also appeared in that Very Special Christmas Episode of "Black Mirror" last holiday season.  That I did watch and can confirm as excellent and REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLY depressing, And while both his Hollywood vehicles bombed ("Million Dollar Arm" and "Keeping Up with the Joneses"), there were also reports he turned down the Dr. Strange role in the latest Marvel blockbuster, so it's not like he's chasing the brass ring anyway. I"m not sure writing "Hamm's career has taken a bit of a dive since," is a fair assessment.  Those ads are embarrassing, tho, yeah. "Get your taxes won"? Cringe-worthy. 

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